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Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader

Marazhai Assassin Build - Rogue Trader

Craig Robinson

"Marazhai" iconMarazhai is a companion you unlock in Chapter 3, presuming you ask him to join your team in the Anatomical Opera, and then once again during the arena fight. If you do this, you get a rather interesting !Warrior !Assassin character who has a few unique talents, alongside a rather completely specced-out Warrior and half-completed Assassin build, since he starts at level 3. With that said, our Marazhai build will be brief, but rest assured you’ll get an effective build out of him.

A build guide for Marazhai, discussing the talents and role the companion plays in Rogue Trader.

Marazhai Assassin Build

To start with, we are only going to cover the skills you unlock and modify yourself for Marazhai.

The main thing you need to know about him is that he is entirely specced to being an Assassin who is all about picking off isolated targets. You can tell this from the pre-specced talents like "Bringer of Doom" iconBringer of Doom and "Lone Killer" iconLone Killer. In addition, he has Dual Weapon Combat for using two single target attacks on an enemy to get the most out of Bringer of Doom. If you can get your team to CC (crowd control) your enemies via Immobilization, or Slow, then Marazhai’s "Seize the Advantage" iconSeize the Advantage kicks in for even more damage multipliers. You can source hemorrhage yourself, as you will take "Death Whisper" iconDeath Whisper for your first unlock option in this Marazhai build.

With emphasis on targeting isolated and cc’d enemies, you want to build the Assassin as follows.

Order Unlock 1 Unlock 2
1 "Death Whisper" iconDeath Whisper
2 Prey on the Weak "Inevitable Enervation" iconInevitable Enervation
3 Optional "Professional Acumen" iconProfessional Acumen
4 "Perception" iconPerception
5 "Swift Movements" iconSwift Movements
6 Dispatch 1

The general idea is that with this build, you want to use "Inevitable Enervation" iconInevitable Enervation to keep on top of lowering an enemy’s Dodge. This makes them easier to hit and, therefore, kill. There will be some tough cookie isolated somewhere on the map, so nuking their dodge means Marazhai is in better spots to kill the isolated target. Consider the Grotesques during the final Chapter 3 fight, for example. You also want "Professional Acumen" iconProfessional Acumen, so you can use either "Elusive Shadow" iconElusive Shadow or Aim for an Opening to ensure you don’t get shot at by enemies and become the target with the least threat, or to get a free use of Aim for an Opening. Once Again, you want to do this thanks to building Inevitable Enervation stacks.

Death Whisper is also a free attack at lower damage that is useful before pressing Elusive Shadow, while Prey on the Weak is a Drukhari exclusive buff to "Weapon Skill" iconWeapon Skill so Marazhai can increase his chance to critically hit after killing a target, so long as you are bleeding, which you can activate from your special Drukhari ability, Joyful Torture.

Exemplar Build

The Exemplar build is where you’ll start rounding out Marazhai’s damage potential, via any remaining Assassin, Warrior, and major Exemplar buffs.

Order Unlock 1 Unlock 2
1 Tricky Defense Reckless Fury
2 Optional "Elusive Speed" iconElusive Speed
3 "Agility" iconAgility It Will Not Die
4 "Sworn Enemy" iconSworn Enemy Optional
5 "Critical Velocity" iconCritical Velocity "Ambush" iconAmbush
6 "Weapon Skill" iconWeapon Skill Disarm
7 Optional "Perception" iconPerception
8 "Carmine Whisper" iconCarmine Whisper Characteristic Training: "Perception" iconPerception
9 Optional "Destroyer" iconDestroyer

At this stage, you’re merely picking up extremely low-value Assassin, Warrior, and Common talents. When you reach any further Exemplar talents, go for any more offense or defense you need, depending on the difficulty, or depending on how you’re managing Marazhai for some of the harder fights.

"Critical Velocity" iconCritical Velocity and "Ambush" iconAmbush are crit modifiers. Chances are you are behind the enemy you want to pick off, so it is free bonus crit stacking on top of each other, presuming they won’t turn around and hit you (see Elusive Shadow for reference on how this works). You also want more "Perception" iconPerception to increase enemy dodge chance. Other than that, you have your Marazhai build more or less ready to go from a few key talents in Assassin and the rest are nice to have against the final bosses. Tricky Defense is also a key Exemplar talent since it increases your Dodge. Lethality scales off dodge, so increasing it further will improve your damage.

With that said, this concludes the Marazhai Assassin Build in Rogue Trader. You should have all the movement and defense tools you need, along with dodge reduction to pick off key targets in a fight. This lets you play the way Owlcat designed Marazhai’s core identity to be with his locked talents.

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