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V Rising

How to Get Primal Blood Essences

Scott Peers

This page covers everything related to Primal Blood Essences in V Rising, including where to find them, how to unlock the refinement recipes for them by killing Jade the Vampire Hunter, and what they’re used for in crafting for your castle.

Where to Find Primal Blood Essences

Refine Exquisite Hearts in the Blood Press

The Primal Blood Essences are currently the highest tier of blood essence in the game. The first way that you’re likely to come across them is by refining 3 Exquisite Hearts into 1 Primal Blood Essence within the Blood Press. If you don’t have matching Alchemy Lab Flooring where the Blood Press is placed, it’ll cost you 4 Exquisite Hearts to refine 1 Primal Blood Essence. An Exquisite Heart is the rarest form of heart that drops from enemies, so it may take a while before you come across one. In general, it’s a good idea to store any hearts that you acquire as drops in stashes within your castle, since you never know when they might come in handy.

Icon Name Description Uses
Primal_Blood_Essence.png Primal Blood Essence An energy source distilled from blood. Vampires use it to control material, to unlock sealed knowledge and to convert humans into obedient servants. Used in higher tier production recipes such as the Anvil, and high tier gear recipes

Kill Jade the Vampire Hunter for the Primal Blood Essence Recipe

Other than refining Primal Blood Essences from Exquisite Hearts, you will eventually be able to refine them from 9 Greater Blood Essences (assuming you have matching Alchemy Lab Floor, otherwise it will cost you 12) using the Blood Press. You won’t have the recipe for this refinement process until you kill Jade the Vampire Hunter, so if you need Primal Blood Essences for specific tasks, you should prioritize killing her. As a level 62 boss, she’s considerably more powerful than Tristan the Vampire Hunter, and she uses deadly pistols as part of her combat repertoire, so you’ll need to be prepared for the fight, preferably with some help from allies.

What Primal Blood Essences Are Used For

At present, there aren’t as many uses for Primal Blood Essences as there are for Greater Blood Essences and regular Blood Essences. However, there are still important recipes which require them, perhaps first among them being the Anvil, which is an upgrade recipe for the Forge. This can be found in the Crafting tab of the Production build menu. As with Greater Blood Essences, you’ll be using Primal Blood Essences to upgrade your gear to higher tier armor, weapons, and jewellery, so save as many of these as you can to ensure that you’re prepared.

(1 of 4) You can refine 3 Exquisite Hearts into one Primal Blood Essence using the Blood Press.

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