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Cyril the Cursed Smith V Blood Carriers (Cursed Forest)

In-game Description

Cursed with eternal life and servitude to the Cult of the Damned, Cyril has little desire to perform his duties. However, having been traded to the Cult before he had even been born, this tortured life is all he knows. Resigned to his fate, he does still take some small joy in inflicting his pain on others.


"Cyril the Cursed Smith" iconCyril the Cursed Smith, a Level 65 V Blood Carrier, resides in the "Cursed Village" iconCursed Village within the Cursed Forest. Bound by eternal servitude to the Cult of the Damned, Cyril uses his cursed life to inflict pain on others. Defeating him unlocks a Tier 3 Spell Point, "Spectral Guardian" iconSpectral Guardian, and "Wisp Dance" iconWisp Dance spells. Players also gain access to structures like the Anvil and Advanced Furnace, and the recipe for "Dark Silver Ingot" iconDark Silver Ingot.


  • Sword: Dash forward and cleave.
  • Spear: Dash backward and throw a piercing spear.
  • Mace: Levitate, then slam down, creating spiraling spheres.
  • Slashers: Slash thrice, then dash forward and backward.


  • Create Weapon: Cyril creates a new spectral weapon to fight alongside him.
  • Create Multiple Weapons: Cyril creates all four spectral weapons (starts at 50% health).
  • Dash: Cyril dashes four times in a row (starts at 30% health).


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. World Map (Vardoran) 1.0 Update

X: 9315 Y: 4527
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