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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD


Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) Link flying on his Loftwing.

Link flying on his Loftwing. (left), Octoroks will shoot homing rocks at you when you fly close. (right)

The Sky functions as the overworld map in Skyward Sword, where you travel to reach the three provinces on the surface.

Obviously, Link can’t fly, but fortunately he has a trusty Loftwing to act as his pair of wings.

For the most part, the Sky is peaceful, although some Octoroks can be found clinging to small, rocky islands.


Map of the Sky.

Notable Locations


A village in the sky; home to Link and Zelda. You can play the Pumpkin Pull mini-game here, after completing Fledge’s Workout.

Bamboo Island

An island located north of Skyloft, near the entrance to the Eldin Province. Here, you can speak to Peater to play his Clean Cut mini-game.

Pumpkin Landing

(1 of 2) Pumpkin Landing is located towards the south-east.

Pumpkin Landing is located towards the south-east. (left), This medium-sized island has a tavern and small farm. (right)

A cozy retreat located in the south-east portion of the sky. It’s home to the Lumpy Pumpkin, an inn run by Pumm and his daughter, Kina.

By “accidentally” breaking the Lumpy Pumpkin’s chandelier, you can obtain two Heart Pieces–one from the chandelier itself and another for running errands to repair it.

Fun Fun Island

A colorful man-made island situated in the south-western sky. You can play Dodoh’s High Dive here, once you’ve recovered the Missing Party Wheel.

Beedle’s Island

Beedle’s residence, located in the north-eastern sky. During the night, you’ll find Beedle here (since you can’t fly during the night, you need to hitch a ride in his ship).

Later on, you can come here to help find Beedle’s Missing Beetle.


A massive cloud located in the north-western sky that cannot be penetrated by normal means. However, after activating the Light Tower in Skyloft, a passageway will appear towards the south-east.


Goddess Chests

(1 of 2) To open the Goddess Chests, you need to activate the corresponding Goddess Cube on the surface.

To open the Goddess Chests, you need to activate the corresponding Goddess Cube on the surface. (left), These chests contain various useful items, including Pieces of Heart! (right)

Goddess Chest Contents Location
Number 2 Heart Piece 12 Volcano-shaped island south of Skyloft (use Clawshots or skilfully dive)
Number 4 Adventure Pouch Slot Pumpkin Landing
Number 5 Heart Piece 11 South of Faron entrance
Number 6 Rupee Medal Beedle’s Island (sleep in Beedle’s shop till night)
Number 7 Gold Rupee Pumpkin Landing
Number 9 Gold Rupee Underneath Fun Fun Island
Number 10 Silver Rupee West from Beedle’s Island
Number 11 Small Seed Satchel North-west from Fun Fun Island
Number 13 Gold Rupee Bamboo Island
Number 14 Treasure Medal South-east from Beedle’s Island
Number 19 Silver Rupee South-east from Beedle’s Island (need Bombs)
Number 20 Heart Medal Volcano-shaped island south of Skyloft
Number 21 Heart Medal West from Beedle’s Island (need Water Dragon’s Scale)
Number 22 Life Medal North-west from Fun Fun Island
Number 23 Heart Piece 10 Beedle’s Island
Number 25 Potion Medal North-west from Fun Fun Island (need Clawshots)


Item Location
Heart Piece 3 Pumpkin Pull
Heart Piece 7 Pumpkin Landing
Heart Piece 8 Pumpkin Landing
Heart Piece 9 Fun Fun Island
Gratitude Crystal 13 Pumpkin Landing (night)
Gratitude Crystal 14 Pumpkin Landing (night)
Gratitude Crystal 15 Beedle’s Island (night)
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You are Link, a resident of Skyloft–a floating village in the vast sky. For ages, you’ve been training at the Knight Academy and, today, the day of your graduation has arrived. While your life thus far has been peaceful, soon nothing will be the same again, when your beloved friend, Zelda, is stolen from you…

Our strategy guide for The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword (HD) contains all the necessary knowledge to search for and rescue Zelda, such as a full walkthrough with detailed maps. Plus every hero needs a rest; if you want to grab all the collectables and fix other people’s problems (sidequests), we can help you with that too!

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