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V Rising

How To Fish in V Rising

Shane Williams

If you want a break from the chaotic fights in V Rising, then there are some side activities available. However, there are a few prerequisites before you can get started. On this page, we’ll navigate you through the necessary steps to acquiring the Fishing Rod Recipe, locating fishing spots and how to obtain the Twilight Snapper.

Fishing can drop the Twilight Snapper.

Starting Fishing

There are several Fishing Spots scattered all around Vardoran, but before you can settle down and fish away you’ll need to follow a couple steps which include defeating Rufus the Foreman, creating a Woodworking Bench and then finally crafting a Fishing Pole.

Finding Finn the Fisherman

(1 of 2) Follow the bloodtrail to reach the Fishing Spot

Follow the bloodtrail to reach the Fishing Spot (left), and Finn the Fisherman will be waiting. (right)

Once you’ve created your Castle, you’ll want to upgrade your equipment a little until your Gear Level is at least 30 and then track Finn the Fisherman via the V Blood Menu and follow the trail to the Fishing Spot which is located to the southwest of the Hallowed Mountains. Upon defeating him you’ll get your hands on the following items:

Icon Name Description
Blood_Rage_V_Rising.png Blood Rage Shield self and nearby allies for %110 of your spell power and increase attack speed by %25 for 4.5 seconds.
Woodworking_Bench_V_Rising.png Woodworking Bench A Workstation used for shaping wood.
Fishing_Pole_V_Rising.png Fishing Pole Use it to catch fish! Keep and eye out for bubbling water in lakes and streams.
Hunters_Crossbow_V_Risign.png Hunter’s Crossbow A Ranged weapon that fires bolts.
Painting_Frame_V_Rising.png Painting Frame Reagent used for crafting.
Sculptured_Wood_V_Rising.png Sculptured Wood Reagent used for crafting.

Creating a Woodworking Bench

Upon defeating Rufus, return to your castle and craft the Woodworking Bench by opening up your Build Menu by pressing B-Key, then click on Production and you’ll find it under Crafting. In order to build it you’ll need 12 Planks and 60 Animal Hide. You’ll need to place 20 Lumber in a Sawmill for one Plank, so you’ll want to put at least a couple hundred Lumber in it and wait for it to do its thing. However, the time and cost can be decreased if you place it in a Workshop Room . Animal Hide can be gathered by killing animals out in the wild, such as Wolfs, Bears and Deers.

Creating A Fishing Pole

(1 of 2) Craft the Woodworking Bench

Craft the Woodworking Bench (left), and interact with it to craft the Fishing Pole. (right)

It’s now time to create yourself a Fishing Pole! To do this, you’ll need 6 Planks, 3 Copper Ingots and 3 Coarse Thread. To get to Copper Ingots you’ll need to build a Furnace which costs 4 Coarse Thread and 120 Wood. Coarse Thread which can be done by destroying barrels and crates and defeating enemies in Bandit Camps, Bandit Logging Camps, and Bandit Trapper Camps. If you would like in-depth info on where to find Coarse Thread, then take a look at our where to get Coarse Thread page. Once you’ve acquired all the materials, return to your Workshop and craft the Fishing Pole.

Finding Fishing Spots

Fishing in V Rising works a little differently compared to other games as you can’t just start fishing in any water, as you can only fish in lakes or rivers which have bubbly spots. However, this can be uncommon so keep your Fishing Pole on you at all times, then when you come across you can take the opportunity to fish!

(1 of 2) Look for bubbles in the water and click on it to place your fishing pole

Look for bubbles in the water and click on it to place your fishing pole (left), then take it out when you see the glow (right)

Catching Fish

Upon finding a bubbly spot, place the Fishing Pole on your hotbar and equip it, then hover your mouse over the bubbles and press MouseLeftButton-Filled to begin fishing. Here you’ll need to wait until the bubbles start glowing before pressing the MouseLeftButton-Filled again to retrieve the fish. You may want to zoom in by scrolling up to get a clear view of the bubbles, so you don’t accidentally miss the glow.

Fishing Spots

There are a variety of Fish that can be caught in V Rising but the main one you’ll want to keep a lookout for is the Twilight Snapper, as it is required to summon the Putrid Rat which will give you access to Rat Form. For more in-depth information on how to find and defeat the Putrid Rate, then take a look at our How to Find and Kill the Putrid Rat page.

Unfortunately, the Twilight Snapper can take a while to drop so you’ll be collecting a variety of other fish which aren’t completely useless, such as the Fierce Stingers, as you can place them in The Devourer for Fish Oil, Fish Bones and Scales. Fish Oils is an ingredient required to make Pristine Leather which is needed to craft the Dawnthorn Armor Set. Additionally, certain fish are required to make potions, such as the Witch Brew will need Swamp Dwellers.

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