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V Rising

V Rising Illusion Ability List

Ben Chard

Combat plays a significant role in V Rising, and to aid you in that endeavor are the plethora of spells that you can learn, all with their own playstyles. This page will give you an overview of all of the Illusion Abilities in V Rising.

Spectral Guardian is one of the Illusion Ultimate Abilities in V Rising.

Illusion Ability Effects

The Illusion category of spells in V Rising are mostly themed around some form of summoning, with the Gloomrot update helping them with becoming a support caster. The new mechanics of Weaken and Phantasm offer players ways to reduce the damage target’s deal, alongside the Phantasm granting ways for players to lower the cooldowns of their abilities. Going a full scholar build while using Illusion magic means you will become an incredible spellslinger, permanently reseting your cooldowns with Phantasm, and making sure enemies are permanently debuffed with Weaken to reduce damage. It’s incredibly handy for both PvE and PvP if that’s your jam.

Moreso, with the release of the V Rising, illusion Magic got some nice new passives. which are as follows:

Icon Name Description Location
Spiritual_Infusion_Icon.png "Spiritual Infusion" iconSpiritual Infusion (passive) Deal 10% increased spell damage to Weakened enemies and increases the duration of Weaken by 1 seconds. Unlocked via the Stygian Altar. Cost 400 "Stygian Shard" iconStygian Shards.
Skin_Walker_Icon.png "Skinwalker" iconSkinwalker (passive) Increases movement speed while Shapeshifted by 8%. Unlocked at the Altar of Stygian Awakening for 800 Greater "Stygian Shard" iconStygian Shards.
Flowing_Sorcery_Icon.png "Flowing Sorcery" iconFlowing Sorcery (passive) Increases spell cooldown recovery rate by 5% and there is a 25% to not consume Phantasm when triggering a cooldown reset. Unlocked via the Altar of Stygian Awakening. It costs 1000 Greater "Stygian Shard" iconStygian Shards.

The main theme of the passives offer Illusion player better damage to Weakened targets, so you can increase your own damage potential, while debuffing enemies. You’ll also get better utility movement speed while Shapeshiffted, handy for both wolf and bat form abilities. You’ll also get the big hitter of "Flowing Sorcery" iconFlowing Sorcery, which increases spell cooldown recovery even more, and better chances to not trigger Phantasm, so you an refresh cooldown even more reliably. Again, it’s all about that fantasy of getting more damage from spells and constantly refreshing casts.

With that premise outlined, here’s a look at the rest of the Illusion Spells in V Rising.

Illusion Travel Ability

Icon Name Description Location
Veil_of_Illusion_Skills_V_Rising.png Veil of Illusion (Travel) Dash towards input direction and elude nearby enemies for 2.2s. Your next primary attack heals you for 5% of your maximum health and inflicts Weaken. It also spawns an illusion that launches projectiles, inflicting Weaken and granting Phantasm. Requires a T2 Illusion Spell Point, such as one earned from "Matka the Curse Weaver" iconMatka the Curse Weaver.

Veil of Illusions is a slippery spell, summoning an illusion to attack enemies for you. It will also apply Weaken and grant Phantasm for more tomfoolery with your spells. It’s not a bad movement spell thanks to the illusion summon causing a ruckus at enemies. It can have some clever play to it, and its more ways to get Phantasm on the board, which can be important, but not entirely necessary to the build. Overall, it’s a fairly average movement spell, but it can be fairly nice to builds not running illusion themed builds but want some form of phantasm generation.

Illusion Basic Abilities

Icon Name Description Location
Mist_Trance_Skills_V_Rising.png "Mist Trance" iconMist Trance Illusion Block melee and projectile attacks for up to 1.5s. Turn non-material and teleport to cursor location when an attack is blocked. Inflicts Weaken on nearby enemies when reappearing and grants Phantasm for each enemy hit.
Mosquito_Icon.png "Mosquito" iconMosquito Illusion Summon a spectral mosquito at target location that attracts nearby enemies and explodes after 1.7 seconds, dealing 100% magic damage in an area, inflicting Weaken and fearing enemies for up to 1.5 seconds. Grants Phantasm for each enemy hit.
Wraith_Spear_Icon.png "Wraith Spear" iconWraith Spear Illusion Dash backwards and launch a piercing projectile dealing 170% magic damage and inflicting Weaken. Each subsequent hit deals 75% magic damage of the previous hit and grants Phantasm.
Phantom_Aegis_Icon.png "Phantom Aegis" iconPhantom Aegis Illusion Apply a shield to target ally or self that shields the target for 200% of your spell power, inflicts Weaken on nearby enemies and grants Phantasm for each enemy hit. The shield lasts up to 2 seconds.
Spectral_Wolf_Skills_V_Rising.png "Spectral Wolf" iconSpectral Wolf Illusion Send out a spectral wolf that bounces to a nearby enemy after each hit, up to 2 additional hits. Deals 140% magic damage on the first hit, subsequent hits deal 85% damage of the previous hit. Each hit inflicts Weaken and grants a stack of Phantasm.

Mist Trance

This is another shield ability that’s usefulness will be impacted by the skill of the user. You’ll need to time when you put your shield up, but when up, you’ll deflect melee and projectiles and teleport to your cursor location, making this invaluable to get out of a dangerous situation. It can lead to cleverly outplaying boss tactics, or pvp players too.


What was once an unholy spell is now an illusion spell. You’ll place a mosquito down in an area, and it will taunt enemies towards that location for the duration of its 1.7 up time. It will also deal 100% magic damage to enemies and inflict Phantasm and Weaken for each enemy hit. While the spell is fairly low damage, it does offer great utility, and applying multiple phantasm stack is huge for mob farming builds.

Wraith Spear

"Wraith Spear" iconWraith Spear was added with the Gloomrot update. This conjures a very long range spear, which can make you jump back as you throw it. Moreso, it will deal 180% magic damage, with a further 75% magic damage to enemies hit beyond the first. The first hit of the spell is actually fairly high burst damage for a basic spell, which is very nice. it’s fairly perfect spell for disengaging from melee opponents when your dodge or barrier skill is down, and its sniping potential makes it a great fit for pistol builds. Overall, Wraith Spear is a very nice spell for certain playstyles.

Spectral Wolf

"Spectral Wolf" iconSpectral Wolf got a rework with it bouncing to enemies hit. It can do decent damage hitting multiple enemies hit but it is fighting for a spot on your bar with Wraith Spear, which is arguable better for its first hit damage, and its range and jump back defensive aspect.

Phantom Aegis

The "Phantom Aegis" iconPhantom Aegis spell is a shield spell that you can apply to yourself or an ally. It will shield for 200% spell power, inflict Weaken on nearby enemies and grants phantasm for each enemy hit with Weaken. The shield last for 2 seconds. It’s an okay support spell, which is very hand for blood vampire allies since you can make them even tankier, while still getting Phantasm off. Otherwise, it’s not too great since there are better barrier skills out there for your defensive needs.

Illusion Ultimate Abilities

Icon Name Description Location
Wisp_Dance_Skills_V_Rising.png "Wisp Dance" iconWisp Dance (ultimate) Summon three wisps that circle around you, dealing 60% magic damage to enemies, leeching 30% health, inflicting Weaken to enemies and granting Phantasm. Recast to launch all three wisps as projectiles dealing 100% magic damage, which also apply Weaken and grant Phantasm. Requires a T3 Illusion Spell Point, such as from the "Terah the Geomancer" iconTerah the Geomancer boss.
Spectral_Guardian_Skills_V_Rising.png "Spectral Guardian" iconSpectral Guardian (ultimate) Summon a "Spectral Guardian" iconSpectral Guardian that shields allies in an area for 125% of your spell power and inflicts Weaken on nearby enemies, alongside knocking back nearby enemies on spawn. The guardian attacks enemies with a swing that deals 100% magic damage, and it attacks roughly every two seconds. The shield is reapplied every 1.5s. The golem lasts for 7s. Require s a T3 Illusion Spell Point, such as one from "Cyril the Cursed Smith" iconCyril the Cursed Smith.

Wisp Dance

"Wisp Dance" iconWisp Dance was originally a basic spell, but it merged with mirror strike and wisps to form a new ultimate spell. The premise of the spell is to serve as a defensive ultimate, granting leech, and dealing rather low damage, for an ultimate skill. It can also apply phantasm and weaken to enemies shit, and you can can recast to send your wisps out to deal 100% damage if you want to. It’s a fairly decent defensive ultimate spell. It might even be good for blood builds that want more leech, yet want Phantasm and weaken benefits too.

Spectral Guardian

Continuing the trend of useful Illusion Ultimates, "Spectral Guardian" iconSpectral Guardian is another excellent choice. It’s more themed towards group play, as the Guardian will put keep renewing a shield during its duration that scales with your spell power, making it very potent at high Gear Score levels. It does only attacks abut six times during its duration, which is a slight disappointment, but again, it does great damage and shielding, so it is perfect support ultimate to round out that Illusion thematic playstyle.

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