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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD


Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) Skyloft is Link’s home, a picturesque village in the sky.

Skyloft is Link’s home, a picturesque village in the sky. (left), You can also explore Skyloft at night, by sleeping in the beds. (right)

Skyloft is a floating village in the sky, where most of the inhabitants of the sky reside–including Link and Zelda. As you journey through the game, you can stock up on supplies at the Bazaar and help the townsfolk with sidequests.


(1 of 2) Map of Skyloft.

Map of Skyloft. (left), Map of the Goddess’s Silent Realm. (right)


Missing Loftwing

Near the start of the game, Link discovers his Loftwing has gone missing, right before the Wing Ceremony. After chatting to Pipit in the Knight Academy, Link bumps into Groose and gang at the Plaza–the obvious culprits behind the crime. Afterwards, Pipit will have some new information to share in front of the Sparring Hall.

Visitor at Night

The night after the Wing Ceremony, Link will be visited by a strange figure at the Knight Academy. This figure will lead him towards the Statue of the Goddess, where a secret entrance reveals itself. Inside, the Goddess Sword awaits, as well as the Emerald Tablet–the key to unlocking the portal to the Faron Province.

The Light Tower

After completing the first three dungeons and obtaining the Goddess Harp, Link will have to travel back to Skyloft to learn the secret behind the Ballad of the Goddess. At the Knight Academy, he’ll learn a hint from the headmaster. By moving the two windmills to face the Light Tower near the Plaza, a new pathway will appear.

Goddess’s Silent Realm

Near the very end of the game, after completing the Song of the Hero, a trial gate will appear at the Plaza in Skyloft. This will transport Link to the Goddess’s Silent Realm. At the end of the trial, Link will receive the Stone of Trials, which unlocks the pathway to the final dungeon, the Sky Keep.


(1 of 2) Various Skyloft dwellers will require Link’s assistance.

Various Skyloft dwellers will require Link’s assistance. (left), Helping them will yield Gratitude Crystals, among other goodies. (right)

Missing Child

The very first sidequest you can accept occurs as soon as you unlock the portal to Eldin Volcano. On your way back from the Statue of the Goddess, Wryna will be calling out for her daughter Kukiel, who’s gone missing. If Link helps search for Kukiel, he’ll receive 5 Gratitude Crystals.

Afterwards, you can also earn rewards from Batreaux for reaching Gratitude Crystal milestones.

Missing Sister

Someone else has also gone missing from Skyloft; this time, Parrow will be standing at the Plaza distressed. Link can help him search for his missing sister, Orielle. Completing this task will net Link a total of 10 Gratitude Crystals and a free Empty Bottle.

House Cleaning

It’s not just missing people reports, some sidequests are a bit more mundane. Case in point, after obtaining the Gust Bellows, Link can visit Pipit’s house and help Pipit’s mother clean up the dust that’s piled up. His reward is 5 Gratitude Crystals and a Red Rupee. Afterwards, this task can be repeated to earn another Red Rupee.

Missing Crystal Ball

After sealing away the Imprisoned a second time, you may notice Sparrot the fortune teller has been missing from his post at the Bazaar. When you have a moment, go and visit him at his home towards the south-east. Link will be asked to look for a replacement crystal ball. Once Sparrot is happy, he’ll give Link 5 Gratitude Crystals and half-price fortune readings.

Shops and Services

Beedle’s Airshop

(1 of 2) Shoot the bell and a rope will fall down, allowing you to climb up.

Shoot the bell and a rope will fall down, allowing you to climb up. (left), There are some nice goods here, but we’ve a feeling Beedle doesn’t get many customers… (right)

If you look up around the Bazaar, you may spot a small, flying building circling around–this is Beedle’s Airshop. Customers have to ring the bell underneath the shop, by firing a projectile from a Slingshot, for instance. After catching Beedle’s attention, he’ll stop the shop and drop down a rope. Inside, one can purchase various items and upgrades.

Item Price (Rupees) Notes
Bug Net 50 -
Bug Medal 1000 Stocked after buying Bug Net.
Extra Wallet 100 Stocked three times.
Adventure Pouch Slot 300, 600, 1200 Stocked three times; price increases after each purchase.
Life Medal 800 -
Heart Piece 2 1600 Stocked after buying Life Medal.

Pumpkin Pull

After helping with Fledge’s Workout, the super-buff Fledge will wait for Link in front of the Sparring Hall. He’ll challenge Link to a tricky shooting game, where the top prize is Heart Piece 3.


(1 of 2) Stop the air shop when it’s right near the bird’s nest, then blow at the nest with the Gust Bellows.

Stop the air shop when it’s right near the bird’s nest, then blow at the nest with the Gust Bellows. (left), Afterwards, you can collect the Rattle with the Hook Bettle. (right)

Item Location
Practice Sword Sparring Hall.
Sailcloth From Zelda after the Wing Ceremony.
Red Rupee Towards east side of the island with the Goddess Statue.
Silver Rupee Enclosed room west from Kukiel’s house. You need to swim through the nearby tunnel.
Baby Rattle Atop the tower near Kukiel’s house. You can sky-dive from the top of the waterfall. Or stop Beedle’s shop near the tower, then blow the dust away with the Gust Bellows and grab it with the Beetle.

Goddess Chests

Goddess Chest Contents Location
Number 1 Silver Rupee Sky-dive off the westernmost dive platform.
Number 8 Gold Rupee Clawshot up the Waterfall, then sky-dive to the nearby small island.
Number 15 Heart Piece 4 Same place as the blue Silver Rupee chest. Swim through the tunnel near Kukiel’s house.
Number 26 Heart Piece 6 Atop the Waterfall. Use the Clawshots near the cave entrance.
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You are Link, a resident of Skyloft–a floating village in the vast sky. For ages, you’ve been training at the Knight Academy and, today, the day of your graduation has arrived. While your life thus far has been peaceful, soon nothing will be the same again, when your beloved friend, Zelda, is stolen from you…

Our strategy guide for The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword (HD) contains all the necessary knowledge to search for and rescue Zelda, such as a full walkthrough with detailed maps. Plus every hero needs a rest; if you want to grab all the collectables and fix other people’s problems (sidequests), we can help you with that too!

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