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V Rising

Weapon Progression Explained

Craig Robinson

Weapon progression in V Rising is a simple feat of naturally gaining weapons the further your progress through the boss list. For the most part, there are two types of weapon progression. One is unlocking new weapon types as you defeat V Blood Bosses. The other is by unlocking new item-level tiers of recipes. We’ll go into more detail on those types of things for a better understanding of that process.

Weapon Progression starts with crude weapons, going all the way to more advanced and even end-game legendary drops.

How Weapon Progression Works

In total, there are the following weapon types:

  • Sword - default weapon type.
  • Axes - tool for logging and axe-type weapon fantasy.
  • Hammer - tool for mining stone and ore, and used for heavy club-type weapon playstyle.
  • Crossbow - random drop from mobs with recipes unlocked later.
  • Guns - Unlocked by killing "Jade the Vampire Hunter" iconJade the Vampire Hunter.
  • Greatsword - Unlocked by Killing "Tristan the Vampire Hunter" iconTristan the Vampire Hunter.
  • Whip - Unlocked by killing "Domina the Blade Dancer" iconDomina the Blade Dancer.

As you can see, there are a few tools you use as a weapon types, which you’ll get straight away for basic crafting and gathering needs. They have their own combat type niches, hitting two birds with one stone for combat and survival tools.

From there, you can get crossbows from drops early on in the game. There are other ways to get recipes further on. When you reach key bosses in the Boss list, you can unlock the pistol, greatsword, and whip. The Greatsword requires you to be around item level 44 to fight Tristan, a wandering boss around the Farbane "Wood" iconWoods biome you start in. Defeat him and you can get the Greatsword recipe unlocked and get the recipe unlocked. Jade is found patrolling the Farmlands area, and requires you to be around level 57 to fight. Domina is a level 60 boss found in Gloomrot South.

That’s the summary of how the weapon progression works for new weapons.

Unlocking weapon recipes

There are many weapon tiers for improvements, most of which you unlock via researching them.

Now, the other factor for weapon progression in V Rising is the new recipe unlocks. You’ll typically work your way through weapon tiers for recipes. One of the earliest recipes you get is the Merciless Copper, which is the upgraded version of the basic bone and copper recipes from your crafting menu and workbench. From there, you can unlock recipes through a variety of means.

The main method of unlocking research is via the research tables. There’s three tables for three different tiers:

  1. Research Desk - Merciless Copper Weapons
  2. Study - Merciless Iron weapons
  3. Athenaeum - Sanguine Weapons

When you have the appropriate research station built in your base, you can then use resources to craft random research, such as "Paper" iconPaper or Scrolls, depending on the tier you’re at. If you want to target a specific research, you then need to get that research book to drop. Bosses can drop random recipe books as rewards from boss kills, fishing, and other gameplay features like looting chests from locations around the map offer chances at specific books. This can range from Merciless and Sanguine research tiers to different types of armor, base decorations, and other random recipes you can unlock.

There are some other methods of getting weapon tiers, such as the Ancestral weapon. You can get these from repairing broken Ancestral weapons at the Ancestral Forge building station. But first, the parts come from the Vampire trader in the Ruins of Mortium. There’s also legendary weapons too, which are gacha-type weapons from the Ruins of Mortium, the end-game zone. They have special affixes for builds too. You can take a look at all the V Rising weapons in our Database if you want to see what type of content there is to expect.

With that said, that about concludes everything you need to know about V Rising’s weapon progression.

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