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Jae Heydari Companions


Footfall is full of daredevils, criminals, and those who walk the fine line between righteousness and heresy. Someone who has tread that line for many years without ever crossing it is Jae Amira Fathreen Tameri ash Efreet Heydari, head of the smuggling network under the auspices of the Kasballica Mission.

Jae Heydari and the Rogue Trader are bound by a pact of mutual favours: the wisdom of a Cold Trade specialist in exchange for the high patronage of the Emperor’s anointed. However, there is much more to Heydari’s past than disagreements with the Kasballica Mission - a past she prefers to keep well buried.

How to Acquire

Visit Footfall at the start of Chapter 2, and then visit the Liege’s Palace as part of the main quest. You’ll find Jae in the meeting who then leaves before you talk to the Liege yourself. You can then find her again when you get to explore the Shadow District by traveling to the top of the map and loading into the renovated ship level. When you’re on that map, go to the top right corner of the map, and you’ll come across a bar, where you will find Jae sitting there.

After a cutscene, you get the opportunity to ask about Jae’s Business, which will take you to the Warehouse in the Shadow Quarters. Fight on Jae’s behalf, and then when the fight is over, you get a few choices. Siding with Jae and keeping her and her stuff under your protection will lead you to recruit Jae. You’ll then be able to start her romance and side quests in Chapters 2 like Mercatum Tabula and 4 from that point onwards.

If you need assistance with Building Jae, you can take a look at our Master Tactician Jae build here.

Companion Talents

"Armour of Contempt" iconArmour of Contempt Officer Talents
"Be Vigilant!" iconBe Vigilant! Officer Talents
"Blood of Martyrs" iconBlood of Martyrs Officer Talents
"Cold Trader's Acumen" iconCold Trader's Acumen Origin Talents
"Commanding Voice" iconCommanding Voice Officer Talents
"Doing My Part" iconDoing My Part Imperial World
Emperor's Blessing Officer Talents
"Focus!" iconFocus! Officer Talents
"Gunslinger" iconGunslinger Origin Talents
"Heroism" iconHeroism Officer Talents
"Humanity's Finest" iconHumanity's Finest Imperial World
"Inspire Courage" iconInspire Courage Officer Talents
"Inspiring Speech" iconInspiring Speech Officer Talents
"Inspiring Speech" iconInspiring Speech Officer Talents
"Into the Jaws of Hell" iconInto the Jaws of Hell Officer Talents
"Iron Discipline" iconIron Discipline Officer Talents
"Know no Heresy" iconKnow no Heresy Imperial World
"Lasting Impression" iconLasting Impression Officer Talents
"Lead by Example" iconLead by Example Officer Talents
"Leader's Assault" iconLeader's Assault Officer Talents
"March" iconMarch Officer Talents
"More than Possible" iconMore than Possible Officer Talents
"Never Play Fair" iconNever Play Fair Origin Talents
"No Respite" iconNo Respite Officer Talents
"Personal Oversight" iconPersonal Oversight Officer Talents
"Physical Encouragement" iconPhysical Encouragement Officer Talents
"Prepare for an Assault!" iconPrepare for an Assault! Officer Talents
"Ready to Serve" iconReady to Serve Imperial World
"Seize the Initiative" iconSeize the Initiative Officer Talents
"Steady!" iconSteady! Officer Talents
"Steel Resolve" iconSteel Resolve Officer Talents
"Stronger Together" iconStronger Together Imperial World
"Watch Yourself!" iconWatch Yourself! Officer Talents
"Wounds Are No Excuse!" iconWounds Are No Excuse! Officer Talents
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