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V Rising

Where to Get Ghost Yarn

Matt Chard

There is an abundance of resources to gather in V Rising, and one of the more important materials is Ghost Yarn. This is required for most of the last tier of equipment in the game.

Ghost Yarn is a very valuable resource in the late-game.

Icon Name Description Use
Ghost_Yarn_Item_V_Rising.png Ghost Yarn Reagent used for crafting Used in the creation of Dawnthorn and Bloodmoon gear.

How to Find Ghost Yarn

As you progress towards the end of your adventure, and reach the last tier of equipment, Ghost Yarn will play a big part in their creation. These can be tough to find due to the lack of areas they appear in. To find Ghost Yarn, you’ll want to head to the Cursed Forest biome situated at the far northeast of Vardoran. There will be two Ancient Villages, one to the west, and one to the east.

West Ancient Village

As soon as you enter the Cursed Forest, follow the left path, and it’ll take you to the first Ancient Village. In here, there are a variety of tough enemies to deal with, especially the Banshee. These frustrating creatures are level 62, and they have a couple of attacks to worry about. The first attack is your typical projectile skill where they’ll hurl balls of energy at your location. Another attack that they have is that they can go invisible as they make their way towards you. When they reach your position, they’ll unleash some melee attacks. The other enemies there will be Skeleton Mages, Bishops, and Priests.

(1 of 2) The Ghost Yarn is most likely to appear in the containers in the houses.

The Ghost Yarn is most likely to appear in the containers in the houses. (left), The Banshee can be a formidable foe, so make sure you have enough health to deal with it. (right)

The Ghost Yarn appears to have a really low chance of appearing in the containers and chests around the village. For the best chance of obtaining them, you’ll want to check out all the dilapidated houses, and search any containers that you find there. These containers can be bookcases, draws, boxes, and chests.

As you can see, there is one village either side of the Cursed Forest.

East Ancient Village

The east Ancient Village is in the furthest part east of the Cursed Forest. From the West Ancient Village, follow the path out of the northern exit, and take the south path at the crossroads. Almost immediately, you’ll want to take the eastern path at the next crossroads. When you get to the next crossroads, take the northeastern path until you reach yet again another crossroads. From here, take the eastern path, and follow it all the way to the end. Eventually the path will head south, when it does, take the southern path, then head east at the next crossroads. Finally at the last crossroad, take the southern path which’ll take you into the village.

If you’re lucky, chests (even golden ones!) can appear in the house so make sure you check every corner.

This Village is bigger than the western one of the same name. It’s arguably a slightly better area to farm the Ghost Yarns as there are more houses to loot which means more chances of containers appearing. You may still end up with none though because they have a low percentage chance of appearing. The enemies here are the same as the other Village, so expect a lot of undead, and Banshees.

Sending Servants on Hunts

Although you can send your servants to the Ancient Villages. They will only have a low chance of bringing any Ghost Yarn back via the general area loot category as they’re not listed as loot when you hover over the area in the hunt menu.

As you can see here, there is no Ghost Yarn on the hunt menu, you may be lucky and still get some, but the probability is low.

How to make Ghost Yarn

The best way to obtain Ghost Yarn is by creating it from scratch by combining Ghost Shrooms with Cotton Yarn in the loom. This is a timely process as it’ll take a couple of minutes per yarn, so you may want to start crafting them whilst you do something else.

Material 1 Material 2 Result
Ghost_Shroom_Item_V_Rising.png8 Ghost Shroom Cotton_Yarn_Item_V_Rising.png4 Cotton Yarn Ghost_Yarn_Item_V_Rising.png1 Ghost Yarn

To make Cotton Yarn, you’ll need 20 Cotton for each Yarn, and you craft them in the loom. You can find out the best way to get cotton here.

How to Get the Loom

Once you’ve progressed a little and made it to the Dunley Farmlands area, you’ll need to defeat the V-Boss Beatrice the Tailor who can be found at Dawnbreak Village which is situated on the eastern side of the region. Once you’ve unlocked the recipe, you’ll need the following items to craft it:

Material 1 Material 2 Material 3 Result
Planks_Item_V_Rising.png20 Planks Copper_Ingot_Item_V_Rising.png12 Copper Ingot Wool_Thread_Item_V_Rising.png4 Wool Thread Loom_Item_V_Rising.png Loom

How to Get the Tailoring Bench

The Tailoring Bench will be unlocked when you defeat the level 37 V-Boss Quincey the Bandit King. You can find him inside the Bandit Stronghold in the top-center of the Farbane Woods region. Once you’ve obtained the recipe, you can begin to craft it in your castle. Note, you’ll want to place the Tailoring Bench in a separate room alongside the Looms, if you want to get the bonuses from the room.

The recipe for the Tailoring Bench is as follows:

Material 1 Material 2 Material 3 Result
Blood_Essence_Item_V_Rising.png200 Blood Essence Planks_Item_V_Rising.png40 Planks Cotton_Yarn_Item_V_Rising.png28 Cotton Yarn Tailoring_Bench_Item_V_Rising.png Tailoring Bench

What is Ghost Yarn Used For?

Once you have your Ghost Yarn, you can use it in the Tailoring Bench to craft the Dawnthorn armor set. Each piece will require 8 Ghost Yarns. For example the Dawnthorn Chestguard requires the following components:

Material 1 Material 2 Material 3 Result
Scales_Item_V_Rising.png8 Scales Pristine_Leather_Item_V_Rising.png1 Pristine Leather Ghost_Yarn_Item_V_Rising.png1 Ghost Yarn Dawnthorn_Armor_V_Rising.png Dawnthorn Chestguard
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