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Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader

Jae Gift Options & Results in Rogue Trader

Craig Robinson

Dear fellow "Jae Heydari" iconJae Heydari enjoyers, Jae is someone who enjoys a bit of gift-sharing culture. After giving you several Xenos artifacts and some romantic gifts straight from the Wildlands of Janus, it is now your turn to share in the culture. However, Jae is a mysterious character, and it is not obvious what gift you can give to Jae, nor is it even obvious where to get a gift from. So, here’s a quick guide on what gift to give Jae in Rogue Trader.

A guide on what gift to get for Jae Haydari and how to progress with the romance.

How To Complete Gift for Jae Heydari in Rogue Trader

After sparking a romantic interest in Jae, you will need to get her a gift. We advise speaking to all Companions and important Upper Deck NPCs and asking them their thoughts on what to get her for a gift. This can be done as soon as you get the quest.

Once you have spoken to each NPC, you will then get an option to select a gift idea to present to Jae. You can choose the gift by going to Janis Danrock on the ship and then selecting the Jae Gift choice in his long list of options.

In terms of what gifts you can give to Jae that progresses the romance, we’ve tested two that work. One is a ship, and the other is the Noble Dress. It seems likely that any gift idea will work for the Shereen Queen, but go with either the ship or dress to ensure it works.

After sending the gift, you’ll find that one of the upcoming warps on your ship will skip to an event with Jae. You’ll find her rummaging through your Captain’s Quarter’s wardrobe. If you gave her a dress, she’ll be in said dress (a win for us dress fans). Go through the dialogue options, and you’ll get an insight into how successful the gift was. We recommend checking her for theft as often as possible and going for the hair option to progress the situation favorably.

Also, do not worry about doing this quest before or after her companion questline. It won’t lock you out of any romance options and will add some extra options to the romance since you’re already dating.

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