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V Rising

Where to Get Scourgestones

Ben Chard

There is an abundance of resources to gather in V Rising, and the various magic components you can find throughout the world are incredibly important. Magic components are usually forged from other raw materials that can then be used in a number of ways.

Scourgestones are needed for Darksilver Ingots.

Icon Name Description Use
Scourgestone_Magic_Component_Icon_V_Rising.png Scourgestone Magic components are used for crafting and magical objects and consumable items Creating resistance potions, forging accessories

How to Find Scourgestones

As you delve deeper into the Tier II regions, such as the Dunley Farmlands, you’ll start coming across recipes that need Scourgestones to create them, such as the assortment of Resistance potions you’ll need for accessing some locations. There are two main methods for finding Scourgestones, the first is that you’ll find it in marked locations as a drop. The second method is by learning the recipe and creating it in your Furnace, although this does require many components.

Church of the Damned

By far the easiest way to locate Scourgestones out in the world is by heading to the Church of the Damned, located in the northeast of the Dunley Farmlands. As you approach the church from the south, you’re likely to encounter a group of skeletons patrolling outside, be sure to kill them as you go along, because you don’t want them hitting you from behind when you take on the tougher enemies.

Once you take the stairs up, you’ll encounter more skeletons and they’ll be accompanied by Skeleton Bishops, these deadly foes can summon the aid of more skeletons, so be sure to focus all of you attention on these. As an additional bonus, these Bishops will drop Grave Dust (which is used for many useful recipes) and has a low chance to drop a Scourgestone.

(1 of 4) You will find the Church of the Damned to the northeast of the Dunley Farmlands

Your main target, however, can also wander down to this level while you’re fighting, a Level 49 Undead Commander Elite Enemy. These are incredibly tough adversaries, especially if you’re here as a solo player. If you garner the attention of it, drop what you’re doing and retreat out of the church so that you can focus on it alone. Once you kill the Undead Commander, there’s a high chance of it dropping up to two Scourgestones.

The other levels of this church contains more Skeleton Bishops and Mages that you should be sure to kill, even if you don’t get the Scourgestone drops, you’ll obtain plenty of Grave Dust. More importantly, you’ll want to keep an eye on the chests that are littered around the area. At any one time, you can find up to three chests (including the possibility of a Golden Chests) along with another two possible chests that can spawn at the top.

Beware, however, that Leandra the Shadow Priestess is here, a Level 46 V Blood Carrier so you may have to forego the chests here if you’re playing solo. The chests are of special importance as they are where you’ll find the majority of your Scourgestones while here. Defeating Leandra is, however, a requirement for unlocking the Scourgestone recipe so you can forge your own.

The Cursed Forest

This second location isn’t a sure thing like the Church of the Damned, but you can find enemies such as the Skeleton Bishop who has a low chance to drop the Scourgestones. There’s also the Ancient Villages here where you may find Scourgestones in the chests although you’ll need to be at a much higher level to survive in this region, especially solo.

Sending Servants on Hunts

Once you progress a little, you’ll be able to craft Servant Coffins (at the expense of Greater Blood Essences), at which point you can use Dominating Presence to charm and gather some Servants. Once you then get around to building a Castle Throne where you can sit on it to send Servants out on resource gathering missions. Be sure to equip them well to improve their chances of success and then send them out to the Church of the Damned, depending on how long you send them out for, it’s possible for them to bring back plenty of Scourgestones depending on the Servant’s Traits.

How to Craft Scourgestones

The second method of obtaining Scourgestones, and arguably the most favorable, is to craft them yourself. Before you can even get started on this, however, you’ll need to ensure that you track down, and defeat Leandra the Shadow Priestess in the Church of the Damned. She’s a tough Level 46 encounter who will summon many adds to the battle, so you may wish to seek the aid of other Vampires when you go out to hunt her. Once you defeat her, you’ll unlock the Jewelcrafting Table along with recipes for the Scourgestone, Scourge Pendant, and the Skeleton Priest.

You’ll forge the Scourgestones in the Furnace, so ensure you have one or more of them already set up in hopefully a Forge Room so that you decrease the cost a little. The recipe to create the Scourgestone is:

  • Whetstone x1
  • Glass x3
  • Grave Dust x3

It also takes around 2:30 minutes for one Scourgestone to complete, so it’s a good idea to put this on in the Furnace before you go out to explore or you’re done playing for the day.

What are Scourgestones Used For?

Once you have your Scourgestones, it’s time to put them to use as they will soon become a cornerstone in many of your main important recipes.


The first, and immediate use for Scourgestones are to forge the Gear Level 15 accessory, Scourge Pendant and its upgrades, the Ruby Pendant, Amethyst Pendant and the Misty Necklace. These upgrades especially, will grant powerful bonuses such as increased Physical Power and Physical Resistance. You’ll need an abundance of Scourgestones for them, 8 for the upgraded versions, but they’re well worth it.

(1 of 3) The Athenaeum requires Scourgestones to build

Crafting Dark Silver Ingots

Once you push on to the Tier III materials and equipment, Dark Silver Ingots will become an increasingly necessary material in your recipes. You’ll need to first defeat Octavian the Militia Captain, the main V Blood boss of the Dunley Farmlands to unlock the recipe along with the Anvil. Then, to create Dark Silver Ingots, you’ll need the following:

  • Scourgestone x1
  • Silver Ore x15

With these materials, you can create one Dark Silver Ingot, and with them, you can create the Darksilver line of weapons that will push you up the Gear Level treadmill and well into Tier III farming.

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