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V Rising

V Rising Chaos Ability List

Ben Chard

Combat plays a significant role in V Rising, and to aid you in that endeavor are the plethora of spells that you can learn, all with their own playstyles. This page will give you an overview of all of the Chaos Abilities in V Rising.

Merciless Charge is one of the Chaos Ultimate Abilities in V Rising.

Chaos Ability Effects

The Chaos category of spells in V Rising are mostly themed around dealing as much damage as possible, alongside applying the Ignite feature, which burns enemies for a portion of your spell power. Furthermore, the Chaos spell tree got some unique passives with the full game launch, which you can get a look at below.

Icon Name Description Location
Chaos_Kindling_Icon.png "Chaos Kindling" iconChaos Kindling (passive) Chaos Ignite deals 20% increased damage and there is a 50% chance that Chaos Explosion ignites hit enemies.
Turbulent_Velocity_Icon.png "Turbulent Velocity" iconTurbulent Velocity (passive) Chaos Gain 8% increased movement speed for 8 seconds when dealing damage to an enemy.
Embrace_Mayhem_Icon.png "Embrace Mayhem" iconEmbrace Mayhem (passive) Chaos Increases ultimate cooldown recovery rate by 15%.

As you can see, the Chaos tree is about further improving your burn damage of Ignite, alongside making it better as a passive AOE tool. Meanwhile, "Turbulent Velocity" iconTurbulent Velocity is an incredibly good movement speed passive. It’s perfect for most melee weapons in the game, such as the Greatsword or axes. The better your movement speed, the better most builds perform in PvP when you’re chasing enemies trying to kite you. Moreso, in PvE, it means you can trade against bosses and then run away from their skills and get back in the fight faster for better uptime against bosses.

"Embrace Mayhem" iconEmbrace Mayhem is also very strong. This realistically means you’re reducing your ultimate by 18 seconds. 18 seconds can make or break some of the longer bosses, as they can last a few minutes in length. Getting an earlier ult off is massive for those reasons.

So, if you want to do pure damage and be as aggressive as you can, Chaos magic is the play. You can get an idea of the remaining Chaos spells in V Rising

Chaos Travel Ability

Icon Name Description Location
Veil_of_Chaos_Skills_V_Rising.png Veil of Chaos (movement) Dash towards input direction and elude nearby enemies for 2.2s. Your next melee attack heals you for 5% of your maximum health and inflicts Ignite. Your illusion explodes, dealing 50% magic damage to nearby enemies and inflicting Ignite. Can be recasted once more to dash again, but increases the recast cooldown by 1 second. Defeat v Rising bosses with Tier 2 Chaos Spell Points, such as "Morian the Stormwing Matriarch" iconMorian the Stormwing Matriarch.

Veil of Chaos is by far the best Travel Ability in terms of getting around the battlefield. As you progress further into V Rising, you’ll notice that a lot of the bosses have the ability to get across the battlefield quickly or are so large that their attacks cover a wide range. Veil of Chaos allows you to do a second dash after your first, allowing you squeeze a little more distance between you and your foe. On top of that, it’ll also explode, dealing some damage to anyone who happens to be in close proximity to the illusion left behind. For those reasons we rate the spell fairly highly.

Chaos Basic Abilities

Icon Name Description Location
Aftershock_Skills_V_Rising.png "Aftershock" iconAftershock Smash the ground, causing a shockwave that erupts, dealing 125% magic damage in a line and inflicting Ignite. Defeat Tier 1 Spell Point enemies like "Clive the Firestarter" iconClive the Firestarter.
Chaos_Barrier_Skills_V_Rising.png "Chaos Barrier" iconChaos Barrier Block melee and projectile attacks in front of your for 2 seconds. Blocking an attack charges the barrier up to 5 times. You can then unleash a chaos bolt, dealing 50% magic damage and inflicting Ignite when the effect ends. The projectile deals 40% additional damage per charge accumulated. Recast during the effect to launch the chaos bolt. Defeat bosses with Tier 2 Chaos Spell Points, like "Azariel the Sunbringer" iconAzariel the Sunbringer.
Chaos_Volley_Skills_V_Rising.png "Chaos Volley" iconChaos Volley Channel to launch 2 chaos bolts in a sequence that deals 115% magic damage and inflicts Ignite. Requires defeating level 1 Chaos Spell Point boss like "Errol the Stonebreaker" iconErrol the Stonebreaker.
Power_Surge_Skills_V_Rising.png "Power Surge" iconPower Surge Boosts a target ally or yourself by increasing movement speed by 15% and attack speed by 20% for 4 seconds, and physical attacks inflict Ignite for 3.5 seconds. Requires Tier 1 Chaos Spell Point from bosses like "Lidia the Chaos Archer" iconLidia the Chaos Archer.
Void_Skills_V_Rising.png "Void" iconVoid Summon an orb that explodes at the target location, dealing 90% magic damage, inflicts Ignite, and pulls enemies towards the center. Contains two charges, and a cooldown of 9 seconds. Defeat bosses with Tier 2 Chaos Spell Points, such as "Jade the Vampire Hunter" iconJade the Vampire Hunter.


"Aftershock" iconAftershock is one of the earlier Area of Effect (AoE) abilities in the game and it remains a useful one for large periods of it. The range is good and it applies Ignite to all enemies hit, dealing more damage over time as a result of the initial damage. It’s fairly efficient early game spell you can pick up for that reason.

Chaos Barrier

This is another shield ability that will block attacks and projectiles which is always useful. The exciting thing about this ability is that you can block up to 5 attacks, and when you do, you increase the damage of a chaos bolt that comes out of the shield. If you can use this correctly, you can do a lot of spell power damage, making this perhaps one of the more exciting shield spells in the game.

Chaos Volley

You’ll earn this ability early in the game. When used, you will fire two Chaos Fireballs that will be based on your mouse cursor dealing large damage that scales with your spell power meaning it will pack a punch at endgame too. It did get nerfed slightly with the missiles getting nerfed, but it’s still a fairly strong ability for what it foes, especially with the Ignite application.

Power Surge

"Power Surge" iconPower Surge was once a spell you go int he mid game, but you can pick ii up very early on to make great melee weapon builds. The bonus attack speed, combined with spells like Blood "Frenzy" iconFrenzy can allow for strong melee combo builds very early on. When used, you’ll gain a short movement speed buff along with an attack speed buff. On top of that, you’ll also get the usual shield based on your spell power and you’ll be able to cast it on any ally. This works well as another tool to evade attacks later in the game when your Travel Ability is on cooldown as the movement speed is incredibly useful.


This is an ability comes in the mid game. When used, you’ll drop an orb at your target location that will explode, dealing damage to an area of effect. It will also drag enemies in range to the center of the void, before detonating, making it a strong crowd control skill for PvP and PvE. It makes for a great combo with pistol fan the hammer for example. It can be useful for add phases in boss battles should you decide to go with this. It is a fairly niche button to pres,s but it can be good in the right build setup, boss fights, and farming methods.

Chaos Ultimate Abilities

Icon Name Description Location
Crimson_Barrage_Skills_V_Rising.png "Chaos Barrage" iconChaos Barrage (ultimate) Launch 4 Chaos Orbs that deal 200% magic damage on direct hit, 100% magic damage to enemies in an area and inflicts Ignite. Defeat bosses with T3 Chaos Spell Points, such as "Quincey the Bandit King" iconQuincey the Bandit King.
Merciless_Charge_Skills_V_Rising.png "Merciless Charge" iconMerciless Charge (ultimate) Charge forward and grab an enemy dealing 125% magic damage, and push them in front of you. Deal 120% magic area damage, inflicts Ignite and a Stun lasting 1.5s when reaching maximum range or when colliding with another enemy or object. Defeat bosses like "Angram the Purifier" iconAngram the Purifier for a T3 Chaos Spell Point.

Chaos Barrage

This is a simple one to explain, it’s all the goodness of "Chaos Volley" iconChaos Volley but doubled, along with even more spell power damage scaling. Instead of two fireballs, you’ll sling four fireballs that will hit over a wider area, all inflicting Chaos Burn too. It may seem boring for an ultimate, but the Chaos fireball spells are great for dealing out damage and having another source of it doesn’t hurt.

Merciless Charge

"Merciless Charge" iconMerciless Charge is for your more bog standard melee fighters in the Chaos tree. You’ll charge forward, stun enemies, apply your burn and deals damage, followed by further AOE damage. It’s better that "Chaos Barrage" iconChaos Barrage when you need to cleave and stun enemies, and arguably a pretty good ultimate in PvP for setting up kills and plays against enemies.

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