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Mini-Boss Room

Vincent Lau

Once you arrive, you’ll have to fight Scervo again. Sort of.

Mini-Boss: Dreadfuse

(1 of 2) This fella is a souped up version of Scervo from the Sandship.

This fella is a souped up version of Scervo from the Sandship. (left), As before, Shield Bashes are highly effective. (right)

Much like last time, you should shield bash him whenever he attacks. While he is stunned, you can use thrusts to attack him, although I found that vertical slices, which are easier to do than thrusts, are also more easily usable.

After almost knocking him off, he’ll lose his electric weapon and the gate will move closer to you – as before, don’t touch it or you’ll get hurt. Knock him off almost a second time and he’ll lose his left arm and the gate moves even closer. Repeat the process one last time to finish him.

Afterwards, Clawshot across the gap and open up the chest to get a small key. Use the Hook Beetle, if you want, to collect the five or so hearts around the edges of the room.

Rearranging the Rooms

Proceed further along to a control panel. Make these changes:

(1 of 2) First, shuffle all the rooms counter-clockwise.

First, shuffle all the rooms counter-clockwise. (left), Next, move both of the rooms along the left column downwards. (right)

  1. Move the top-left room down one space.
  2. Move the top-center room left one space.
  3. Move the top-right room left one space.
  4. Move the central-right room up one space.
  5. Move the bottom-right room up one space.
  6. Move the bottom-center room right one space.
  7. Move the bottom-left room right one space.
  8. Move the central-left room down one space.
  9. Move the top-left room down one space.

Just to check: the room with the green Triforce emblem needs to be to the left of the central room (the one you’re in).

Afterwards, continue down the hall to the next room.


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Our strategy guide for The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword (HD) contains all the necessary knowledge to search for and rescue Zelda, such as a full walkthrough with detailed maps. Plus every hero needs a rest; if you want to grab all the collectables and fix other people’s problems (sidequests), we can help you with that too!

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