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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

Sealed Grounds

Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) The Sealed Grounds is a grassy hollow where an ancient evil has been sealed.

The Sealed Grounds is a grassy hollow where an ancient evil has been sealed. (left), Overlooking the grounds is the Sealed Temple. (right)

The Sealed Grounds is the first place you’ll visit on the surface world. There isn’t a lot to see here, besides the temple. However, you’ll end up returning here multiple times throughout the course of the game.


Map of the Sealed Grounds.


Setting Foot in Hyrule

When Link travels to the surface world for the first time, he’ll land at the Sealed Grounds. There, he’ll be asked to repair the seal in the center of the hollow, before being ushered into the Sealed Temple to get his bearings.

The Imprisoned

After acquiring the Goddess Harp, Link must return to the Sealed Grounds for advice. As he arrives, a certain hot-headed youth will hitch a ride without asking. Back at the temple, the old lady will explain Link’s next quest. However, they’re interrupted by the awakening of the Imprisoned.

The Gate of Time

Once Link has obtained the three Sacred Flames, he can activate the Gate of Time within the Sealed Temple. Before he can do this, the Imprisoned manages to break out of its seal again. After fending off the menace, Link can finally travel back to the past. But what awaits him is a cruel destiny…

Weakening Seal

Not long after receiving consel from Levias, the Sky Guardian, Link can return to Faron Woods to piece together the Song of the Hero. However, something strange has happened to the woods and Link is forced to land at the Sealed Grounds. To make matters worse, the Imprisoned breaks out of the seal again. Talk about persistent!

The Life Tree

(1 of 2) Were you wondering what this conspicuous area was for?

Were you wondering what this conspicuous area was for? (left), It’s a nice place to grow a tree, that’s what. (right)

As part of his mission to complete the Song of the Hero, Link meets with the Thunder Dragon. Although the dragon would gladly teach Link his portion of the song, he’s far too ill. Rather than sit idle and twiddle his thumbs, Link can borrow the Life Tree seed nearby and grow it at the Sealed Temple.

The Final Battle

At the end of the game, after Link has obtained the Triforce, it’s not “Happily Ever After”, just yet. A certain evil mastermind manages to steal the show and escape through the Gate of Time back into the past, to revive the ancient evil. Well, Link, don’t just stand there! You’ve got a world to save!


Item Location
Bottle Inside the Sealed Temple, near the north-east corner. Unlocked after speaking to the old lady.
Heart Piece 14 Speak to Gorko behind the temple, after defeating the Imprisoned a second time. Then draw an arrow symbol on the Goddess Wall.
Life Tree Fruit Plant the Life Tree seedling in the past version of the temple, towards the west, then return to the present.
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