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Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader

Rogue Trader: Fidelio, Underworld Quest Walkthrough & Inheritance Choices

Craig Robinson

The Underworld questline is one of the main Chapter 2 missions that you can stumble upon in the lower left corner of Footfall. This quest will require an investigation as to who the mysterious identity is of a person named Fidelio. Moreover, as you speak to guests, you’ll learn a few parties are trying to claim the dead man’s inheritance at the funeral procession. So, Rogue Trader, you have some clues and choices to follow. In this guide, we shall aid you with finding out who Fidelio is in the Underworld quest and also help you solve the choices you can make. With no further ado, here’s everything you need to know about the Underworld quest in Rogue Trader and working out who is Fidelio in Rogue Trader.

A closer look at the Underworld Quest in Rogue Trader. Featuring a guide to discovering who Fidelio is and what to do with the inheritance.

Who is Fidelio in Rogue Trader?

To work out who Fidelio is in Rogue Trader, players will need to speak to all the guests to get the full picture of what is going on in the Underworld Quest. We advise speaking and interacting with all the objects in the following order.

  1. Speak to Daggen, find out everything you can know about him, and consider Daggen’s request for inheritance.
  2. Speak to Kas Bellardo and consider his request.
  3. Visit the book near the coffin and find Fidelio’s name written in the book.
  4. Talk to Adelia and ask her about Repentance and Fidelio’s name. You will learn it’s not Adelia pranking, and Remembrance will trigger an idea in "Abelard" iconAbelard’s mind about it being a ship or a ship class.
  5. Visit the corpse, and Abelard will identify the man as a former renowned pirate. You will know his ship’s name and connect the dots.
  6. Speak to the Chaplain, and say you want to discuss who Fidelio is. Ask him about the fresh writing of Fidelio and pass a logic test. You will learn that it must be someone with no attention on them in the area.
  7. Ask the Chaplain about who Fidelio may be, say I don’t know, and go over it with him. Mention it could be a ship name. You will learn more about the ship, the assassination attempt on his life, and the female involved. This solves the Repentance and the Fidelio clues.
  8. Speak to the Servitor near First Mate Daggen and mention Repentance to it. You’ll now know what the Dead Eyes part of the puzzle means. Upon saying Repentance, the Servitor will let out a visible shake since that is one of the only clues it can give you due to its Servitor nature.
  9. The Chaplain will now arrive and realize what the Servitor is and let you know what part of its brain functions still exists. He will explain it is a cleaning Servitor and that it only remembers who it was but removes its free will, hence why she left clues of its name and Repentance, the name of her ship.

With all the information established, you will check off that you figured out who Fidelio is and can now gather all parties and announce your decision. Now, it is time to make choices about where the Inheritance will go.

With all the clues acquired, you can now approach the Servitor and ask if it knows anything about Repentance.

Underworld Quest’s Choices of Inheritance: Rogue Trader Walkthrough

Once you summon the masses, it is time to choose who you want to give the inheritance to in the Underworld quest. We’ve highlighted what happens depending on which response you take with the full investigation complete.

  • The Rogue Trader takes it: Increase your Profit Factor by 1
  • Iconoclast (Follower): Gives Adelio the estate, her dad dies trying to steal it from her, and the orphaned girl grows up protected by the temple, with the inheritance protected, and the girl taught finances. You also get an achievement for it called Burning Inheritance.
  • Kaz: He gets it, and nothing happens (that we are aware of).
  • Daggan: Daggan gets it, and Kaz says this won’t be the last you hear of me.

If you select the Fidelio option of Inheritance, then there’s some more nuance to the options:

  • You can either kill her
  • Fascinating tale: Blocks any further options regarding the Fidelio ending.
  • If you select ‘Watch your enemies die’, you then get two more choices. You can either let the coward, Kas, run away, or you kill him too. You then fight the Ceremony Guest, one Combat Servitor, a Clerk, and Daggan. If you force Kaz to fight, he and his guest will also try to fight.

(1 of 3) If you select the Fidelio option regarding Inheritance, you will lead to combat against something.

This concludes the Underworld Quest in Rogue Trader. You now know Fidelio’s identity and the option to which you want to give the inheritance!

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