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V Rising

Mairwyn the Elementalist Boss Guide

Matt Chard

"Mairwyn the Elementalist" iconMairwyn the Elementalist is a level 70 Act 4 boss in V Rising who is located in "Emberleaf Grove" iconEmberleaf Grove, situated on the eastern side of Silverlight Hills. Being an Elementalist, Mairwyn is a master of the elements, and she’ll use them against you. Expect to see fire, frost, and lighting spells among others thrown in your direction as you try to weave in and out of them while you chip away at her health bar. Defeating Mairwyn will reward you with a Tier 2 Storm spell point, and recipes for the Holy Resistance Flask and Greater Jewels. Read on to find out how to reach and defeat her.

Mairwyn the Elementalist is a level 70 Act 4 Boss in V Rising.

Mairwyn the Elementalist Location

Situated in the lush Emberleaf Grove (Map Marker) on the eastern side of Silverlight Hills, Mairwyn is best fought during the night due to the lack of shade in the daytime. The easiest way to get to Mairwyn is to teleport to the northwestern "Farbane Woods Waygate" iconFarbane Woods Waygate (Map Marker) and exit the area via the southern path. Follow this path north until you reach the large army outpost, which will be on your right. Take the path leading northeast and follow it to the Emberleaf Grove and then follow the path up the slope where you’ll find Mairwyn tending to the grove.

(1 of 2) Teleport to the northwestern Farbane Woods Waygate, and follow the path north, and then northeast.

Teleport to the northwestern Farbane Woods Waygate, and follow the path north, and then northeast. (left), Mairwyn will roam the Emberleaf Grove. (right)

Mairwyn the Elementalist Strategy

Mairwyn is a difficult battle, especially in the daytime due to the lack of shade. Wait until the beginning of the night before attempting this battle. Being an Elementalist, Mairwyn can use all forms of the elements such as frost, fire, and shock. Her most difficult attack to avoid is easily Flamenado, and if you die to her, it will most likely be because of this spell. Before we delve into the strategy of this battle, let’s take a look at the attacks you’ll need to avoid.

  • Frost Beams: Mairwyn will unleash three beams of frost from her scepter in quick succession that will track your last position. This inflicts Chill which will slow your movement speed by 15%. A second hit can Freeze you, rooting you in place. This attack is best avoided at a distance, so it gives you time to dodge the attack. Walk to the side to avoid the first projectile, and then walk back to the previous location to avoid the next. Repeat this one more time to avoid the final projectile. Alternatively, dodge through them if you have Veil of Chaos.

  • "Crystal Lance" iconCrystal Lance: Same spell as you have access to which looks similar to the Frost Beams attack, but it will be just the one projectile, albeit larger. If this hits you, it’ll Freeze you instantly, rooting you in place. Fortunately, this is easily avoided by sidestepping it.

  • Flamenado: Arguably the most difficult attack to avoid. Mairwyn will conjure a tornado of flames that will travel around the arena, unleashing fire orbs all around the arena. The easiest way to minimize the damage from this is to retreat to the edge of the arena and walk/dodge between the fire orbs. This attack will persist for a while, so forget about attacking Mairwyn while this is up and focus on avoiding the attack.

  • Lightning Orbs: Mairwyn will place an electrical chain around you that will lock where the orbs should go. The orbs will travel back and forth across the arena at your location. Keep moving and dodge whenever the orb is about to make contact with you.

  • Windfall: Around the 50% mark of Mairwyn’s health bar, she’ll charge up a spell, indicated by the swirling wind above her. When this is finished charging, she’ll unleash a gust of wind in a large circle surrounding her. If hit by this attack, you’ll be swept off your feet momentarily, while also receiving 10 stacks of Phantasm that will decrease your spell cooldowns. Either back far away from her or dodge through the attack. The former method is the easiest out of the two. You may want to let this hit you as the Phantasm is a buff for you too, but you will get knocked down.

  • Clone: At approximately 50% and from that point onward, Mairwyn will duplicate herself, having a clone running around the arena, also casting spells. Fortunately, the clone will only cast Prismatic Orbs, which are three largish orbs that travel toward you, and stun you briefly if they make contact. You’ll want to defeat the clone as soon as possible so you don’t have to deal with its attacks while avoiding Mairwyn’s normal attacks. The clone will be the one who does the orbs; Mairwyn doesn’t use this attack.

  • Volcanic Boulder: When Mairwyn reaches approximately 20% health, she’ll cast "Ice Block" iconIce Block (read about this below) while also conjuring a large volcanic orb that rolls around the arena, spitting out the odd fire orb. Stay out of the boulder’s path while attacking Mairwyn out of the Ice Block.

  • Ice Block: Same as the Frost Ultimate you have access to with the difference of also summoning a large volcanic boulder. When Mairwyn uses this, she’ll take reduced damage, be immune to crowd control effects, as well as recover a small portion of her health. The longer you leave her in this form, the more health she’ll recover. Run over to her and break it as soon as possible while avoiding the volcanic boulder. She’ll use this often when in low health.

(1 of 4) Frost Beams: Three projectiles will come at you in quick succession, inflicting Chill.

Like most boss battles, movement speed is king, and this is arguably more important for this battle. For this reason, the extra dodge from Veil of Chaos is indispensable. Next up, you should bring "Blood Rage" iconBlood Rage and "Power Surge" iconPower Surge as both will give you a movement speed boost among other enhancements, especially with the +duration jewel on them. Finally, "Wisp Dance" iconWisp Dance is a great ultimate that will deal damage and leech health at the same time. We’re a big fan of the Axes, so we’ll recommend them, but the Pistols, Slashers, and Greatsword are also good picks as they all have some sort of dodge-like attacks.

For the first portion of the fight, Mairwyn will use Frost Beams, Crystal Lance, and the dreaded Flamenado. The first two skills are relatively easy to avoid, but a bit more finesse is required to minimize the damage caused by Flamenado. Mairwyn will unleash a tornado of flames that travels around the arena, continuously unleashing numerous fire orbs in almost every direction. Ignore attacking Mairwyn while this is up, and put your focus on avoiding this attack. Retreat as far as you can, then move away from the incoming orbs that move in a clockwise direction and then dodge to the next section to your left. If you run out of dodges, you can walk in between them, but this is difficult as there isn’t much room between the orbs.

(1 of 3) Windfall: Mairwyn will cast a gust of wind in a circle that will knock you down while giving you the Phantasm buff.

Once Flamenado has dissipated, avoid the Frost Beams/Crystal Lances, and use your hardest attacks on her. We like "X-Strike" iconX-Strike (Axes) for this, as it’ll hit multiple times, dealing significant damage should each hit connect. Keep chipping away at Mairwyn with a focus on avoiding her attacks, and you’ll soon bring her down to 50%. From this point onwards, she’ll occasionally cast Windfall which is indicated by the swirling wind above her. When you see this, run far away from her to avoid the attack because if it hits you, you’ll get 10 stacks of Phantasm. This will also give her the same effect, which decreases your spell cooldowns, meaning both you and her can cast spells more often. Although you get knocked down, it’s worth taking the hit for this buff, the choice is yours.

After Windfall, she’ll also get a clone. This clone will only fire sets of three orbs at you, which is easy enough to avoid, but you will want to defeat the clone as soon as possible so you don’t need to worry about it later. The spells will come at you more frequently due to Windfall, so avoid them using the same methods, and chip away at her health some more. When Mairwyn gets near death (20-25%), she’ll cast a combination of Ice Block and Volcanic Boulder. Ice block reduces damage by a large amount while restoring her health.

While this is happening, she’ll conjure a large volcanic boulder that spits out fire orbs. This will travel around the arena, attempting to stop you from attacking her. Ignore the boulder unless it gets close to you and focus your strongest attacks on Mairwyn to stop Ice Block. The last 20% will be these two skills with a clone thrown into the mix. Always focus on Mairwyn when she uses Ice Block and then the clone after. Keep this up, and Mairwyn will fall. Upon defeat, you’ll get a Tier 2 Storm spell point, and recipes for the Holy Resistance Flask and Greater Jewels, giving you access to tier 3 jewels.

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