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Terah the Geomancer V Blood Carriers (Dunley Farmlands)

In-game Description

The result of a long line of erarh speakers, Terah resides up in the solitude of the mountains among sparkling gem veins and rugged boulders. Despite her stoic appearance and demeanour, communing with the spirits of nature has driven her quite insane.


"Terah the Geomancer" iconTerah the Geomancer is a Level 53 V Blood Carrier located in "Bedrock Pass" iconBedrock Pass in the northwestern region of Dunley Farmlands. Descending from a long line of earth speakers, Terah resides in solitude among sparkling gem veins and rugged boulders. Her stoic appearance hides the madness driven by communing with the spirits of nature. Defeating Terah unlocks the Gem Cutting Table structure and recipes for Regular Gems, Siege Golem Stone, and Obsidian.

In addition to these rewards, players gain a Tier 3 Spell Point and unlock the spells "Spectral Guardian" iconSpectral Guardian and "Wisp Dance" iconWisp Dance. Terah’s battle involves utilizing her geomancy powers, with attacks that reflect her connection to the earth and stones. Players need to be prepared for her earth-based attacks and manage the terrain effectively to defeat her and claim the valuable rewards she offers.

Additional Information


  • General Tips: Keep moving to avoid her area attacks and projectiles. Use ranged abilities to attack her from a distance.
  • Earth Shard: Sidestep to avoid the line of damage.
  • Boulder Throw: Move out of the marked area to avoid the impact.
  • Quake: Jump or dash to avoid the shockwaves.
  • Rockfall: Keep an eye on the sky and move out of the shadowed areas.
  • "Stone" iconStone Armor: Use high-damage abilities to break through her barrier quickly.
  • Geomancy: Stay at a distance and use defensive abilities until the effect wears off.

Equipment and Abilities:

  • Recommended gear: High armor with physical resistance, weapons with ranged abilities.
  • Ideal abilities: Defensive spells like counters or barriers, ranged damage spells like "Chaos Volley" iconChaos Volley or "Sanguine Coil" iconSanguine Coil.
  • Blood type: Scholar Blood for increased spell damage, or Warrior Blood for survivability.


Primary Abilities:

  • Earth Shard: Terah summons a shard of rock that erupts from the ground, dealing damage in a straight line.
  • Boulder Throw: Terah hurls a large boulder at the player, causing area damage on impact.
  • Quake: Terah stomps the ground, sending out shockwaves that travel outwards, damaging and knocking back the player.

Secondary Abilities (Cast when health is low):

  • Rockfall: Terah summons a series of rocks to fall from above, dealing heavy area damage.
  • "Stone" iconStone Armor: Terah surrounds herself with a protective barrier of stone, reducing incoming damage.
  • Geomancy: Terah channels the power of the earth, increasing her spell damage and casting speed for a short duration.

Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. World Map (Vardoran) 1.0 Update

X: 6636 Y: 6473
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