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Argenta Companions


Sister Argenta is one of the blessed Adepta Sororitas, sometimes colloquially referred to as the Daughters of the Emperor. Furious in both battle and prayer, the young warrior yearns to bring light to the dark corners of the Koronus Expanse.

Argenta travelled on the voidship of Theodora von Valancius. On the fateful day when the vessel was attacked by the servants of Chaos, she joined the future Lord Captain and helped repel the attack. The sister proved herself to be both a desperate warrior and a reliable comrade-in-arms ready to destroy any enemy of Humanity.

Companion Talents

Litany of Hatred Ministorum Priest
"Litany of Purification" iconLitany of Purification Ministorum Priest
"The Emperor Protects" iconThe Emperor Protects Ministorum Priest
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