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Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader

How to Get Your Items Back in Chapter 3 - Rogue Trader

Nathan Garvin

You start Chapter 3 in a precarious predicament. While much of Chapter 2 saw you securing your grip on the Von Valancius fiefdom and flaunting your newfound authority over your lessers, Chapter 3 sees you caught in a struggle between rival xenos. Isolated, disarmed, and facing unspeakable odds, you’re at the mercy of your captors, who - when they think about you at all - view you as meat for the arena and sustenance for their diseased souls. Needless to say, before you do anything else in Commorragh you’re going to want to get your equipment back, and this page will explain how to get your gear back in Chapter 3 of Rogue Trader.

  • How do you get your items back in Commorragh (Chapter 3)?: You must work through The Chasm (both an area and a quest) until you defeat either Malice or the "Commissar" iconCommissar, then survive a battle in the arena. After that, talk to the “maestro of flesh” - Tervantias the Archmachinator - in the Anatomical Opera.

(1 of 2) When you finally regain control in Commorragh, you’ll find that you’ve little in the way of arms and armor.

When you finally regain control in Commorragh, you’ll find that you’ve little in the way of arms and armor. (left), Sneak your way into the Pit, where a monstrosity named Malice will involve you in its war with the Commissar. (right)

Getting Your Items Back - Commorragh Chasm Walkthrough

At the start of Chapter 3, you’ll be tasked with indulging Yrliet in her search for fellow survivors from her craftworld, Crudarach. This requires you to travel to the Atlassian Reach, where you’ll find a Chartist Vessel. Before you dock on this vessel, make sure you’re ready for the challenges that lurk ahead; be sure to requisition gear from factions, complete colony projects, and explore the Koronus Expanse until you’re content. You won’t be coming back any time soon. Also, be sure you have your favored companions with you: Yrliet is mandatory, but you’re largely stuck with any other companions you bring with you, and you won’t have access to characters you leave behind. After you progress through the Chartist Vessel a bit you’ll be locked in to the main questline for quite a while.

Endure numerous scenes and a great deal of dialog and you’ll find yourself discarded on the streets of Commorragh, with little to none of the gear you had moments ago. You should have been given the "Gift From Beyond the Grave" iconGift From Beyond the Grave by a mysterious benefactor, which is just powerful enough to let you get into trouble, but not really useful enough to defend yourself properly… especially not with your current afflictions. You’ll find new gear as you hobble through Commorragh, but discretion is definitely the better part of valor until you get some backup, better gear, and medical attention. Check out our Complete Chapter 3 Walkthrough to help you navigate these touchy early segments of Chapter 3.

Ultimately, you’ll end up in the Pit, where a creature named Malice will try to enlist your aid in killing a rival going by the moniker the Commissar. Picking a fight with Malice right now is suicide, but you can pick up some companions in the Mangled Sector, where the Commissar holds sway. After you have something resembling a party, choose to fight Malice or the Commissar, and then you’ll find yourself in an arena battle. This is your last serious challenge before you can reclaim your gear; emerge victorious and you’ll exit back out into the Chasm, the area where you started this incapacitated misadventure in Commorragh.

(1 of 2) Survive the machinations of Malice and the Commissar and win an arena battle in order to meet Tervantias the Archmachinator. After talking to him you’ll loot some “Mon-Keigh Rubbish”,

Survive the machinations of Malice and the Commissar and win an arena battle in order to meet Tervantias the Archmachinator. After talking to him you’ll loot some “Mon-Keigh Rubbish”, (left), and reclaim all your old gear. (right)

Make your way to the northeastern edge of the Chasm area where you’ll find a Wrack guarding the Anatomical Opera. Talk your way past this monstrosity and enter the Anatomical Opera, then find the “maestro of flesh”, a homunculus named Tervantias the Archmachinator. After some scenes you’ll be chatting with this powerful xenos - avoid any futile (and possibly fatal) belligerence and he’ll allow you to recover your old items. You should do this automatically, but you can recover any items not initially taken from the “Mon-Keigh Rubbish” container any time thereafter.

Unfortunately none of this gear is properly sorted, so if you don’t remember who had what, expect to spend an inordinate amount of time painstakingly re-equipping everybody… but at least you’re not quite as helpless anymore.

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