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V Rising

V Rising Best Spells

Ben Chard

Combat plays a significant role in V Rising, and to aid you in that endeavor are the plethora of spells that you can learn, all with their own playstyles. This page will give you an overview of our suggestions for the best spells in V Rising.

There are plenty of spells you can unlock via V Rising’s Bosses. Here’s a closer look at the best spells you want in V Rising.

Best Spells and Skills

We are going to throw our suggestions for the best spells in V Rising by breaking it down into different sections. We have a few we recommend for PvP, PvE, boss fighting, travel and other features of the game. More so, there are abilities that belong to different spell schools that will affect your builds. It’s something to think about.

V Rising has six spell categories, and each will focus on a different task. You’ll start with just a few spells in Vardoran, but upon defeating the various V Blood Carrier Bosses that are scattered all over the land, you’ll usually get Spell Points, with each boss granting a spell point to various schools so you can unlock a spell you want to use. You can read more about the V Rising Bosses, their rewards, and locations in our separate guide.

With the addition of the Gloomrot update, and then the full release, magic did get a overhaul. Gloomrot added unique spell mechanics to each school to help separate identity. Furthermore, the full release gained passives that further enhanced certain aspects of that playstyle. When you pick the spells we’ll be getting to in a moment, keep in mind the passives and the magic school features and how you want to interact with the combat system in the game.

Type Focus
Blood Many of these spells have Life Leech properties, making Blood a fairly tanky magic school.
Unholy A special focus on summoning minions, alongside debuffing enemies with the Condemn effect to increase their damage taken.
Illusion Many of these spells involve summoning, alongside applying Weakness to enemies, and granting you Phantasm to reduce cooldowns of your spells.
Chaos Pure focus on damage with a special Ignite mechanic (damage over time effect).
Frost All about slowing your enemies and freezing them, alongside some of the best defensive spells in the game.
Shack Applying Static to deal bonus magic damage, alongside potential chain lightning for added cleave damage.

Your loadout will include a Travel Ability, two Basic Abilities and one Ultimate. With that in mind, we have a few suggestions for each slot when we come to determining our choices for the best spells. The best spells we list below also have links to our V Rising interactive map with the rough locations of the bosses you can find.


  1. Travel Spells
  2. Basic Spells
  3. Ultimate Spells

Best Travel Spells

Your Travel Ability is how you dodge the many incoming attacks you’ll face in V Rising. All of these are useful, but there are some that have more useful effects for the tougher encounters in the game. We’re recommending three that better fit certain boss fights more, or are a better fit for builds.

Icon Name Description Location
Veil_of_Chaos_Skills_V_Rising.png Veil of Chaos Dash towards input direction and elude nearby enemies for 2.2s. Your next melee attack heals you for 5% of your maximum health and inflicts Ignite. Your illusion explodes, dealing 50% magic damage to nearby enemies and inflicting Ignite. Can be recasted once more to dash again, but increases the recast cooldown by 1 second. Defeat v Rising bosses with Tier 2 Chaos Spell Points, such as "Morian the Stormwing Matriarch" iconMorian the Stormwing Matriarch.
Veil_of_Frost_Skills_V_Rising.png Veil of Frost Dash towards input direction, elude nearby enemies for 2.2s and shield self for 125% of your spell power. Your next primary attack deals 25% bonus damage and conjure a nova of frost dealing 50% magic damage and inflicting chill on nearby enemies Requires T2 Frost Spell Point, which you can earn via killing V Blood bosses like "Vincent the Frostbringer" iconVincent the Frostbringer.
Veil_of_Storm_Icon.png Veil of Storm Dash towards the inputted direction and elude nearby enemies for 2.2 seconds. Gain 20% increased attack speed for 4 seconds. Your next primary attack deals 25% bonus damage and inflicts Static. Dashing through an enemy also inflicts static. Requires a Level 2 Shock Spell Point to unlock.

Veil of Chaos is by far the best Travel Ability in terms of getting around the battlefield. As you progress further into V Rising, you’ll notice that a lot of the bosses have the ability to get across the battlefield quickly or are so large that their attacks cover a wide range. Veil of Chaos allows you to do a second dash after your first, allowing you squeeze a little more distance between you and your foe. On top of that, it’ll also explode, dealing some damage to anyone who happens to be in close proximity to the illusion left behind.

Veil of Frost is another Travel Ability that really shines late on in V Rising. You can deal quite a bit of damage with it, and you also get a frost nova effect to Chill enemies. It makes it very handy for a movement skill you can easily kite foes with, handy for comboing into other spells later. It’s also great for boss add phases, open world fights, and even in PvP to get control on your opponent. If you’re not running some form of defensive spell, then Veil of Frost can be a great option for you.

Veil of Storm is a perfect movement spell if you’re all about comboing enemies with your favorite weapon types. The 20% increased attack speed is huge and you get a nice damage boost alongside Static, for even more damage with your follow up attacks. It’s arguably the best DPS movement spell in V Rising that easily plugs in and plays with almost all builds. Further improving your static damage and chain lightning procs via the Shock passives can make this movement skill even better, even if you’re not playing a Shock focused build. You can check more info on the shock passive via the shock spell list.

Best Basic Spells

You get two slots for these, and these are your bread and butter of your loadout in V Rising. There are a lot of really useful spells to select here, many of which are highly situational, so we’ve selected eight spells for a few playstyles, build types, and niches. In some instances we even talk about great gem upgrades you can do for some better explanations. Below is a table with the spells we recommended, with a bit more of a meta analysis with our reasons why below that.

Icon Name Description Location
Void_Skills_V_Rising.png "Void" iconVoid Summon an orb that explodes at the target location, dealing 90% magic damage, inflicts Ignite, and pulls enemies towards the center. Contains two charges, and a cooldown of 9 seconds. Defeat bosses with Tier 2 Chaos Spell Points, such as "Jade the Vampire Hunter" iconJade the Vampire Hunter.
V Rising Screenshot "Ball Lightning" iconBall Lightning Launch a ball that lingers in place, periodically shocking enemies in range inflicting Static. Each Ball deals 180% magic damage per target over three seconds. "Ball Lightning" iconBall Lightning’s damage cannot exceeds 450% magic damage. When the duration expires, "Ball Lightning" iconBall Lightning explodes, dealing 50% magic damage to all targets in the area of the explosion. Defeat "Ziva the Engineer" iconZiva the Engineer (60).
Corrupted_Skull_Icon.png "Corrupted Skull" iconCorrupted Skull Launch a projectile that deals 80% magic damage, summons a Skeleton Warrior and inflicts Condemn. The attack deals 40% bonus damage to enemies below 30% health. The spell has two charges, with each charge refreshing every 8 seconds. Requires T1 Unholy Skill Point, like you can get from "Leandra the Shadow Priestess" iconLeandra the Shadow Priestess.
Ward_of_the_Damned_Skills_V_Rising.png "Ward of the Damned" iconWard of the Damned Block melee and projectile attacks in front of you for 2 seconds. Absorbing an attack summons a skeleton, each consecutive attack absorbed has a 50% chance to summon an additional skeleton, up to a maximum of 5. Enemy melee attackers are also knocked back. If you recast the ability during the effect, you will launch a wave of energy, dealing 25% magic damage and inflicting Condemn. Requires a Tier 1 Unholy Spell Point, which you can get by defeating bosses like "Bane the Shadowblade" iconBane the Shadowblade.
Death_Knight_Icon.png "Death Knight" iconDeath Knight Summon a "Death Knight" iconDeath Knight at the target location that attacks nearby enemies. Each swing deals 50% magic damage in an area and inflicts Condemn. The "Death Knight" iconDeath Knight lasts for 6 seconds. Requires a Tier 2 Unholy Spell Point, which you can get from V Rising Bosses like "Kriig the Undead General" iconKriig the Undead General.
Sanguine_Coil_Skills_V_Rising.png "Sanguine Coil" iconSanguine Coil Launch a projectile that deals 80% magic damage, draining 30% Health and inflicts Leech. Heals a hit ally for 120% and self for 30% of your spell power. Has three charges. Unlocked via Tier 2 Blood Spell point, such as from "Baron du Bouchon the Sommelier" iconBaron du Bouchon the Sommelier.
Phantom_Aegis_Icon.png "Phantom Aegis" iconPhantom Aegis Apply a shield to target ally or self that shields the target for 200% of your spell power, inflicts Weaken on nearby enemies and grants Phantasm for each enemy hit. The shield lasts up to 2 seconds. Requires a Tier 1 Illusion Spell Point, like the ones you can get from Grayson the Armorer.
Chaos_Barrier_Skills_V_Rising.png "Chaos Barrier" iconChaos Barrier Block melee and projectile attacks in front of your for 2 seconds. Blocking an attack charges the barrier up to 5 times. You can then unleash a chaos bolt, dealing 50% magic damage and inflicting Ignite when the effect ends. The projectile deals 40% additional damage per charge accumulated. Recast during the effect to launch the chaos bolt. Defeat bosses with Tier 2 Chaos Spell Points, like "Azariel the Sunbringer" iconAzariel the Sunbringer.

"Void" iconVoid is perhaps one of the best CC (crowd control) spells in the game. The ability to place an area down and drag enemies towards it, no matter if they are PvP or PvE enemies is incredible. You can then run any weapon you want or other spell and combo them for a significant damage. It’s easily one of the most reliable forms of setup for comboing anything you want with it, hence its spot on the list. It keeps with lots of Frost spell mechanics, You can make Freeze more reliable than this spell with very certain end game build paths, but, Void for the most part is plug in and play.

If you’re looking for one of the outright best damage basic spells in the game, "Ball Lightning" iconBall Lightning can hit up to 450% magic damage, and continue to reapply Static to targets. Static can then proc for more magic damage on your attacks, and even cleave with chain lightning. It’s a perfect spell for nuking groups of enemies, and doing large damage to a single boss type enemy. The downside is you need some setup, which is where things like Void, Chilled or Frozen can come into play.

"Corrupted Skull" iconCorrupted Skull is another Unholy spell making the list. The reason why is because Corrupted Skull is a great way of spawning undead minions, useful for more damage or tanking enemy threats. You also easily apply Condemn for bonus damage, and you get an execute type mechanic when the enemy is low enough. The damage this spell can ramp to can be incredibly strong, especially with it being a tier 1 spell. Further upgrades to its damage or charges can make it even better.

"Ward of the Damned" iconWard of the Damned is a defensive type spell that makes a case for being on your bar at all times. You can generate a number of skeletons using this spell by timing your defensive right. Moreso, these skeletons apply Condemn, meaning you have a permanent damage buff on your target via minions. Flooding an area with minions means more passive damage, and they can take a hit or two for you, which is handy on all difficulties for PvE content. It’s genuinely really effective for controlling enemies and being a defensive spell at the same time.

"Death Knight" iconDeath Knight is a spell that can deal a moderate amount of damage in an area when placed well. However, if you get decent gems for this, you can create skeleton mages with pretty decent magic power scalings. You can essentially get two for one with minions to add up to some nice damage over a long period, alongside more assistance for potential flooding the board with other threats for when you fight adds or bosses, which is why we’re ranking this in our best spells list.

"Sanguine Coil" iconSanguine Coil is the only standout blood spell on this list, and that’s for a few reasons. The first is you get three charges of it. The amount of charges, fused with its damage, leech and healing potential for yourself and allies is incredibly good for tank builds, or those looking for a cheat code to surviving tough fights. Further gem upgrades can even make it do more damage, grant an extra charge, or increase healing. So, no matter what you’re using it for, know that Sanguine Coil is a fantastic spell in V Rising for tanky or bruiser type playstyles.

"Phantom Aegis" iconPhantom Aegis is an illusion spell we highly recommend running if you’re a supportive player. This spell grants a 200% spell power shield, perfect for those who want to aid their allies with chunky shields. No other spell comes close to the amount of shielding this gives, bar the ultimate spell Iceblock, which does the most shielding in the game. You can also apply Weaken to enemies near your shielded self or ally, which lowers damage output of enemies. So, it’s genuinely a great support spell to use for those wanting that role in the party.

"Chaos Barrier" iconChaos Barrier A lot about the Chaos tree got nerfed going into the full launch of the game, yet, the Chaos Barrier is still an incredible source of damage. Don’t let its defensive nature fool you, as if you can use this defensive correctly, you can churn out some incredibly strong chaos bolts from mitigating tons of attacks and damage. If you want defensiveness, while still doing lots of damage, this spell will go on your bar.

Best Ultimate Spells

The best ultimate spells in V Rising largely depend on your playstyle or gameplay needs. There’s some solid utility ultimates, PvP ultimates, and general big damage ultimates to choose on, each with their own niche, focus and preferred style of play. Again, there’s a table below with the ones we recommend, along with a further explanation as to why they are worth looking into.

Icon Name Description Location
Volatile_Arachnid_Skills_V_Rising.png "Volatile Arachnid" iconVolatile Arachnid Summons a giant spider that chases down your enemy and explodes when nearby, dealing 250% magic damage, inflicting Condemn and spawning three spiderlings. Each spiderling explodes dealing 125% magic damage and inflicting Condemn. Requires a T3 Unholy Spell Point, which you can get from bosses like "Nicholaus the Fallen" iconNicholaus the Fallen.
Crimson_Barrage_Skills_V_Rising.png "Chaos Barrage" iconChaos Barrage (ultimate) Launch 4 Chaos Orbs that deal 200% magic damage on direct hit, 100% magic damage to enemies in an area and inflicts Ignite. Defeat bosses with T3 Chaos Spell Points, such as "Quincey the Bandit King" iconQuincey the Bandit King.
Ice_Block_Icon.png "Ice Block" iconIce Block Encase yourself or an ally in a block of ice for five seconds and summon frost vortex around the ice block. Ice block shields the target for 450% of your spell power, grant immunity to crowd control effect and heals up to 10% of the target’s maximum health. The vortex then deals 100% magic damage to targets in its wake, and inflict Chill. The vortex can deal up to 240% magic damage over the duration of the "Ice Block" iconIce Block. Requires a T3 Frost Spell Point.
Lightning_Typhoon_Icon.png "Lightning Typhoon" iconLightning Typhoon Spin around and gain a 100% fading haste, and shock nearby enemies for 800% spell power and inflicting Static over 3.5 seconds. You will also occasionally release sparks of lightning, dealing 40% spell damage and inflicting Static. Requires a Tier 3 Spell Point and defeat Octavian the Militia Captain (58) to unlock.
Raging_Tempest_Icon.png "Raging Tempest" iconRaging Tempest Dash forward and bounce between enemies, striking them for a total of 525% magic damage, split across the targets in that area over three seconds. Additionally, you strike all enemies in the area up to four times, dealing 40% magic damage and inflicting Static. Afterward, dash towards your aim direction. You can end the effect early by attacking. Requires a Tier 3 Spell Point and defeat Octavian the Militia Captain (58) to unlock.

"Volatile Arachnid" iconVolatile Arachnid is perhaps the best ultimate in the game from a damage and utility perspective. The large damage it can deal on its initial cast, the snare it can also do to guarantee a hit, followed by spiderlings that also blow up and inflict Condemn is huge. If you can already apply condemn to a target, your ult does even more damage, and the spiderlings can reapply the debuff while also benefiting from the original debuff. All in all, it’s a very powerful ultimate for pure damage, and arguably the best for it in most situations.

"Chaos Barrage" iconChaos Barrage is a simple one to explain, it’s all the goodness of "Chaos Volley" iconChaos Volley but doubled. Instead of two fireballs, you’ll sling four fireballs that will hit over a wider area, all inflicting Chaos Burn too. The damage of each one is 200%, followed by an AOE for clumped up add cleave too. Pair it up with Void to really get the best out of the Void tree. It can do lots of damage, rivaling both Arachid and Typhoon, so it is a matter if this fits your playstyle better or not.

"Ice Block" iconIce Block is a new ultimate in the full release, combining the old frost haze and basic ice block skill into one. This spell grants one of the best shields in the game at 450% spell power, and you also become immune to CC for a short time. While encased in the shield, you also deal sizeable damage, that inflicts Chilled and can Freeze enemies. It’s perhaps the best support or tanking ultimate, making blood and illusion spells envious for those reasons.

"Lightning Typhoon" iconLightning Typhoon is another incredibly strong ultimate when looking at raw spell power numbers. The 800% spell power, the Static bonus damage, and the random sparks of lightning for even more damage make this insane for its DPS output. There’s some skill to getting the most out of the static procs, and the lightning can be hit or miss, but the potential is there with the right skill, tactical timing and combos with other spells. It can exceed the likes of Arachnid in damage if you can play it right. If you don’t want the challenge, then the Arachnid or Chaos Volley are the better options.

"Raging Tempest" iconRaging Tempest is another fantastic ultimate, arguably the best ultimate for cleaving enemies in the game. Due to the nature of charging around add heavy boss fights, or even fighting an enemy clan in PvP, this ultimate’s dashing about and damage split mechanic with added CC makes it very good for those moments.

And there you have, that’s our full list of suggestions for best spells in V Rising.

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