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Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader

How to Recue Cassia in Rogue Trader and Complete Navis Nobilite

Craig Robinson

Cassia is a companion in Rogue Trader, which will serve you as the Navigator role on your ship, alongside her special offensive and defensive Psyker role. She is by far one of the most unique characters you can have at a party, and she should be on everyone’s wishlist to bring on your journey. Here’s everything you need to know to recruit Cassia in Rogue Trader, making her a companion, and help you decide which Orsellio to side with on Navis Nobilite.

This guide will teach you how to recruit and rescue Cassia in Rogue Trader, complete the Navigator quest, and get another party member in your squad.

How to Recruit and Rescue Cassia in Rogue Trader

So, after arriving at the Navis Nobilite, you’ll find there’s a bit of a predicament going on. One of the nobles named Felek, wants power. The other one is at the top of the tower with his mistress/child, whatever angry Felek describes her as at the time.

Your first task is speaking to said noble and either working with him or killing him later on. So, go about your business in the text chat, and either kill him now or work with him, depending on your style of playthrough. Either way, your task is to go through the library area you can see on the other side of the rubble. Walk up to the rubble and pass an Athletics test to get over it. Your boy Abelard should have you covered there.

Once in the library, walk into the middle platform, and you’ll get ambushed by some crazy mutants. Dispose of them as fit, keeping the melee, riflemen, and shotgun wielders around the stairs and library platforms at bay. Once the enemies are dead, feel free to loot the library of enemy loot or for the map’s special items used for the Navis Nobilite Laboratory puzzle. We won’t cover that here since it is not needed, and we have a separate guide on that which you can look into yourself.

(1 of 2) Defeat the ambushing enemies in the central library and move towards the console in the tunnel.

Defeat the ambushing enemies in the central library and move towards the console in the tunnel. (left), Once you defeat the enemies, find the terminal in the armoury, open the doors to the laboratory, and get elevator control running. (right)

Your next objective is to go into the long corridor some of the reinforcements came from. This long tunnel has some rubble alongside a door you can open at the end. This takes you into an armory room with a computed. Pass the tests, get the machine to open all doors, and then open the laboratory room. You should find a cutscene plays showing you what door was opened. Now, head over there.

When inside, you can now mess around with the Laboratory Puzzle and create some items. Again, we have a separate guide on that. What you’re here for in terms of recruiting Cassia is the level on the left side of the room. Get the item, and then return to the angry noble by the elevator and speak to him.

When you speak to the noble, you will likely find out what is going on from the terminal. Again, you can either threaten him to let you through, kill him, or say you’re not really bothered about what is going on. You just want the girl upstairs as a Navigator. Pick whichever dialogue option you want, as it doesn’t really matter. Either way, get up the elevator and then go and rescue Cassia.

Should you side with Felek or Theobald Orsellio in Rogue Trader?

Upon reaching Cassia, you have a choice to side with Felek or Theobald to complete the Navis Nobilite questline, and you must choose an option to rescue Cassia.

Now you’re on the top floor; the girl will be screaming into the void, stunning and mesmerizing everyone in the area. Depending on your party members, many will accuse her of extreme heresy, while others will adore her powers. Either way, your task is to convince her you are a Rogue Trader and you are here with good intentions.

Now, depending on the choices you’ve made, you have a few options. You can either listen to the old man navigator and side with him and stop the usurper downstairs or bring the girl down and side with the usurper. The choice is yours. If you’ve already killed the men downstairs, then your choice is already made.

Either way, what happens now is the old man will die, as he reveals he has taken mortal wounds that are not healing. His final request for Cassia is for you to take her to her family. Yet if you speak to her after his death, then you can ask her to join your crew.

On the other hand, if you sided with Felek Orsellio, he doesn’t want the girl near the station anyway. So, you get your navigator, regardless, with a new, temporary leader on the throne. Of course, none of this really matters all too much with the main storyline in Chapter 1. If you know what happens, then you know none of it matters anyway in the grand scheme of things, instead how you want your character to play out as, and how angry or supportive you want your companions to be in the dialogue options.

The only thing you may miss is the two Navigator staff drops. Felek carries with him an offensive-themed Navigator staff weapon, while Theobald carries a defensive / supportive-themed Navigator staff. The items are named Staff of Orsellio Guardian, and Staff of House Orsellio. The defensive one offering +5 bonus to allies is very good thanks to many of the skill stat breakdowns using bonus stats.

(1 of 2) The Staff of House Orsellio is an offensive Navigator staff designed to debuff enemies and make it harder for them to dodge, parry, or survive debuffs or resistance checks.

The Staff of House Orsellio is an offensive Navigator staff designed to debuff enemies and make it harder for them to dodge, parry, or survive debuffs or resistance checks. (left), The Staff of Orsellio Guardian is a support defensive staff, which allows Cassio to buff her allies’ bonus characteristic, offering improved scaling for certain skills or better bonuses to dodge, parry and other mechanics. (right)

As for recruiting Cassio, you can always ask her to be your Navigator no matter what option you make. She will oblige, as it is an honor for a Navigator to join a Rogue Trader, and completely ignore the dying man’s plea if you sided with Theobald. Yep, that is Grim Dark. With that done, you’ll have your Navigator replaced on your ship and have successfully rescued Cassia in Rogue Trader.

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