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V Rising

How To Create A Forge Room

Shane Williams

This page covers everything related to creating a Forge Room in V Rising, such as requirements and benefits.

You can learn the Forge Flooring Recipe from the Research Desk.

What Do You Need To Create a Forge Room in V Rising

In V Rising you can build a different types of rooms which are dedicated to a certain types of equipment and along with it comes certain types of bonuses, such as the time the Furnace takes to smelt Ore will be decreased. However, you’ll need to unlock the Forge Flooring.

How To Unlock Forge Flooring in V Rising

In order to create a Forge Room you’ll need to have crafted a Research Desk which requires, 8 Planks, 120 Animal Hide and 80 Stone, then you’ll need to find the Forge Flooring Recipe out in the world by fighting Enemies, Bosses and looking through Chests in villages. If you have no luck finding it, then you can use 50 Paper and click discover at the top of the Research Desk screen and hope you get it as one of your random recipes.

Paper can be found in a variety of places, such as drops from enemies, chests from Bandit Camps and you may get it by smashing barrels. However, as you progress through the game you can unlock a Paper Press which will craft you one piece of paper for 4 Plant Fibre 12 Sawdust.

How To Unlock The Paper Press

You’ll need to progress through the game until you are atleast Gear Level 30-35, then track Nicholaus the Fallen from the Blood Altar and defeat him to unlock the Study. Build the Study which requires 12 Wooden Planks and 12 Copper Ingots. Finally, you’ll need to discover the recipe from the Study which works like the Research Desk, but requires 75 Scrolls in instead Paper.

Once you’re in possession of the Forge Floor Recipe, create a medium to large sized room, then have the flooring as Forge Floors to have the Bonuses for any equipment which is classed as Forge. You can see this underneath of the equipment in the Build Menu.

(1 of 2) Change the flooring to Forge Flooring

Change the flooring to Forge Flooring (left), and you’ll be given the bonuses shown at the top. (right)

What Are The Forge Room Bonuses

Having a Forge Room in your Castle in V Rising will increase the production speed of smelting/crafting and the cost of resources required will be decreased by 25%, so you’ll need 15 Copper Ore for one Copper Ingot instead of 20 for example. This will allow you to spend less time waiting around for items to be smelted/crafted and more time building and exploring.

What Equipment Can Be Used In A Forge Room

The Forge Room can give bonuses to the following types of equipment: Furnaces, Smithy and Simple Workbench. Below you’ll find what you can craft/smelt with this equipment.

Icon Name Description Use
Furnace_V_Risings.png Furnance A Workstation use for the refinement of ores. The Furnance is used for smelting ores, such as Copper, Iron and Quartz.
Simple_Workbench_V_Rising.png Simple Workbench A Simple Workbench for improving weapons and armour A Simple Workbench is used for crafting advanced weapons/accessories, such as the Copper Sword and Blood Rose Ring.
Smithy_V_Rising.png Smithy A Workstation used for crafting Iron weapons. The Smithy is used for crafting more advanced weapons, such as the Iron Sword.
Anvil_Structure_V_Rising.png Anvil A Workstation used for crafting of weapons. The Anvil is ued for crafting high-tier weapons, such as the Dark Silver Sword.
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