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V Rising

Terrorclaw the Ogre Boss Guide

Matt Chard

"Terrorclaw the Ogre" iconTerrorclaw the Ogre is a level 77 act 4 boss in V Rising who can be found inside the "Frozen Cave" iconFrozen Cave situated in the south of the Hallowed Mountains. Terrorclaw is attuned to the Frost magic school, and the majority of his attacks will have a freeze effect, rooting you in place. Due to his magic school attunement, you will be rewarded with a Tier 3 spell point from the same school along with the recipe to build an Advanced Tannery upon defeat. Read on to find out how to reach Terrorclaw and what you need to do to defeat him.

Terrorclaw The Ogre is a level 77 Act 4 boss in V Rising.

Terrorclaw the Ogre Location

Terrorclaw is in the Frozen Cave in the Hallowed Mountains. The easiest way to find him is to teleport to the eastern "Farbane Woods Waygate" iconFarbane Woods Waygate (Map Marker) and follow the road north until you reach an intersection. From there, take the eastern road until you reach the second intersection, and then take the southeastern road which will lead you to the Frozen Cave (Map Marker) where you’ll find Terrorclaw.

(1 of 2) From the eastern Farbane Woods Waygate, head north, east, and then southeast to find the Frozen Cave where Terrorclaw resides.

From the eastern Farbane Woods Waygate, head north, east, and then southeast to find the Frozen Cave where Terrorclaw resides. (left), You’ll find him at the back of the cave. (right)

Terrorclaw the Ogre Strategy

This boss fight is difficult if you don’t know the best way to tackle it, but easy if you do. Terrorclaw doesn’t have too many attacks and his attacks are telegraphed, so you’ll know what to expect next. However, his attacks deal significant damage and will also freeze you, rooting you, which can lead to further damage. Let’s take a look at his attacks before we get on to the strategy.

  • Swipe and Slam: Terrorclaw will perform a two-hit combo starting with a horizontal swipe before slamming both fists onto the ground, dealing Frost damage that can freeze you. A lunge/small jump normally precedes this. Either dodge the attack and get a few of your own on him, or back away out of melee range to avoid the attack. Note that sometimes, although rarely, the swipe can be followed up with Frost "Shockwave" iconShockwave instead.

  • Frost Shockwave: This attack is one of Terrorclaws favorites. He will slam his fists into the ground, creating three shockwaves of Ice that travel from him toward you. The further this travels, the larger the gap between the shockwaves. This will freeze you if you get hit by it. The easiest way to deal with this is to dodge to the side. If your dodge is on cooldown, back away from Terrorclaw and stand in between the shockwaves.

  • Ice Crash: Terrorclaw will jump into the air and disappear for a short while before crashing down at your location. Before he lands, a large red marker will appear on the ground. Simply move out of the circle to avoid the attack.

  • Frost Pound: Terrorclaw will continually pound on the ground, placing blue markers on the floor where blocks of Ice will land. These blocks can be destroyed by either you or Terrorclaw but you’re going to want to keep them up to help you avoid the incoming Ice Wave attack. Immediately after this attack, Terrorclaw will perform Frost Shockwave, which will destroy some blocks. Try to get him to destroy the blocks against the wall by standing near them, as they’re useless to you.

  • Ice Wave: This attack won’t begin until the boss’s health reaches 50%. Terrorclaw will pound on the floor, unleashing two icy waves at your location. Hide behind one of the blocks of ice created by Frost Pound to avoid the attack. This attack almost always happens after the Frost Shockwave that follows Frost Pound. If you end up getting the blocks of ice destroyed, dodge through the waves, although this is a lot more difficult.

  • Icicle Throw: The double-edged sword of leaving the blocks of ice in the cave means that Terrorclaw can pull icicles out of them. This will be thrown at you, dealing significant damage. When he does this, keep moving and dodge when the icicles get closer to you. Alternatively, hug Terrorclaw and move around him as he’s about to throw it.

(1 of 5) Swipe and Slam: Terrorclaw will step toward you and perform a horizontal swipe before slamming its fists to the ground.

As with most of our boss strategies, we’ll always recommend equipping the following spells: Veil of Chaos, "Blood Rage" iconBlood Rage, "Power Surge" iconPower Surge, and "Wisp Dance" iconWisp Dance. The reason for this is Veil of Chaos gives you two dodges, Blood Rage and Power Surge will increase your movement and attack speed, with the former also giving you a minor heal while the latter has a chance to lower your spell cooldown.

Finally, "Wisp" iconWisp Dance deals respectable damage while healing you for a moderate amount, provided the wisps hit the boss. Pair this up with Axes, Pistols, or Greatsword, and you’ll get another dodge from their attacks, with those attacks being "Frenzy" iconFrenzy (Axes), Great Cleave (Greatsword), and "Explosive Bullet" iconExplosive Bullet (Pistols). The Axes’ secondary attack, "X-Strike" iconX-Strike, is capable of significant damage should every hit, hit.

On to the battle, for the first 50%, you won’t have to deal with the Ice Wave attack, so the first phase will mostly be Terrorclaw using his Swipe and Slam combo or Frost Shockwave while throwing in the odd Frost Pound and Icicle Throw attacks. The first phase is arguably more difficult as it’s unpredictable, and he’ll jump around using one of these attacks. When you get him to 50% however, the battle becomes more predictable.

In general, he will cast Frost Pound to place blocks of ice across the battlefield, and then follow that up with Frost Shockwave, which will destroy some. Immediately after this, he’ll use Ice Waves. What you want to do is avoid the dropping blocks of ice from Frost Pound, position yourself away from the blocks of ice in the center, and then run behind one of the blocks of ice to avoid Ice Wave. After he’s done these attacks, he’ll normally throw an icicle at you, which you can just dodge through.

(1 of 2) Ice Crash: Terroclaw will leap off-screen, and a red marker will appear shortly after.

Ice Crash: Terroclaw will leap off-screen, and a red marker will appear shortly after. (left), Ice Crash: Before, he comes crashing down, leaving behind a shockwave of ice in its wake. (right)

The lower Terrorclaw’s health becomes, the quicker these attacks will come at you, and Ice Wave will cover more ground. However, if you stay behind the block of ice, you’ll be fine. One more attack you’ll need to watch out for is Ice Crash, but this shouldn’t hit you as you’ll see a large red marker where he’ll land, so all you need to do is move out of it. In terms of openings, feel free to dodge toward him, attack, and retreat.

There are not really any openings per se, but he is free to attack whenever you want as he only has one melee combo, and you can avoid that by dodging, backing away, or walking around him. If you’re using Axes, make sure you use X-Strike off cooldown, as that’ll damage him a lot. That’s pretty much all there is to know about Terrorclaw. Once you defeat him, you’ll be rewarded with a Tier 3 spell point and a recipe for the Advanced Tannery.

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