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V Rising

V Rising Shock Ability List

Craig Robinson

The Shock spell tree is a new spell tree added with V Rising’s Gloomrot update. The new spells give players a new shock tree, all about proccing bonus burst damage via spells, alongside granting new mechanics to spells. Here is a closer look at what to expect with the Shock spell list in V Rising.

Shock Spells offer lots of ways to do big damage that rivals Chaos, along with some unique projectile-blocking mechanics like the lightning wall. Image via Stunlock Studios.

Shock Spell List Overview

With the full release of V Rising, the shock spell list has undergone some balance changes, along with the addition of new spell passives. The spec is an alternative to Chaos magic, offering a more direct and bursty magical playstyle, compared to Chaos’ huge burst damage followed by Ignite’s damage over time theme. When you hit enemies with Shock spells, you’ll apply Static them, which allows you to deal an additional 10% magic burst damage to them with any of your attacks. You can also randomly trigger chain lightnings after triggering static charges. This effect deals 50% magic damage to enemies and bounce twice. Enemies that die with static also trigger chain lightning. As you can see, big burst damage and mob cleaving potential is available to this magic style of play. The passives of the spell tree also further empower this too, which are as follows:

Icon Name Description Location
Lightning_Fast_Strikes.png "Lightning Fast Strikes" iconLightning Fast Strikes (passive) Increases primary attack speed by 5% and Static triggers deals 20% increased damage. Unlocked via the Stygian Altar. Cost 400 "Stygian Shard" iconStygian Shards.
Elemental_Resistance.png Elemental Resistance (passive) Increase all resistances by 10. Unlocked at the Altar of Stygian Awakening for 800 Greater "Stygian Shard" iconStygian Shards.
Enhanced_Conductivity_Icon.png "Enhanced Conductivity" iconEnhanced Conductivity 50% chance that chain lightning bounces one additional time. Unlocked via the Altar of Stygian Awakening. It costs 1000 Greater "Stygian Shard" iconStygian Shards.

As you can see, you can get more attack speed and your Static deals increased damage. You all get a decent defensive passive for resistance, to take the edge off some of the effects. You can also get more AOE damage by generating better proc rates for chain lightning, which is when you shock enemies. Static is generally really good for attack speed and combo builds, making it something players will want to think about for almost any build and weapon playstyle they want to use.

Shock Travel Skill

Icon Name Description Location
Veil_of_Storm_Icon.png Veil of Storm (movement) Shock Dash towards the inputted direction and elude nearby enemies for 2.2 seconds. Gain 20% increased attack speed for 4 seconds. Your next primary attack deals 25% bonus damage and inflicts Static. Dashing through an enemy also inflicts static.

Veil of Storm is a spell that allows you to gain attack speed and deal a sizeable amount of damage on your next attacks. As you can see, it’s a very strong movement skill for pure damage reasons and is a perfect fit for attacks speed builds where you like using your primary attack combo on almost any weapon, bar the pistols.

Shock Basic Skills List

Icon Name Description Location
Polarity_Shift_Icon.png "Polarity Shift" iconPolarity Shift Launch a projectile that deals 90% magic damage and inflicts Static. You and the other target swap locations on impact. If the target is immune to the effect then you teleport to the location of the target. Requires Tier 2 Shock Spell Point.
Lightning_Curtain_Icon.png "Lightning Curtain" iconLightning Curtain Summons a curtain of light that block projectiles for up to 2.5 seconds. Inflicts Static and periodically deals 25% magic damage to enemies that pass through the effect. Applies a fading haste increasing movement speed by 20% for 3 seconds to allies that pass through. Requires a T2 Shock Spell Point to unlock.
Discharge_Icon.png "Discharge" iconDischarge Block melee and projectile attacks for up to 1.5 seconds. When successfully blocking an attack, you become immaterial, and travel to your cursor’s location. Passing through an enemy while you do this will inflict Static, and stuns the target for 0.6 seconds. Defeat "Henry Blackbrew the Doctor" iconHenry Blackbrew the Doctor (74).
V Rising Screenshot "Ball Lightning" iconBall Lightning Launch a ball that lingers in place, periodically shocking enemies in range inflicting Static. Each Ball deals 180% magic damage per target over three seconds. "Ball Lightning" iconBall Lightning’s damage cannot exceeds 450% magic damage. When the duration expires, "Ball Lightning" iconBall Lightning explodes, dealing 50% magic damage to all targets in the area of the explosion. Defeat "Ziva the Engineer" iconZiva the Engineer (60).
Cyclone_Icon.png "Cyclone" iconCyclone Conjure a cyclone in a direction that hits enemies for 90% magic damage and inflicts Static. The cyclone returns once it reaches its max distance,and lingers for ten seconds, hitting enemies that pass through the "Cyclone" iconCyclone during this time. Defeat "Grethel the Glassblower" iconGrethel the Glassblower (50).

Polarity Shift

"Polarity Shift" iconPolarity Shift is a low damage spell, but the spell’s niche is that you can swap positions with targets, or teleport to CC immune threats. It has some creative gameplay to it that allows you to gap close, or escape threats. But, it is a niche spell. If you want to try it, we recommend comboing Polarity Shift with "Void" iconVoid, and Arachnid ultimate for a real swap place, trap and then nuke combo in PvP? Void is a Chaos spell that pulls enemies into an area, and the Arachnid in an Unholy ultimate spell that snares and explodes for big ultimate damage. You essentially pre-place a trap, swap the enemy into it, then nuke them down.

Lightning Curtain

This is quite a creative defensive spell, with its ability to block projectiles in an area. You also apply static, and you deal damage to enemies that pass through it, however it is minor magic damage at 25%. The main idea is to use it to cheese bosses that move a lot and throw projectiles frequently. It’s something lower difficulty players will not appreciate, but higher difficulty level players will.


This is Shock’s counter spell. Countering a spell allows you to dash towards your cursor. If something is in the way of that, that is a three second cc window and applies static. There’s lots of creative potential with this spell to combo into your main shock spells, like "Ball Lightning" iconBall Lightning, or weapon skills like Fan The Hammer for pistol builds.

Ball Lightning

Ball Lightning is arguably the strongest basic skill in the game. The spell can hit for up to 450% magic damage during its duration, and if you can land that against one target, that is more than some of the ultimate skills in the game. Its initial damage is also very strong too at 180%, dwarfing nearly every spell in the game. To get the most out of the spell you need setup. You’ll likely want to setup enemies, using the knock up on your "Discharge" iconDischarge spell, for example. Alternatively try Void from the chaos tree, Frost Novas or Frozen mechanic from the frost spell tree, or something else along those lines. These will help you get the most out of the Ball Lightning’s full damage potential, and keep hitting those static applications off the enemy. If you can use it well, it’s probably one of the best spells in V Rising.


"Cyclone" iconCyclone travels back and forth between a path, hitting for 90% each time it hits an enemy. It also lingers for a small period. It works very similarly to Ball Lightning, with a bit more leeway against moving targets. The stationary cyclone also helps zone areas too. Overall, it is a decent spell, but Ball Lightning is often better.

Shock Spell Ultimate List

Icon Name Description Location
Lightning_Typhoon_Icon.png "Lightning Typhoon" iconLightning Typhoon (ultimate) Spin around and gain a 100% fading haste, and shock nearby enemies for 800% spell power and inflicting Static over 3.5 seconds. You will also occasionally release sparks of lightning, dealing 40% spell damage and inflicting Static. Requires a Tier 3 Spell Point and defeat Octavian the Militia Captain (58) to unlock.
Raging_Tempest_Icon.png "Raging Tempest" iconRaging Tempest (ultimate) Dash forward and bounce between enemies, striking them for a total of 525% magic damage, split across the targets in that area over three seconds. Additionally, you strike all enemies in the area up to four times, dealing 40% magic damage and inflicting Static. Afterward, dash towards your aim direction. You can end the effect early by attacking. Requires a Tier 3 Spell Point and defeat Octavian the Militia Captain (58) to unlock.

Lightning Typhoon

The "Lightning Typhoon" iconLightning Typhoon spell is a strong ultimate that grants lots of haste, deals a lot of damage for an ultimate at 800% spell power, and inflicts static over 3.5 seconds. You’ll also get lots of lightning strikes dealing more damage, and refreshing more opportunities for static. It cannot be underestimated how much damage this ultimate can do over the period, especially with the static 10% damage bonuses hits, with the passive buffing that further. It’s not as fire and forget as other ultimates, but if you can survive your huge attack windows while using this ultimate, it’s arguably one of the best ultimates in the game for outright damage.

Raging Tempest

The "Raging Tempest" iconRaging Tempest ultimate is a great AOE type ultimate, which bounces between various enemies, dealing 525% magic damage, split evenly among threats in the area. You also strike all enemies in the area for up to four times, dealing 40% magic damage, and you apply static too. At the end of the cast, you also get dash in the direction your cursor is facing. Ideally, this is used during the add mow down phase of later game boss fights. It’s also a great ultimate to use against enemy players when clans go to war for those mosh pit battles.

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