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V Rising

Where to Get Iron Ore

Ben Chard

There is an abundance of resources to gather in V Rising, and none are more important than the various metals you can find throughout the world. With the Ore, you can then refine this into precious ingots that can be used in a number of ways. In the V Rising’s mid game, Iron Ore is a must have resource you’ll need to farm. Some of the best places to farm iron ore in V Rising is the Haunted Mine. Furthermore, we’ll give you other locations to farm, alongside, everything else you need to know about the item.

Iron Ore is a very valuable resource in the mid-game.

Icon Name Description Use
Iron_Ore_Icon_V_Rising.png Iron Ore Reagent used for crafting Refine into Iron Ingot, needed for equipment

How to Find Iron Ore Locations

As you progress throughout your adventure, Copper weapons will not be enough against some of the deadlier foes you’ll encounter. What’s more, you’ll start finding that Iron Ingots are used for a plethora of recipes used throughout your castle, so it’s a good idea to learn where you can go and farm this resource. Be wary that you’ll need to possess a weapon that is at least Gear Level 12, ideally the Merciless Copper Mace (although any Merciless Copper weapon will suffice).

The best Iron Ore locations in V Rising are as follows:

  • Haunted Iron Mine
  • Cursed Forest
  • Dunley Farmlands

The hunted Iron Mine is a dedicated large POI with many Iron Ore locations. However, it will also be the most highly contested area if you’re in a PvP Server. Alternatively, you can roam around the Dunley Farmlands for some mid game iron ore random spawns. There’s lots more in the Cursed Forest, but that comes with higher level foes you need to beat.

The Haunted Iron Mine Location

By far the easiest way to locate Iron Ore nodes is by heading to the Haunted Iron Mine, located in the center of the southern region of the Dunley Farmlands. As you approach the mine from the north, you’re likely to find several groups of enemies patrolling outside, be it regular bandits or skeletons. Once it’s clear, go around breaking everything you can, and check out the nearby tent, there’s a possibility for a chest to spawn here with some potential Iron Ore hidden away inside.

Once you enter the mine proper, you’ll immediately notice that it’s much larger than the Bandit Copper Mine, where you were probably farming Copper Ore back in the Farbane Woods. With a larger size, however, comes greater dangers, and you’ll want to be aware of your surroundings at all times, especially if you’re coming here solo around Gear Levels 35-50.

To begin with, there are groups of Skeletons that patrol throughout the mine, although these shouldn’t be too tough if you don’t grab them all at once. There’s also a deadly Undead Commander, this is a tough Elite Enemy that can deal devastating damage to you if you’re not careful. If you’re solo, you’ll probably want to avoid fighting it and running to a safe location.

(1 of 3) watch out for the Toxic eruptions while you’re here

The greatest threat however, is Meredith the Bright Archer, a deadly level 52 V Blood Carrier that is an expert marksman and a very challenging boss, even with a group of other players. You’ll want to avoid gaining her attention at all times when farming in the Haunted Iron Mine, don’t stick around to claim that last node if it means risking her fury, she can very quickly kill you.

As you’re exploring this large mine, you’ll also notice some rumblings from time-to-time, this will see toxic bursts erupt from the bottom of the mine and litter the area, causing damage over time while you’re standing in it. This may seem minor, but can easily add up while you’re exploring.

In general, there are far more Iron nodes here in the Haunted Iron Mine than what there were Copper in the Bandit Copper Mine, and due to the size of it, you’ll often find some nodes respawning by the time you’ve completed the main loop, especially if you take the time to break the objects here and loot the chests.

Dunley Farmlands & Cursed Forest Forest

This is less reliable than just heading to the Haunted Iron Mine, but keep an eye out when you’re traveling, especially in the Dunley Farmlands as you’ll often come across the odd node here and there. You won’t get as much as once from the mine, but it all adds up over time.

We have a V Rising Interactive Map that you can use to find the iron nodes Map Marker we are aware of. It can help you with some low profile farming routes you can go on. It is handy if the Haunted mine is contested in PvP servers, and you need the little top up[ here and there.

Sending Servants on Hunts

Once you progress a little, you’ll be able to craft Servant Coffins (at the expense of Greater Blood Essences), at which point you can use Dominating Presence to charm and gather some Servants. Once you then get around to building a Castle Throne where you can sit on it to send Servants out on resource gathering missions. Be sure to equip them well to improve their chances of success and then send them out to the Haunted Iron Mine, depending on how long you send them out for, it’s possible for them to bring back well over 600+ Iron Ore depending on the Servant’s Traits. It is easily one of the better passive ways of getting iron in V Rising.

Send a Servant out to the Haunted Iron Mine and you’ll have more Iron Ore than you’ll know what to do with.

What is Iron Ore Used For?

Once you have your Iron Ore, it’s time to refine it into Iron Ingots. To do this, you’ll need to first progress enough to unlock the Furnace and any recipes related to the equipment you’re looking for.

How to Get the Furnace

Once you’ve progressed a little and established your own Castle with your Castle Heart, you’ll unlock the Furnace recipe. To craft this, you’ll need 480 Stone and 60 Copper Ore, both of which are easy enough to achieve. With the materials in hand, consider creating a Forge Room this will give you perks for all equipment in that room (such as the Furnace), this will decrease the time it takes to refine and the cost of materials for each recipe.

You’ll also want to consider building multiple Furnaces in said room, you’ll often find yourself with plenty of raw materials and you’ll want to be refining as much as possible, all at once.

Iron Smelting

The main use for Iron Ore is the Iron Ingots you can create out of it. Once you have your shiny new Furnace, drop your Iron Ore into it and it’ll begin smelting it into Ingots. Without any perks from the Forge Room, it’ll cost 20 pieces of Iron Ore for one Iron Ingot, however with the perks, that’ll be reduced to 15.

(1 of 3) Dump the Iron Ore into the Furnace to get Iron Ingots

How to Create Iron Equipment

Now that you have your Iron Ingots, you’ll want to create a Smithy. With this in your Forge Room, you can now create the Iron line of weapons, these will not only increase your Gear Level, but also grant you your second weapon ability, used with the E-Key key.

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