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V Rising

Horse Locations & Best Horse Stats in V Rising

Scott Peers

This page details everything you need to know about Horse mounts in V Rising. We’ll cover where to find the best horses, how to inspect their stats and the general range of horse stats you want to look for, especially for how you play the game.

Horse locations in V Rising are scattered through various mid and end-game locations such as encampments and the horse track in Dunley Farmlands.

The Best Horse Locations in V Rising

The best places to get horses in V Rising are:

  1. The Dunley Farmlands
  2. Silverlight Hills

These are the two main regions where horses can be found fairly easily. If you choose to do this early on, we’d recommend avoiding the Silverlight Hills, since these can be significantly more hostile than the Dunley Farmlands. You’ll find plenty of horses stationed in the first Militia Encampments that you come across in southwestern or southeastern Dunley Farmlands Map Marker, so you can head there, take a horse, and ride away with it back to your base in Farbane Woods. Feel free to check our V Rising Interactive Map for more information on horse locations.

You can find horses early in the game throughout the Dunley Farmlands, such as in villages, militia encampments, and at the horse track.

However, keep in mind that most horse locations are heavily guarded, so you don’t want to just saunter on into a town or encampment filled with guards, only to be knocked off the horse and potentially killed before you can leave with it. Instead, try to clear all the enemies in an area before you mount a horse and ride it away. There’s no harm in acquiring all the extra loot by doing this, since there are no inventory restrictions while riding a horse. Alternatively, if you kill Beatrice the Tailor you’ll have access to Human Form, which you can use to enter any human settlement within Dunley Farmlands without being detected as a vampire, allowing you to locate horses in peace. You will still need to re-enter your regular vampire form to mount the horse once you’ve found one, however.

Best Horse Stats in V Rising

In terms of how you find the best horse stats in V Rising, unfortunately there’s no way of finding specific horses which will be in the same locations for all players. Instead, horse stats and colors are randomized for each horse. You can discover the main stats of a horse by mounting it and then opening your Character inventory tab. There are three main stats that horses in V Rising currently have, shown in the below table.

Horse Stat Effect
Max Speed Determines the maximum speed that you can gallop at with a horse
Acceleration Determines how quickly you reach maximum speed when you begin to gallop
Rotation Speed Determines the responsiveness of horse maneuverability when turning

Although these may seem like fairly basic stats for a mount, even small changes to their number can result in noticeable changes in performance. In general, most horses that you find will have a Max Speed somewhere between 8-10, Acceleration between 3-4, and Rotation Speed between 9-13. However, the stats can be slightly higher or lower depending on the horse that you find, and you shouldn’t be put off if you find a horse which only has an increase by one point above another. That one point can result in substantially faster gallop speed, allowing you to quickly travel through the landscape, or considerably better Acceleration, which can make all the difference between escaping an incoming attack or succumbing to it, which will instantly knock you off your horse.

Ideally, you should figure out what type of horse you like, and then look for those horses that match the stats you like. If you’re trying to avoid fights, acceleration is likely better. If you’re farming materials, a horse with higher speed is better so you can get to your desired farming hotspots quicker. Hell, even take multiple horses with different stats for different purposes.

Ultimately, the best way to find an excellent horse is to scout all the areas where you can possibly find them, and mount the horses to check their stats.

(1 of 3) You’ll find at least 8 horses in the stables of the Horse Track, giving you a decent number of options early on.

You can read more tips on V Rising mounts in our dedicated mount tip page.

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