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V Rising

Sir Magnus the Overseer Boss Guide

Ben Chard

Following your victory against "Cyril the Cursed Smith" iconCyril the Cursed Smith, you’ll enter Act IV of V Rising, the final Act of the game. Fortunately, there are plenty of V Blood Carriers for you to seek out and dominate in this Act, and you’ll start your hunt with "Sir Magnus the Overseer" iconSir Magnus the Overseer, located in Silverlight Hills. Keep reading to learn where he’s lurking and how to defeat him, along with what rewards you can expect when the deed is done.

Sir Magnus the Overseer is the first Act IV Boss of V Rising, found in Silverlight Hills.

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If you want to jump straight to our strategy, or perhaps see what rewards you get from beating Sir Magnus, check out the following table:

Sir Magnus Location

Sir Magnus, as the first boss of Act IV, is Level 66 (just a single level above Cyril) and as such, if you had the means to fight him, you should be fine with Magnus. The battle against Magnus does have a few more difficulties compared to others and prepare for the fact that you’re going to need to deal with soldier adds throughout.

(1 of 2) You will find Sir Magnus in the Sacred Silver Mine in Silverlight Hills

You will find Sir Magnus in the Sacred Silver Mine in Silverlight Hills (left), head to the far south to find him. (right)

What you don’t need to prepare for, however, is the Sun (beyond reaching the area) as the battle against Magnus takes place in a shaded area. In fact, you’ll find him at the "Sacred Silver Mine" iconSacred Silver Mines in Sliverlight Hills. If you’re fighting Magnus when he’s first available (and thus, do not have Bat Form), you’ll need to enter the Mines from the north and make your way down to the far south where he awaits you. Resist the temptation to farm the "Silver Ore" iconSilver Ore while you’re here as you don’t want anything detrimental going against you. As you approach the far southern exit, you’ll find the Overseer in the middle of the area.

Sir Magnus Boss Strategy

Despite being the first boss of Act IV and a lower level than the next (Baron du Bouchon) he’s actually far tougher. Despite not needing to deal with the issue of the Sun, the arena isn’t the largest and Magnus has a lot of AoE attacks available to him.

Sir Magnus the Overseer has multiple attacks that you’ll need to watch out for and you can learn about them all below:

Frost Swipe

This is the basic combo that Magnus will use whenever you get within melee range of him. He will swipe across once (which has a large arc to it) and follow it up with a second that will shoot off three icicles in front of him, these will freeze you if they hit you multiple times.

(1 of 2) Beware of the icy follow up to Sir Magnus’ Frost Swipe

Beware of the icy follow up to Sir Magnus’ Frost Swipe (left), keep your distance during Frost Spin. (right)

Frost Spin

Magnus will spin around on the spot dealing Frost damage to anyone caught up in it. There is no AoE circle for this, so look for him standing still with ice on his weapon and then move away from him. While he’s performing this, you can him with freely with ranged attacks.

Frost Dash

Magnus will dash toward you with his weapon imbued with ice, pushing you back and dealing Frost damage and stunning you after tossing you away from him. This is difficult to avoid unless you’re already at range when he winds up to do the attack, try to save your own Dash to avoid this attack.

(1 of 2) The Frost Dash is hard to avoid and he will stun you with his follow up

The Frost Dash is hard to avoid and he will stun you with his follow up (left), Sir Magnus can create blocks of ice at will with Ice Slam. (right)

Ice Slam

Magnus will look in one direction and slam down his lance, this causes large blocks of Ice to drop down in an arc in front of him. Not only will these take up a large part of the arena, but they’ll inflict Frost damage should you get struck by them. You can and should break these blocks of ice when you get the chance as they will persist.

Ice Orb

Sir Magnus will toss an Ice Orb into the air that will explode into an icy AoE when it lands, simply look for the AoE marker and keep your distance to avoid this attack.

(1 of 2) Ice Orb is a simple AoE

Ice Orb is a simple AoE (left), while Ice Block will allow him to recover his health! (right)

Ice Block

This one may look familiar as you can learn this spell yourself! Once you take Magnus to below half of his health, he will spawn several blocks of Ice around him and then encase himself in a block of ice. This will grant him a shield and allow him to start regenerating health. Immediately break one of the blocks of ice preventing access to him and then strike him with everything you have to break him out of the Ice Block.

As you can see from the attacks above, Magnus has quite a few attacks available to him and as you deplete his health throughout the battle, he will start chaining multiple attacks together. Be sure you have a spell such as "Sanguine Coil" iconSanguine Coil that you can use to hit him at range and leech some health. We also like the Veil of Chaos dash ability to get around the battlefield easier. Finally, consider giving Magnus a taste of his own medicine with the "Ice Block" iconIce Block Ultimate yourself as not only will it give you a strong shield, but it’ll also heal you and deal AoE damage to any of the adds that try to get involved.

The battle itself is one that works better if you’re using ranged weaponry such as a Crossbow or the Pistols, as you’ll be able to keep up the assault while you’re avoiding his attacks. Try to avoid going into melee range if you can help it, both his Frost Swipe and Frost Dash attacks are difficult to avoid when you’re up close and the Dash especially can really put you in a spot of bother if you get Stunned by it.

(1 of 2) Break a block of ice so you can reach Sir Magnus immediately

Break a block of ice so you can reach Sir Magnus immediately (left), then use a weapon like a Sword or Greatsword to break him out of Ice Block. (right)

Once the adds start appearing, you can ignore them unless they get too close, most of the attacks that Magnus does are AoE and as such, you’ll find they often get mopped up by him without you having to lift a finger. The most important thing to watch for, though, is when he uses Ice Block. Immediately destroy one of the blocks to get access to him and then use a weapon like the Sword or Greatsword to quickly attack his shield and break him out of it, preventing him from regaining too much health.

Sir Magnus Rewards

When you defeat Sir Magnus, you’ll unlock a Tier 2 Frost Spell Point, and alongside this, you’ll unlock the Assortment of Wide Storage Shelves and "Phantom's Veil" iconPhantom’s Veil Recipes. The shelves in particular will offer you a much better way of storing all of your loot found in Vardoran!

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