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Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader

Navis Nobilite Eurac V Laboratory Puzzle - Rogue Trader

Craig Robinson

The Navis Nobilite station on Eurac V is the home to your future Navigator for your ship. While you’re there to recruit Cassio, there is a secret laboratory at the back of the station that you can access by going to the Servitor terminal and opening the laboratory door. Upon entering, you’ll find a range of interactable machinery. These parts will take some of the strange items you’ve been looting as you explore the Navis Nobilite station, and turn them into potential death traps, or new and fancy items. Here is everything you need to know about the Navis Nobilite Lab puzzle, showcasing recipes and items you can craft.

A guide to the Navis Nobilite Laboratory Puzzle room in Rogue Trader, featuring the recipes you can craft and what those items do.

Eurac V Laboratory Data Crypt Puzzle Recipes

In total, we have found two recipes that you can craft in the Navis Nobilite Laboratory puzzle. These two items are taken from hints in the log books, and patient logs around the station. Remember to use the machine near the door to break items into dust equivalents, which you’ll need to use on the Adamantium and Psy Crystals. There could be more, but these are the only two we know for sure work:

  • Adapted Antidote (x6)
    • Tissue Flask: Mutated
    • Data Crypt: H-41-OK
    • Catalyst Flask: Biogel
    • Reagent Flask: Crystal Dust

The Adaptive Antidot is good for dealing with enemies that inflict Toxic damage. You’re likely to find use for this when dealing with Poxwalkers and other Nurgle-themed enemies throughout the game. Grants Immunity to Toxic Damage and inflicts a -10 Penalty to TGH until the end of combat.

  • Elixir of Warp Neutrality (x6)
    • Tissue Flask: Flesh Sample
    • Data Crypt: K-04-OH
    • Catalyst Flask: Unidentified Acid
    • Reagent Flask: Adamantium Dust

The Elixir of Warp Neutrality is a powerful potion to use in combat against heavy warp damage. It grants Immunity to Warp Damage and inflicts a -10 penalty to FEL, but the user can’t deal warp damage until the end of combat. Ideally, you keep this away from your Psykers, since it can negate offensive weaponry like "Force Sword" iconForce Swords, offensive Psyker spells on Cassio, Iddy, Hiendrix, and a potential Player Character. However, it is great for your other party members who can rush straight into Chaos Spawns, Tzeentch Horrors, and other warp-filled creatures, or heavy Psyker enemy density groups.

(1 of 2) A closer look at the Elixir of Warp Neutrality in Rogue Trader.

A closer look at the Elixir of Warp Neutrality in Rogue Trader. (left), You can craft an anti-toxic damage potion via the Navis Nobilite Laboratory in Rogue Trader. (right)

This concludes the Navis Nobilite Laboratory puzzle in Rogue Trader. Remember to loot all small items buried on shelves, around tables, chairs, desks, and other obstacles and debris to ensure you loot all the parts. The map is nice enough to tell you where they are on the map, but, spotting them can be difficult. Remember some of the items are red herrings, and others are specifically mentioned as bad combinations. So, make sure you’re putting the right items in the mechanisms, otherwise, you’re going to be doing a lot of saving and reloading.

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