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V Rising

Where to Get Golden Jewellery

Scott Peers

This page details where to find Golden Jewellery in V Rising, and what it’s used for. We’ll cover how to get Golden Jewellery by killing enemies in Brighthaven, defeating V Blood enemies in Dunley Farmlands and the Cursed Forest, and looting all chests, containers, and destructible objects.

How to Find Golden Jewellery in V Rising

In theory, you can find Golden Jewellery in Dunley Farmlands, the Cursed Forest, and Silverlight Hills. However, by far the best and most reliable way to find it is from the town of Brighthaven, in the southwest of Silverlight Hills. You will need Golden Jewellery to craft Gold Ingots, and to repair some higher level jewellery equipment. You can also use Gold Ingots to upgrade your Castle Heart, and to craft specific luxury cosmetics for your castle.

Icon Name Description Use
Golden_Jewellery.png Golden Jewellery Reagent used for crafting Refine into gold Ingots, crafting high level equipment, castle upgrades

Loot Golden Jewellery from Enemies in Brighthaven

The best and quickest way to farm Golden Jewellery in V Rising is by killing enemies in the town of Brighthaven, in the southwest of Silverlight Hills. Here you’ll find numerous enemies who patrol the four districts of the town: Brighthaven Cathedral in the northwest, Brighthaven Square in the northeast, Brighthaven Docks in the southwest, and Brighthaven Slums in the southeast. All of these enemies have a chance to drop Golden Jewellery, but the elite enemies are almost guaranteed to drop it, such as Paladins, Knights, Clerics, and Wizards. You should be able to kill these groups of enemies on your own if you’re careful to pull them separately, especially if you are at least level 65, and preferably closer to level 70. However, you’ll have a much easier time if you storm the town with a few allies, allowing you to kill and loot everything much more quickly.

Loot All Chests, Containers, and Destructible Objects

You’ll find that although all of the elite enemies throughout Brighthaven have a good chance of dropping Golden Jewellery, those in the north have a slightly higher chance, especially around the cathedral. The same goes for the chance to find Golden Jewellery in chests, containers, and from destructible objects. You have a much better chance of finding it in the north of Brighthaven, but you can still raid everything in the south for good measure. You should get lucky enough to loot a few pieces there, alongside other useful items such as Schematics, Fish Oil, Reinforced Planks and Flawless Gems. There’s only one rule here: destroy and loot everything, wait for it to respawn and do the same thing again. You’ll soon be swimming in valuable materials.

Defeat V Blood bosses in Dunley Farmlands and Cursed Forest

Although not recommended as a reliable source of Golden Jewellery, there is a chance that V Blood bosses in Dunley Farmlands and the Cursed Forest will drop some. If you need Golden Jewellery and you come across these bosses, you might as well kill them, especially if you’re higher level. All fights in the game become much easier once you out-level the enemy, so it shouldn’t take you too long to kill most of the lower level V Blood enemies in these regions. There is also a small chance that Golden Jewellery can be found in chests and containers in specific parts of these regions, especially Dunley Monastery, Mosswick Village, Dawnbreak Village, and Ancient Villages. This is useful to be aware of, but by no means the most reliable source, so keep that in mind as you venture to these areas.

(1 of 3) You’ll need Golden Jewellery to repair some higher level equipment.

What is Golden Jewellery Used For?

Refine Golden Jewellery Into Gold Ingots for Castle Upgrades

The most obvious use for Golden Jewllery is to refine it into Gold Ingots. You will need a Furnace to do this, and the recipe only becomes available once you’ve defeated Azariel the Sunbringer (Level 68), who can be found inside Brighthaven Cathedral. To craft a Gold Ingot, you will need 6 Golden Jewellery and 6 Sulphur, so long as the furnace is placed within a Forge Room. You’ll need 1 Gold Ingot as part of the requirement to upgrade your Castle Heart to level 4, alongside 24 Dark Silver Ingots and 12 Spectral Dust. Gold Ingots are also used for additional castle upgrades, such as The Eye of the Twilight, which allows you to see the location of Soul Shards. These are items which can be placed in your castle after defeating specific end-game bosses, specifically Solarus the Immaculate (Level 80) in Silverlight Hills, Gorecrusher the Behemoth (Level 76) in the Cursed Forest, and The Winged Horror (Level 78) in Farbane Woods. You can then interact with the shards to acquire unique buffs for combat, resistances, and resource gathering. Gold Ingots are also used for fancy castle cosmetics such as sofas and chairs.

Icon Name Description Use
Gold_Ingot.png Gold Ingot Reagent used for crafting Upgrading castle heart, crafting luxury cosmetics, equipment upgrades

Craft Equipment with Golden Jewellery and Gold Ingots

Aside from castle upgrades, you can also use Golden Jewellery and Gold Ingots to craft some of the better jewellery pieces for your equipment. This includes the Corrupted Artefact which requires 8 Golden Jewellery, and the Jewel of the Wicket Prophet which requires 8 Gold Ingots. Given that each Gold Ingot requires 6 Golden Jewellery to craft, you will need a to farm a considerable amount to ensure that you have enough for these items. Keep in mind that you will also need to have some spare Golden Jewellery stashed away in your containers at all times, since you will need to use it whenever your jewellery requires repairs.

(1 of 5) You’ll need to defeat Azariel the Sunbringer in Brighthaven Cathedral before you can use the Gold Ingot recipe.

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