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V Rising

Voltatia the Power Master Boss Guide

Matt Chard

Voltatia the Power Master is an Act IV V Blood Boss in V Rising who was added with the Gloomrot update. Voltatia can be found at the back of the Trancendum Power Plant in Gloomrot North. The boss is level 77, which will require you to have your gear level around the same level if you want to defeat it. For defeating Voltatia, you’ll be rewarded with a Tier 2 Storm Spell Point, as well as unlock the Power Core and EMP recipes. Voltatia is naturally a storm-based boss due to where it is located, so expect a lot of electrical skills such as lighting bolts and beams. Read on to find out where you can find and how you can defeat Voltatia the Power Master.

Voltatia the Power Master is an Act IV boss in V Rising.

Voltatia the Power Master Location

As stated above, you’ll find Voltatia in the Trancendum Power Plant in the very north of North Gloomrot. When you reach the power plant, defeat the enemies while you head toward the building, defeat the next couple of enemies at the bottom of the stairs, and then proceed to the top of the stairs where you’ll find its boss arena.

Voltatia can be found at the back of the Trancendum Power Plant in North Gloomrot.

Voltatia the Power Master Strategy

Although Voltatia may look imposing at first, it’s relatively easy once you know its attacks. The most devastating attack is arguably its laser beam, which tracks your position around the arena. This attack will deal continuous damage to you until you get out of its path, so you’ll want to make sure you save your dodge to get out of the beam if you get caught by the attack. Another attack it’ll use a lot will be a wide barrage of projectiles fired from its gun. A couple of lesser attacks it does is a static shield in front of it that’ll deal damage to you should you pass through it as well as block projectile attacks from you, and an orb attack that will let it relocate to another location while knocking you back slightly.

At around 70% health, Voltatia will create a copy of itself while still using the attacks mentioned above. Naturally, this will make the battle a bit more challenging, but they do share the same health bar, so hitting either will reduce the overall health. The most difficult part of this phase is when both versions of the boss use the laser beam, as this will cover more area, thus making it tougher to avoid. Also, the wide projectile attack mentioned earlier will fire out storm orbs instead, these will follow you around the arena for a short while before disappearing. Let’s take a quick look at Voltatia’s attacks:

  • Laser Beam: Voltatia will briefly charge up its cannon before unleashing a laser beam that tracks your location. The beam will continuously deal damage to you should you get hit by the beam. Stand back and wait for the beam before dodging toward the boss where it’ll be open for attacks. Note that you will want to stay at its back or side to avoid the beam while you attack it.

  • Shock Barrage: The boss will briefly charge up an attack that fires off four projectiles in a cone toward your location. These projectiles will split apart the further they travel, so make sure you dodge the initial attack and attack the boss after the dodge.

  • Electric Shield: The boss will conjure a static shield horizontally in front of itself, which deals damage to you as you pass through it. This attack will also block your projectiles while it’s up.

  • Teleport: Voltatia will create a dome above itself that will knock you back before it repositions to a different location.

  • Copy: At approximately 70%, Voltatia will create a copy of itself for the remainder of the battle that shares the same health pool. This copy can use all the same attacks that Voltatia uses.

  • Homing Orbs: Similar to Shock Barrage, but this attack will fire off orbs that lock in at your location. These will follow you around the arena for a short period of time. You’ll only see this attack after the boss uses Copy. Simply keep moving around to avoid the orbs and dodge if one gets close to you.

(1 of 4) Laser Beam: Voltatia will unleash a laser beam around the arena that tracks your position.

So, what’s the strategy, you ask? Well, you want to stay away from the boss until it charges its laser beam attack, and then dodge through the beam toward Voltatia. When you’ve closed the distance, use your most powerful attacks on its back. Make sure you stick to the side or back of the boss, as it will rotate around in a circle. For its Shock Barrage attack, wait for the boss to charge the attack and once again, dodge toward Voltatia and attack it to get some health back. The only attacks you need to worry about are its beam attack and later on its homing orbs. You can safely ignore the rest for the most part.

When Voltatia makes a copy of itself, don’t worry which one you’re attacking as they share the same health bar, so as long as you hit one, it’ll take damage. The boss will keep the copy out for the rest of the battle, so slowly chip away at its health bar while you avoid its attacks. Once the copy is out, always aim for the boss at the back, that way, you can prevent the laser beam from the copy hitting you. Voltatia is at its weakest when it casts the laser beam, as it leaves itself open for numerous attacks, provided you can reach it without getting hit by the laser.

(1 of 2) Homing Orbs: Later on, it’ll fire out some electric orbs that will track your position. Keep moving to avoid them.

Homing Orbs: Later on, it’ll fire out some electric orbs that will track your position. Keep moving to avoid them. (left), Copy: When the boss splits into two, it’ll cast attacks at you simultaneously. (right)

For this reason alone, we recommend taking a dodge that allows you to dodge twice (Veil of Chaos) or use a spell that has a spell jewel that increases your movement speed, as maneuverability is king for this battle. In short, dodge toward the boss every time it casts a laser beam or shock barrage and attack its back. Attack the boss who is the furthest away when it uses copy, and don’t stand in the electric shield when it uses it. As long as you avoid the laser beams, you shouldn’t have too many problems with the boss. Once Voltatia is defeated, you’ll acquire a Tier 2 Storm Skill Point, and recipes for the Power Core and EMP, with the latter recommended for the Adam the First Born boss.

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