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Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader

Dreams and Stories Cache Locations - Rogue Trader

Matt Chard

At the start of Chapter 2 in Rogue Trader, you’ll go to a place called Footfall. Here, you will find many quests to work your way through, one of them called “Dreams and Stories”. You’ll find this quest by talking to a lone gentleman who goes by the name of Gordei Skatov, in The Martyr’s Endurance bar. Hear out his long-winded story to find out about hidden caches that require you to decipher riddles to find them. The caches you’ll be looking for can be found in the Rumors section of the journal, and they will be called “Cache in the Old Bridge”, and “Cache in the Former Lantern”. Read on to find out where each of these caches can be found, and what rewards you will get for opening them.

(1 of 2) Gordei Skatov can be found in The Martyr’s Endurance in Footfall.

Gordei Skatov can be found in The Martyr’s Endurance in Footfall. (left), You’ll find him at the north side of the bar. Speak to him to start the quest. (right)

Cache in the Old Bridge Location

The first location you will want to go to is the Shadow Quarters. From the Martyr’s Endurance entrance, go across the makeshift bridge with the queue of people on it and follow it through the crowded street. When you reach some metal stairs leading up, take the turn just before them and follow the path around until you can reach the front of the warehouse. Near the fence, you’ll find some rubble which is labeled as goods. Interact with it to loot it, and you’ll find the “Note From the Bridge Cache”. This will complete the Cache in the Old Bridge rumor.

Cache in the Former Lantern Location

For the second rumor, you’ll want to head to the Atrium, which is also in Footfall. Make your way to the northeast corner of the map, where you’ll find a group of devotees and an altar. If you face the camera at the altar, you’ll find the cache on the left side of it. This will complete the rumors and update the quest, where it’ll tell you to look for a cache by the windows in Dock Alpha-Rho.

(1 of 4) In the Shadow Quarters, head to the east side of the map, near the Warehouse.

Cache in Dock Alpha-Rho Location

Exit the Atrium, and head to the dock mentioned in the cache. When you reach the docks, make your way to the restaurant in the northwest corner and at the back, you’ll find a pillar you can interact with. Inside, you’ll find yet another clue telling you to find a tunnel in the shadow of a bridge, and your quest will update yet again to find the cache in the Old Tunnel in the Shadow Quarters.

Cache in the Old Tunnel in the Shadow Quarters Location

This cache can be found in the quarantine zone but unfortunately, this won’t be available to you yet as you will need to complete another quest first. You can find how to do this quest by following our Where the Shadows are Deepest of All Guide but in short, head to the “Extermination Brigade Sergeant” in front of the gate near the center of the map, and finish the tasks until you have to “Assess the Situation” which will make you wait. Now, continue with the story until you complete the “Reclaim What was Lost” quest, and head back to the quarantine zone which will now be open.

Now that the way is open, go into the quarantine zone where you’ll be able to finish off the Where the Shadows are Deepest of All quest as well as obtain the cache required for this quest. There’s a fair bit of loot to get down here, with most of it being cargo, although you can get some equipment too. Anyway, make your way through the first area and take the stairs down. At the bottom of the stairs, go toward the grate with a purple hue, where you’ll find the Old Tunnel you’ve been searching for. Now destroy the rubbish by completing the [Demolition] check and loot the goods afterward to find the “Note From the Cache in the Old Tunnel”. This will mention the “statue of the founder”, and if you’ve been paying attention to your surroundings, you’ll remember seeing this statue in the Atrium.

(1 of 4) In the Void Dock, head to the northwest, where you’ll find a restaurant of sorts.

Cache in the Statue of the Founder Location

You’re on the final stretch now. Head back to the Atrium and follow the path down the stairs to your west (toward Hieronymus Doloroso). Here, you’ll find the towering statue mentioned in the clue with a cogitator to the left of it that you can interact with. If you haven’t touched this before, you’ll need to repair it by passing a [Tech-Use] check. If you have Pasqual in your team, this shouldn’t be an issue but just in case it is, make a quick save. When you’ve repaired the cogitator, select “Realizing Design” and then exit. Now at the base of the statue, you’ll find the final cache which has two pieces of loot for you to collect as a reward. This will be the Focus Incense and "Righteous Fury Cape" iconRighteous Fury Cape accessories. Once you collect these, the quest will be complete.

(1 of 5) In the Atrium, head west and you’ll find the statue.

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