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V Rising

General Elena the Hollow Boss Guide

Matt Chard

"General Elena the Hollow" iconGeneral Elena the Hollow is an Act 2 V Blood boss in “V Rising”. Elena can be found in the southwest Ruins of Mortium which is situated in east Vardoran. At level 55, Elena is a formidable opponent who utilizes the power of frost to take down her prey. Upon defeat, General Elena will reward you with a Tier 2 Frost skill point and recipes for the Altar of Stygian Awakening and ‘Stately’ Carpets. Read on to find out her exact location and how you can defeat her.

General Elena the Hollow is a level 53 V Blood Boss in V Rising. You can find her roaming the Ruins of Mortium.

General Elena the Hollow Location

Before you head over to Elena, make sure your gear level is around 55, and then head to the east side of the map, where you’ll find the Ruins of Mortium. Elena roams the paths in this area, so you’ll need to track her to find her, but if you search the southwest part of the ruins first, you’ll have a better chance of finding her as it appears that she predominantly roams that area first.

Elena walks the streets of the Ruins of Mortium. She can generally be found in the southwest.

General Elena the Hollow Strategy

When you find Elena, she’ll normally be accompanied by other Draculin, so make sure you take them out first. Once you start the battle, you’ll soon find out that she uses a crossbow as her weapon of choice. She only has four attacks to deal with, and you’ll find that most of the damage you take will be from her regular attacks. This is because she fires her bolts in an awkward manner that is not always at you, so you end up running into them a lot as you try to move out of the way. Let’s take a look at her attacks:

  • Glacial "Shockwave" iconShockwave: Elena will unleash a shockwave of ice in a line in front of her that freezes anything it touches. For this attack, she will fire it near you but not at you as the game tries to make you dodge into the attack. A simple dodge on either side of the shockwave will avoid the attack.

  • Icy Rain of Arrows: This attack is similar to the Rain of Arrows skill you have access to with the crossbow, with the caveat that this fires off ice bolts instead. If you get hit by this, you’ll be frozen briefly. Simply move away from the blue circles on the ground to avoid the attack.

  • Circular Spikes: Elena will charge up an icy spell that displays a large blue circle on the ground. When the spell is cast, icy spikes will spring out from the ground starting at the edge of the circle and retract. The easiest way to avoid the spell is to stay out of the blue circle. If you’re inside the circle, get near Elena and dodge out of the circle when the spikes close in.

  • Ice Storm: Similar to the Circular Spikes attack, Elena will cast a spell that places a miniature ice storm in a circular marker on the floor that shoots out spikes of ice from the ground. Unlike Circular Spikes, this is randomly placed on the floor, whereas Circular Spikes is centered around Elena.

  • Ice Pillar: The main gimmick of the battle. Throughout the fight, Elena will conjure a pillar of ice that she will stand upon. While she is on this pillar, she cannot be attacked, so you’ll need to destroy the pillar she is standing on, which will have its own health bar. It doesn’t take a lot for you to break it, however, she will cast an Icy Rain of Arrows around the pillar, so you’ll need to use hit-and-run tactics until you break it.

  • Cone of Ice: When Elena is on the Ice Pillar, she will cast a spell similar to Glacial Shockwave but instead of in a line, this attack will be in a cone in your direction.

(1 of 4) Regular Attack: Elena will unleash approximately four bolts infused with ice at your general location.

The battle will play out with Elena either firing off her crossbow, which is normally around four shots per attack, or with her using the Glacial Shockwave skills. Because she doesn’t usually fire the attacks directly at you, don’t get baited into moving into them. Simply perform a dodge whenever the attack is going to hit you, instead of pre-empting it and moving into its path. Occasionally, she’ll use the Rain of Arrows attack that places numerous circles on the floor where the arrows will land. Make sure you avoid this attack by steering clear of the markers. Finally, throughout the battle, Elena will conjure a pillar of ice that she will stand on top of. She will continue to attack you from this location until you destroy the pillar to knock her down to the floor. Attack the pillar, but be careful of the attacks she’ll place around the pillar to circumvent this.

(1 of 2) Ice Pillar: Throughout the battle, Elena will conjure an Ice Pillar which she’ll stand upon.

Ice Pillar: Throughout the battle, Elena will conjure an Ice Pillar which she’ll stand upon. (left), Cone of Ice: While she is on the pillar, she’ll cast a cone of icy magic at your location. (right)

There aren’t a lot of openings against Elena, so you’ll need to dodge toward her while you avoid her attacks and then use a quick "Whirlwind" iconWhirlwind (Sword) to deal some damage to her. This battle is more about patience than anything else as her attacks are easy enough to avoid as they’re telegraphed, so take your time, chip away at her health, and focus on avoiding her attacks that can freeze you briefly. Once you’ve defeated Elena, you’ll get rewarded with one Tier 2 Spell Point, the Altar of Stygian Awakening, and ‘Stately’ Carpets recipes.

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