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Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader

Secrets of the Cult: Kiava Gamma Heinrix Room - Rogue Trader

Craig Robinson

The Secrets of the Cult Quest is a personal quest for Hienrix, your ship’s Inquisitor, responsible for scouring heretics to the Koronus Expanse. He personally demands to be part of your retinue as you venture forth to the rumored heresy ridden planet, Kiava Gamma. When you arrive there, it is easy to miss the locations you need to go to, with him likely yelling at you after completing the main story on the planet. If you’re at that stage and stuck on Kiava Gamma, or fancy missing that part, then here’s a closer look at the Secrets of the Cult quest in Rogue Trader, featuring where to find the room Hienrix needs.

A guide on completing Secrets of the Cult for Heinrix on Kiava Gamma in Rogue Trader.

Secrets of the Cult Walkthrough in Rogue Trader

In terms of the specific parts of the Secrets of the Cult mission, we’ll start you off at the relevant points on the planet. There’s a lot of fighting on the planet, and most of it is related to the main storyline for Reclaim What Was Lost. To get you started, proceed through the level, fighting off the Tech-Priests and other Heretechs in the region. Proceed up the pathway, and you’ll come across big and angry robot-crab man on the other side of the gap, hailing abuse at you like a council estate in northern England. After the yelling subsides, you’ll need to go up and cross the gap and make your way to that circular platform. You’ll notice the south-facing part has a door where you need a code to enter.

(1 of 3) You need to get the access codes from the friendly Ad-Mech on the roof above.

With the revelation that you can’t enter it until you get a code, you need to interact with the platform’s control, and spin the bridge around. You should now have a bridge leading to the right side of the map. Go over, then head south. When you reach the southern tip, you should find a ladder on the map, which you can use Athletic checks to climb up. This will bring you to an elevated position directly over the room with the code to enter. While up here, turn left, and look for a pathway that leads towards a walkable pipe that goes down towards where you had your first fight. Don’t go down the stairs, as you should be able to find a Tech-Priest sitting down on the floor just to the side of the stairs.

Speak to the Hexmechanic and use whatever dialogue checks you can get to get the information from the former Heretech. Getting the information from its data-slate will allow you to learn the codes to enter the door below. Now, feel free to explore the rest of the roof, elevator yourself down the platform and return to the rotating bridge and go through the door.

When inside you’ll get some options and fluff pieces to learn what’s going on. You’ll find a mutant in a cage with options to select at your preference. Most of them are Dogmatic, Iconoclastic and Heretical choices, so select the ones more appropriate to your playthrough. Further up the room is a Congitator terminal, where most of the heretic shenanigans are organized. Proceed with learning what you can about the machine using the most relevant dialogue options.

(1 of 2) Enter the room, look for interactions with the mutant cage and the Cognitator, and beat the boss.

Enter the room, look for interactions with the mutant cage and the Cognitator, and beat the boss. (left), Have your party spread out in 3s with a clear line of sight for your AoE troops to reset attacks and nuke the mobs without friendly fire. (right)

Part way through, you’ll encounter a Screamer of Tzeentch. The floating Manta Ray is a wound sponge, with attacks of opportunity and some moderate damage melee attacks. It also summons a few Pink Horrors and one staffy boy to chain lighting you. Prepare to have your tanks deal with the Horrors, and your DPS and Operators on the main threat. Your Operator should use Analyze Weakness and "Exploit Weakness" iconExploit Weakness to reduce the creature’s dodge chance. On hard mode, the boss has lots of dodge chance, hence the need for the Analyze Weakness Stacks and Exploit Weakness DPS windows. Don’t forget to throw in "Cassia" iconCassia’s Frontline damage buffs, an Assassin’s dodge reduction, and some extra turns when possible through an officer’s ulty or skill to make sure the creature actually takes damage from as many attacks as possible through those kill windows.

Go ahead and use your Leader’s Heroic Act and give your primary DPS an extra turn while the "Expose Weakness" iconExpose Weakness penalties apply. This is key to getting through the sponge and dealing with the annoying Horrors. Also, don’t forget to avoid stacking your troops, as the Pink Horrors have some nasty AoE spells. It’s only 15 damage or so, but, having your party stack when there’s a few Pink Horrors can spell doom. Controlling how many it hits is the key here.

After all the enemies die, Heinrix shall be satisfied, and you can now leave Kiava Gamma, presuming you’ve dealt with the metal crab man. This will complete the Secrets of the Cult. You can now leave the planet, decide the fate of the planet, and then speak to Heinrix to get the debriefing report about what he thinks is going on with the heretics to conclude his story for the chapter.

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