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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

Eldin Volcano

Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) Eldin Volcano is an active volcano located towards the north of Hyrule.

Eldin Volcano is an active volcano located towards the north of Hyrule. (left), There’s also an underground section, just before the halfway point. (right)

Eldin Volcano is a scorching landscape where no man dares to tread. The mole-like Mogma don’t seem that bothered by the heat though.


(1 of 4) Map of Eldin Volcano.


Hot on the Heels of Zelda

During Link’s first trip to Eldin Volcano, he’s searching for Zelda who arrived before him. In order to climb the volcano, he’ll need help from a Mogma. Afterwards, some clever folk broke the key to the temple and scattered them nearby.

The Missing Pinwheel

After acquiring the Goddess Harp, Link’s quest to unlock the secrets of the Ballad of the Goddess will take him back to Eldin Volcano. One of the pinwheels at Skyloft fell down to the volcano–perhaps you already noticed it earlier?

Din’s Silent Realm

Later on, when Link is seeking the Sacred Flames, he’ll need to undergo one of the Goddess’s trials just outside the Earth Temple. His reward is the Fireshield Earrings, blessed jewellery that allows the user to withstand extreme temperatures–perfect for entering the Volcano Summit.

Escorting Scrapper

When Link reaches the door to the Fire Sanctuary, he’s faced with a dangerous wall of fire. With some clever thinking, he borrows the water basin from the Water Dragon at Lake Floria. However, just when things are going smoothly, Scrapper–who Link asks to carry the basin–messes up the landing site at Eldin Volcano and Link has to escort the annoying robot all the way up to the summit

Stealth Mission

Finally, when Link decides to visit the Volcano in search of Eldin the dragon, a sudden volcanic eruption knocks him out cold. When he wakes up, Link discovers he’s imprisoned by the Bokoblin and must stealthily explore the volcano to reclaim his prized belongings.

Shops and Services

Thrill Digger

(1 of 2) If it’s thrills you want, you’re in the right place.

If it’s thrills you want, you’re in the right place. (left), With some luck, you can earn lots of Rupees! (right)

Run by Tubert the Mogma, who’s found in a cave blockaded by boulders near the Bokoblin camp after running up the first slope. In this mini-game, you can dig up patches of dirt, which can yield rupees or a bomb. You can keep any rupees you dig up, but digging up a bomb will instantly end your run. There’s no other reward here.

Goddess Cubes

Goddess Cube Location
Number 10 When you first arrive, it’s on the lower ground on the left.
Number 11 North from the “Volcano East” bird statue (the second one).
Number 12 In the underground section. When you first sky-dive in, it’s on a pillar towards the right.
Number 13 West of the Earth Temple entrance. Dig to unearth an air vent, then throw a Bomb Flower onto the air vent.
Number 14 East of the Earth Temple entrance. Just before the Bokoblin watchtower, take a right.
Number 15 On the slippery slope along the eastern side. After the initial narrow section, run towards the air vent on the left. Then jump down to the platform ahead.


(1 of 2) You need to react quick to sky-dive to this ledge.

You need to react quick to sky-dive to this ledge. (left), If you miss, you can head north to leave the underground section and then re-enter. (right)

Item Location
Red Rupee After passing the “Volcano East” bird statue (the second one), there’s some lower ground on the left. Roll a Bomb through the narrow tunnel.
Heart Piece 18 On a ledge overlooking the underground entrance. Just before crossing the bone bridge, go around along the east side.
Eldin Ore When you sky-dive into the underground, aim for the highest ledge towards the left.
Random Rare Treasure When you sky-dive into the underground, aim for the pillar just below the Goddess Cube one, where there are Bomb Flowers. Then chuck a Bomb towards the southern wall.
Digging Gloves In the underground section. From Mogma after defeating all the Bokoblin in the south-eastern room.
Eldin Ore In the underground section, head for the south-west corner, where there’s a Bokoblin camp. Go through the middle chute.
Silver Rupee Blow up the cracked wall along the north side of the north-western room, where the Pyrups are. You’ll probably need to blow up a Pyrup first to clear the path.
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