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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

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Lanayru Desert

Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) Lanayru Desert is, well, a desert. But it wasn't always like this.

Lanayru Desert is, well, a desert. But it wasn't always like this. (left), At the end of the desert is the fabled Temple of Time. (right)

Lanayru Desert is a desolate region that was once bountiful. There are many timeshift stones, which can restore portions of the land back to its pristine state.


(1 of 4) Map of Lanayru Desert.


Seeking the Temple of Time

During Link’s first trip to the Lanayru Province, he’ll need to pass through the desert to reach the Temple of Time, where Zelda has gone. As luck would have it, the temple entrance is blocked, so Link will need to find an alternative route.

Nayru’s Silent Realm

In his quest for the sacred flames, Link can discover a trial gate towards the north of Lanayru Desert, which leads to Nayru’s Silent Realm. By completing this trial, Link will receive one of the goddess’s gifts, the Clawshots.


Missing Party Wheel

After sending Scrapper off on his first mission, to retrive the Windmill Propeller, there’s another task for the rude robot. If Link heads to Fun Fun Island in the western skies, he can help Dodoh look for his missing party wheel in the desert.

Goddess Cubes

Goddess Cube Location
Number 20 Towards the south of the western portion of the desert, before the path to the Temple of Time. Bomb the Ampilus and use them as platforms to reach it.
Number 21 Towards the north-east, there’s a looping tunnel. Use the Clawshots to continue past the Heart Piece chest.
Number 22 A short distance west from the cages below the Mining Facility platform. Use the Clawshots at the target near the north.
Number 23 In the Temple of Time section. Hop onboard the northernmost minecart (the one that takes you back to the desert) and prepare a Skyward Strike to hit the cube halfway along.


(1 of 2) Trigger this timeshift stone near the entrance to reveal some vines nearby.

Trigger this timeshift stone near the entrance to reveal some vines nearby. (left), Near the north-east corner of the desert, there's a cracked wall you can bomb. (right)

Item Location
Party Wheel South-east corner of the desert. Blow up the rocks near the entrance to reveal a timeshift stone. Then climb up the nearby vines and shimmy along the ledge to reach the other side.
Random Rare Treasure Near the party wheel. You can either drop down from higher ground or crawl through a tunnel (either way, you’ll need to use the tunnel to leave).
Tumbleweed You can find loads just rolling around the desert. But there’s also one inside a chest directly north of the entrance, just before the cages near the center.
Red Rupee Near the cages, clawshot up to the raised platforms to the west, where there’s a Goddess Cube. Then go around and turn right at the crossroad.
Dusk Relic Just outside the northern building with the lightning node, clawshot up to small raised platform.
Red Rupee Inside the northern building. After hitting the timeshift stone to revert the building to the past, head towards the south-west corner, before going up the stairs.
Blue Rupee In the same building, west from the timeshift stone.
Random Rare Treasure Also in the same building, in the bottom-left corner of the northern room. Stand in the northern room near that corner, then launch your Beetle to hit the timeshift stone.
Heart Piece 21 At the end of the north-eastern tunnel. If you start towards the east side of the desert (north of the fire node building), there’s a sunken pathway nearby that leads to a cracked wall.
Red Rupee On a small area of raised land north-west from the fire node building. Use the Clawshots to get up.
Eldin Ore Inside the south-eastern fire node building. Towards the west side, near a box you can push to create a shortcut.
Blue Rupee x3 There are three brown chests inside the south-eastern building, located towards the north, south-west and east. For the latter two, the building must be in the past state.
Monster Horn Blue chest in the northern room inside the south-eastern building.
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