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V Rising

V Rising Hat List

Ben Chard

There are several equipment slots to fill in V Rising that will improve your stats and Gear Score, however hats are cosmetic only. This page will give you an overview of all of the Hats you can currently obtain in V Rising.

Hats are purely cosmetic in V Rising.

Where to Find Hats

Hats play a different role to all of the other equipment slots in V Rising. While most gear is crafted via recipes you find, all of the hats are found randomly as drops throughout the world of Vardoran. Hats have no stats or Gear Score associated with them, instead their only purpose is cosmetic and the large variety of them can really alter how your Vampire looks to the rest of Vardoran.

As mentioned above, your main source of obtaining these, and beware, they’re rare, is to scour every corner of Vardoran. Pillage every chest, defeat all kinds of enemies and take up fishing to increase your chances of scoring some of these illusive hats. If you’re attempting to locate these hats via chest farming, consider heading out to the following locations where you’ll find an abundance of chests depending on the popularity of your server:

There is one other way of obtaining some of these hats, many can be purchased using "Silver Coin" iconSilver Coins at one of the three traders. You’ll need to ensure that you have some Silver Resistance to carry the coins in the first place, then you’ll need to have defeated Beatrice the Tailor (38) to obtain Human Form which you’ll need to use to be able to speak to the traders. You’ll find the traders in the following locations:

All Hats in V Rising

Icon Name Location
Ashfolk_Crown_V_Rising.png Ashfolk Crown World Drop in Silverlight Hills
Ashfolk_Helmet_V_Rising.png Ashfolk Helmet Ottar the Merchant
Bear_Head_V_Rising.png Bear Head Berk the Travelling Trader
Boneguard_Mask_V_Rising.png Boneguard Mask Rare Drop from Skeletons or found in coffins
Bonnet_V_Rising.png Bonnet World Drop in Dunley Farmlands
Deer_Head_V_Rising.png Deer Head Berk the Travelling Trader
Footmans_Helmet_V_Rising.png Footman’s Helmet World Drop in Dunley Farmlands
Immortal_Kings_Greathelm_V_Rising.png Immortal King’s Greathelm DLC
Knights_Helmet_V_Rising.png Knight’s Helmet World Drop in Silverlight Hills
Maids_Cap_V_Rising.png Maid’s Cap World Drop in Farbane "Wood" iconWoods
Maids_Scarf_V_Rising.png Maid’s Scarf World Drop in Dunley Farmlands
Militia_Helmet_V_Rising.png Militia Helm World Drop
Mitre_V_Rising.png Mitre Ottar the Merchant
Necromancers_Mitre_V_Rising.png Necromancer’s Mitre Gavyn the Shady Dealer
Nightlurker_Head_V_Rising.png Nightlurker Head Rare Drop from Reveler’s in Cursed Forest
Paladins_Helm_V_Rising.png Paladin’s Helmet World Drop in Silverlight Hills
Pilgrims_Hat_V_Rising.png Pilgrim’s Hat Gavyn the Shady Dealer
Razer_Hood_V_Rising.png Razer Hood World Drop
Rusted_Helmet_V_Rising.png Rusted Helmet World Drop in Farbane "Wood" iconWoods
Scarecrow_Mask_V_Rising.png Scarecrow Mask Rare Drop from Scarecrows at the Abandoned Farm
Straw_Hat_V_Rising.png Straw Hat World Drop in Cursed Forest
Top_Hat_V_Rising.png Top Hat World Drop in Cursed Forest and Silverlight Hills
Undead_General_Helmet_V_Rising.png Undead General Helmet Rare Drop from Undead Commanders
Vampire_Hunter_Headgear_V_Rising.png Vampire Hunter Headgear Rare Drop from Tristan the Vampire Hunter
Wolf_Head_V_Rising.png Wolf Head Berk the Travelling Trader

If you’re looking for more guides on the equipment in V Rising, consider checking out these pages:

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