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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

Visitor at Night

Vincent Lau

Knight Academy

(1 of 2) Poor Link.

Poor Link. (left), But it’s no time to be depressed as a mysterious visitor beckons him along. (right)

You will wake up later that evening in your room, with the Headmaster questioning you about what occurred earlier and about Zelda’s attitude some time prior to this. After the scene, open up your cupboard for a Blue Rupee, then leave. The mysterious blue figure from your dream will be near the stairs. Follow her up the stairs and outside.


Continue following the blue figure along the pathway to the Statue of the Goddess and you’ll soon need to drop down to a side area. Follow by going from ledge to ledge, jumping, dashing, climbing, defending yourself, etc., as you need to.

Take note of the lower ledge along the way; you’ll find a chest atop it, inside which is a Red Rupee. Continue across the ledges and up the vines.

Eventually, you’ll reach the top area, which is the Statue of the Goddess. Go around the statue to the blue figure and she’ll open a doorway into the statue, then go inside herself. Follow suit.

(1 of 2) Even during important moments, there’s always time to grab rupees.

Even during important moments, there’s always time to grab rupees. (left), Afterwards, ledge-swing across the gap. (right)

Statue of the Goddess

Go forward, towards the sword within the pedestal. The mysterious figure from before will introduce herself as Fi, an agent sent by the goddess to aid the hero in his journey.

She will ask for you to take the sword. Approach the pedestal and take the sword, following the prompts given, and basically re-do the advertisement commercial for this game.

Afterwards, hold the Goddess Sword straight up, to the sky, and let it charge so you can perform a Skyward Strike. This creates a mini-projectile that also will hit the enemy, and the projectile follows the blade of the sword.

(1 of 2) The Goddess Sword awaits.

The Goddess Sword awaits. (left), Point your Wiimote directly upwards to charge the Skyward Strike. (right)

Soon afterwards, you’ll speak with the Headmaster, then Fi again. You’ll receive the Emerald Tablet. This is the key to going to the surface below (yes, there is a surface).

Hit the bluish crest in the room with a Skyward Strike to cause the altar beneath it to raise. You’ll then place in the Emerald Tablet and a verdant green ray of light will emanate from the clouds below.

After this, Fi will note that, from now on, she will join you and stay within your Goddess Sword. Press Down to call on her for various info, and do so when locked-on to something for info about it. Much like Navi of Ocarina of Time. Anyhow, leave.

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You are Link, a resident of Skyloft–a floating village in the vast sky. For ages, you’ve been training at the Knight Academy and, today, the day of your graduation has arrived. While your life thus far has been peaceful, soon nothing will be the same again, when your beloved friend, Zelda, is stolen from you…

Our strategy guide for The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword (HD) contains all the necessary knowledge to search for and rescue Zelda, such as a full walkthrough with detailed maps. Plus every hero needs a rest; if you want to grab all the collectables and fix other people’s problems (sidequests), we can help you with that too!

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