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Death Whisper Abilities

In-game Description (Abilities)

The "Assassin" iconAssassin makes an attack that does not count toward the limit of attacks per turn and does not block the Assassin’s movement but deals only 25% of base damage. If successful, the target of that attack suffers from hemorrhage: At the beginning of each of the target’s turn they will suffer 0 rending damage that ignores armour and deflection.

Lethality: a specific Assassin parameter that is equal to dodge or dodge reduction, whichever is higher.

Screenshot (Ability)

Abilities items in Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader (90)

"Aim for the Opening" iconAim for the Opening"Air of Authority" iconAir of Authority"Analyse Enemies" iconAnalyse Enemies"Assign Objective" iconAssign Objective"At All Costs" iconAt All Costs"Blitz Stratagem" iconBlitz Stratagem"Brace for Impact!" iconBrace for Impact!"Break Their Ranks!" iconBreak Their Ranks!"Break Through" iconBreak Through"Bulwark" iconBulwark"Cautious Approach" iconCautious Approach"Claim the Bounty" iconClaim the Bounty"Combat Locus Stratagem" iconCombat Locus Stratagem"Concentrated Fire" iconConcentrated Fire"Confident Approach" iconConfident Approach"Controlled Shot" iconControlled Shot"Cull the Bold" iconCull the Bold"Danse Macabre" iconDanse Macabre"Dash" iconDash"Death Whisper" iconDeath Whisper"Defensive Stance" iconDefensive Stance"Devastating Attack" iconDevastating Attack"Dominate" iconDominate"Elusive Shadow" iconElusive Shadow"Endure" iconEndure"Ensnare the Prey" iconEnsnare the Prey"Entrench" iconEntrench"Expose Weakness" iconExpose Weakness"Feinting Attack" iconFeinting Attack"Fervour" iconFervour"Finish the Job" iconFinish the Job"Firestorm" iconFirestorm"Follow my Lead" iconFollow my Lead"Forced Distraction" iconForced Distraction"Forceful Strike" iconForceful Strike"Foreboding" iconForeboding"Get Back in the Fight!" iconGet Back in the Fight!"Hammer of the Emperor" iconHammer of the Emperor"Hot on the Trail" iconHot on the Trail"Incinerate" iconIncinerate"Inflame" iconInflame"Inscribed Soul" iconInscribed Soul"Inspire" iconInspire"Intimidation" iconIntimidation"Invigorate" iconInvigorate"Joint Analysis" iconJoint Analysis"Kick" iconKick"Killing Edge" iconKilling Edge"Killzone Stratagem" iconKillzone Stratagem"Light of the Emperor" iconLight of the Emperor"Linchpin" iconLinchpin"Machine Spirit Banishment" iconMachine Spirit Banishment"Mind Bond" iconMind Bond"Mind Rupture" iconMind Rupture"Molten Beam" iconMolten Beam"Move, Move, Move!" iconMove, Move, Move!"Orchestrate Flames" iconOrchestrate Flames"Overwhelming Stratagem" iconOverwhelming Stratagem"Perfect Spot" iconPerfect Spot"Perfect Timing - Diviner" iconPerfect Timing - Diviner"Piercing Shot" iconPiercing Shot"Poised to Strike" iconPoised to Strike"Precise Attack" iconPrecise Attack"Precognition" iconPrecognition"Prescience" iconPrescience"Prophetic Intervention" iconProphetic Intervention"Provocation" iconProvocation"Psychic Assault" iconPsychic Assault"Psychic Shriek" iconPsychic Shriek"Purge Soul" iconPurge Soul"Raid" iconRaid"Rapid Fire" iconRapid Fire"Reckless Rush" iconReckless Rush"Reckless Strike" iconReckless Strike"Regimental Tactics" iconRegimental Tactics"Sensory Deprivation" iconSensory Deprivation"Shield of the Emperor" iconShield of the Emperor"Stronghold Stratagem" iconStronghold Stratagem"Strongpoint" iconStrongpoint"Sword of Faith" iconSword of Faith"Sworn Enemy" iconSworn Enemy"Tactical Knowledge" iconTactical Knowledge"Take Aim!" iconTake Aim!"Taunting Scream" iconTaunting Scream"Trenchline Stratagem" iconTrenchline Stratagem"Vision of Death" iconVision of Death"Wall of Rockcrete" iconWall of Rockcrete"War Hym" iconWar Hym"Wildfire" iconWildfire"Word of the Emperor" iconWord of the Emperor
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