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V Rising

V Rising Unholy Ability List

Ben Chard

Combat plays a significant role in V Rising, and to aid you in that endeavor are the plethora of spells that you can learn, all with their own playstyles. This page will give you an overview of all of the Unholy Abilities in V Rising.

Volatile Arachnid is one of the Ultimate Abilities for Unholy in V Rising.

Unholy Ability Effects

The Unholy category of spells in V Rising are mostly themed around adding some form of debuff to your foes alongside the damage output. The Unholy’s special ability is Condemn, making enemies take 15% more damage from your attacks. As you can imagine, Unholy spells are fantastic for PvE to ramp your damage up against tough foes. Unholy is also great in PvP too.

The other notable thing about the Unholy magic in V Rising is that it has access to minions. Minions can spawn in and attack your foes. Again, in PvE, this is fantastic, as it essentially serves as a defensive tool to keep enemies attention busy away from you. Minions are not too great in PvP though, so its something worth noting.

In addition, Unholy Spells got some new passives as of the full launch. These help you with survivability and other factors, which make them worth picking up at your Stygian altars. These will help with your minion damage, minion summoning rates, help with your feed ability, and better your defensiveness too.

Icon Name Description Location
Arcane_Animator_Icon.png "Arcane Animator" iconArcane Animator (passive) 15% chance to summon a skeleton mage when a condemned target perishes and minions deal 10% more damage. Unlocked via the Stygian Altar. Cost 400 "Stygian Shard" iconStygian Shards.
Soul_Drinker_Icon.png "Soul Drinker" iconSoul Drinker (passive) Reduces the cooldown of Feed by 2s and there is a 20% chance to summon a skeleton warrior when triggering bite. Unlocked at the Altar of Stygian Awakening for 800 Greater "Stygian Shard" iconStygian Shards.
Dark_Enchantment_Icon.png "Dark Enchantment" iconDark Enchantment (passive) Reduces damage taken by 20% when you are below 15% HP. Unlocked via the Altar of Stygian Awakening. It costs 1000 Greater "Stygian Shard" iconStygian Shards.

Unholy Travel Ability

Icon Name Description Location
Veil_of_Bones_Skills_V_Rising.png Veil of "Bone" iconBones (travel) Dash towards input direction and elude nearby enemies for 2.2s. Your next Primary Attack heals your for 5% of your Maximum Health, inflicts Condemn and summons a skeleton warrior. Requires a Tier 2 Unholy Spell Point, such as one earned by defeating "General Cassius the Betrayer" iconGeneral Cassius the Betrayer.

As far as Travel Abilities go, Veil of "Bone" iconBones is a decent Travel Ability. You get the bog standard heal on your next attack, but you also get to summon a skeleton warrior. You’ll find lots about the Unholy spell give your necromancy powers, so it’s a solid movement skill if you want to flood battles with your undead minions.

Unholy Basic Abilities

Icon Name Description Location
Bone_Explosion_Icon.png "Bone Explosion" iconBone Explosion Raise a bone pile from below that explodes at the target location, dealing 150% magic damage in an area and inflicts Condemn. Requires a T1 Unholy Skill Point, awarded from killing bosses like "Goreswine the Ravager" iconGoreswine the Ravager.
Death_Knight_Icon.png "Death Knight" iconDeath Knight Summon a "Death Knight" iconDeath Knight at the target location that attacks nearby enemies. Each swing deals 50% magic damage in an area and inflicts Condemn. The "Death Knight" iconDeath Knight lasts for 6 seconds. Requires a Tier 2 Unholy Spell Point, which you can get from V Rising Bosses like "Kriig the Undead General" iconKriig the Undead General.
Corrupted_Skull_Icon.png "Corrupted Skull" iconCorrupted Skull Launch a projectile that deals 80% magic damage, summons a Skeleton Warrior and inflicts Condemn. The attack deals 40% bonus damage to enemies below 30% health. The spell has two charges, with each charge refreshing every 8 seconds. Requires T1 Unholy Skill Point, like you can get from "Leandra the Shadow Priestess" iconLeandra the Shadow Priestess.
Soulburn_Icon.png "Soulburn" iconSoulburn Drain a life from up to three nearby enemies, dealing 70% magic damage, inflicting Condemn and leeching 50% health. Cancels any attack the enemy performs, silencing them for 1.5 seconds. Requires a Tier 2 Unholy Skill Point, such as those earned from "Foulrot the Soultaker" iconFoulrot the Soultaker.
Ward_of_the_Damned_Skills_V_Rising.png "Ward of the Damned" iconWard of the Damned Block melee and projectile attacks in front of you for 2 seconds. Absorbing an attack summons a skeleton, each consecutive attack absorbed has a 50% chance to summon an additional skeleton, up to a maximum of 5. Enemy melee attackers are also knocked back. If you recast the ability during the effect, you will launch a wave of energy, dealing 2% magic damage and inflicting Condemn. Requires a Tier 1 Unholy Spell Point, which you can get by defeating bosses like "Bane the Shadowblade" iconBane the Shadowblade.

Bone Explosion

This is an ability that can scale well as you get a higher Gear Score, but on the whole, can be underwhelming when compared to the other skills competing for one of your Basic Ability slots. When used, you’ll summon a pile of bones beneath your target and blast them. It’s great AOE, but it can be hard to setup and use properly against mobile targets.

Death Knight

"Death Knight" iconDeath Knight is a new spell in 1.0 that allows you to spawn an undead knights at a location. This will deal minion damage to targets with its attacks, apply Condemn, and otherwise be am menace. If you can plan when to use this spell, it can do lots of damage, but it’s very easy to misuse the spell.

Corrupted Skull

"Corrupted Skull" iconCorrupted Skull may sound fairly weak, but its two charges of 160% magic damage is fairly good. Throw in it summoning minions, and deals an extra 40% damage on enemies below 30% on top of Condemn damage bonus, this thing can really cause chaos. It’s probably the best Unholy basic spell in the game when used in the right circumstances.


"Soulburn" iconSoulburn is a very strong unholy spell that grants the vampire a lot of potential AOE damage, and a lot of health sustain. When used correctly, you can leech a lot of health from targets, and do a moderate amount of cleave. The ability can also silence foes if you cancel it early, meaning you can cheese enemy players in PvP, or even bosses if you know the moves they do art certain health percentages.

Ward of the Damned

The Unholy’s defensive skill is a solid skill for removing oncoming damage, while generating new ways to summon minions. You can get 50% chance to summon minions and black up to 5 attacks over the 2.2 seconds of channeling it. Throw in a knockback too for good measure. It’s genuinely a pretty decent defensive skill if you want that minion playstyle. If not then look elsewhere for your defensives.

Unholy Ultimate Abilities

Icon Name Description Location
Volatile_Arachnid_Skills_V_Rising.png "Volatile Arachnid" iconVolatile Arachnid (Ultimate) Summons a giant spider that chases down your enemy and explodes when nearby, dealing 250% magic damage, inflicting Condemn and spawning three spiderlings. Each spiderling explodes dealing 125% magic damage and inflicting Condemn. Requires a T3 Unholy Spell Point, which you can get from bosses like "Nicholaus the Fallen" iconNicholaus the Fallen.
Summon_Fallen_Angel_Skills_V_Rising.png Summon Fallen Angel (Ultimate) A fallen angel to fight for you for 15s. Attacks performed by the Angel inflict Condemn. It also deals damage and applies condemn in the area it was summoned at. The attacks range from a 180 degree swipe, a combo thrust attack, or a charge attack. Defeat Solarus the Immaculate (80)
Army_of_the_Dead_Icon.png Army of the Dead Inflict Condemn on nearby enemies and summon an army of 5 skeletons warrior and 3 skeleton mages around you. Skeletons last for up to 8 seconds. Requires a T3 Unholy Spell Point, such as from killing "Ungora the Spider Queen" iconUngora the Spider Queen.

The Unholy school is the magic school with three ultimates, thanks to the class getting a new minion ultimate at launch, and retaining its fallen angel unlock by completing the old early access end game boss.

Volatile Arachnid

"Volatile Arachnid" iconVolatile Arachnid is a monster of an ultimate in PVE. When your Arachnid and its spiderling summons go off, thats a lot of damage. It can easily melt through any boss you’re struggling with in game, giving you much needed breathing space if you’re prone to taking a hit or to and running out of healing options in fights.

Summon Fallen Angel

The Fallen Angel requires you to beat the early access end game boss to unlock. When you do, you can summon a big undead angel to fight for you. Be aware that the creature lasts 15 seconds, and can doe large swipe attacks, charge attacks, and combo attacks to hit foes. It’s generally a really good ultimate for damage and forcing enemies to kit it in PvP too.

Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead was added to the game post EA release, granting Unholy players the chance to get a an ultimate dedicated to minion damage. You will summon 5 skeletons and 3 mages to fight for your for 8 seconds. The duration of the minions and the amount you get are fairly low so it can make the ultimate not too great, but its there if you want that fantasy and are skilled with generating minions through Ward of the Dead, and your unholy passives.

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