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V Rising

Where to Get Fish Oil

Scott Peers

This page details where to find Fish Oil in V Rising. We’ll cover the best sources for Fish Oil including the town of Brighthaven in Silverlight Hills, and from fish when deconstructing them using the Devourer.

How to Find Fish Oil in V Rising

It may not seem like a particularly valuable item at first, but Fish Oil is used in some of the most important crafting recipes in the late game, so you’ll need to farm a lot of it sooner or later. The most common use for Fish Oil is probably in crafting Pristine Leather. If you have a room with Tailor’s Flooring, you’ll need 3 Fish Oil for every 15 Pristine Hide to craft 1 piece of Pristine Leather. The hides are much easier to acquire by killing Werewolves in the Cursed Forest, so you should have an abundance of these. The leather can then be used to craft pieces of higher level armor such as the Dawnthorn set.

Icon Name Description Use
Fish_Oil.png Fish Oil A greasy oil used for oil tanning Primarily used to craft Pristine Hides, which are required for high level armor

Kill Enemies, Loot Chests, Containers, and Destructible Objects in Brighthaven

The best way to farm Fish Oil in V Rising is by raiding the town of Brighthaven, which can be found in the southwest of the Silverlight Hills region. Here you’ll find four districts within the town: Brighthaven Cathedral in the northwest, Brighthaven Square in the northeast, Brighthaven Docks in the southwest, and Brighthaven Slums in the southeast. All of these have numerous regular and elite enemies which have a good chance of dropping Fish Oil when you kill them. You’ll also find Fish Oil in the chests and containers which can often be found inside buildings here. In addition, you should destroy absolutely every destructible object that you can find throughout Brighthaven, since they have a good chance of dropping relatively rare items, including Fish Oil. There’s a particularly high concentration of destructible objects around the docks, but they can be found throughout the town.

Raid Mosswick Village in Dunley Farmlands

Although raiding Brighthaven is by far the best way to acquire Fish Oil, you can also do the same to Mosswick Village, located in western Dunley Farmlands. You can go here by yourself or with allies to raid the area, or you can send your servants out on hunts using the Castle Throne. If you have a sufficiently powerful servant, they should return with a substantial amount of Fish Oil, without you having to do anything other than wait.

Deconstruct Fish Using the Devourer

If you’re not in much of a hurry to acquire vast quantities of Fish Oil, you can also get it more casually by deconstructing any fish that you catch with your Fishing Pole, or by looting them from containers. Each fish placed in the Devourer will yield a certain amount of Fish Oil depending on its rarity, including the elusive “The Fish”, which can provide between 50 - 80 Fish Oil after deconstructing just one of them. Most regular fish will yield anywhere between 5 - 10 Fish Oil when devoured.

What Is Fish Oil Used For?

At present, the only use for Fish Oil is in crafting Pristine Leather, as stated above. For the most efficient use of this recipe, you should ensure that your Tannery is placed within a Tailor Room. For more information on how this works, see our page on How To Create a Tailor Room.

(1 of 5) You can find Fish Oil in chests, containers, and from destructible objects throughout Brighthaven.

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