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V Rising

How to Find and Kill Quincey the Bandit King

Matt Chard

This page details how to find and kill the V blood boss, Quincey the Bandit King in V Rising. Includes where to find him, and how to defeat him.

Quincey the Bandit King is a V Boss in V Rising.

Where to find Quincey the Bandit King

You will find Quincey in the Bandit Stronghold situated at the top center of Farbane Woods. The easiest way to get to him, is by teleporting to the Vampire Waygate in the southeast of Dunley Farmlands, and following the roads south then west. If you choose this route, make sure you don’t have any resources on you as that will stop you from being able to use it.

Nicholaus can be found in the Forgotten Cemetery.

When you get to the Bandit Stronghold, you’ll notice that this place cannot be accessed without using explosives on the entrance. To get the explosives, you’ll need to defeat Clive the Firestarter to get the recipe. The explosives will set you back 6x Sulphur, 6x Plank, and 3 Whetstones. This is crafted at the Alchemy Table which is also a reward for defeating Clive the Firestarter.

Once you have the explosives, put it on your hotbar, and place it at the entrance to the stronghold. This’ll destroy the gate, giving you access to the area. You can find Quincey on the western side of the stronghold, which you can reach by following the path on the map/mini-map.

How to defeat Quincey the Bandit King

This boss fight is relatively easy once you know how to avoid his attacks. The main mechanic of this fight is dodging his Merciless Charge ability. He will do this three times at your location, if you can stand near an object like a wall or rock for the third charge, he will stun himself for 3-5 seconds giving you ample time to deal some damage on him.

Quincey only has a few attacks to worry about which are:

Mace Combo

This is his normal attack, if he isn’t using his other abilities, he’ll be using this. Quincey will do two horizontal swipe-like attacks in quick succession. This is a simple attack to avoid, as long as you’re not right in front of him.


This is the attack you’ll see for most of the battle. Quincey will charge his shield and throw out a shockwave in an area of effect in front of him which’ll explode shortly after. The initial part of this attack will deal no damage, only the exploding part will. To avoid it, stand in-between the purple lines.

Merciless Charge

This is most likely the toughest attack to avoid, although it isn’t too difficult. Quincey will spread his arms before charging at you three times. You can dodge them by either using you travel ability to dash to the side or running early to the side. If you stand in front of an object like a wall or rock on the third charge, he will charge into it and stun himself for a few seconds.

Summon Trapper

Like most bosses in V Rising, Quincey will have access to spawning extra enemies to fight with him. This isn’t as bad as some of the other fights, and usually he’ll only call a couple of them.

Recommended Weapons

Weapon 1 Weapon 2 Weapon 3
Merciless_Iron_Sword_Equipment_V_Rising.png Merciless Iron Sword Merciless_Iron_Reaper_Weapons_V_Rising.png Merciless Iron Reaper Merciless_Iron_Crossbow_Equipment_V_Rising.png Merciless Iron Crossbow

The reason behind the first two weapon picks is for their area of effect capabilities. The sword has access to the Whirlwind weapon skill, and the reaper has access to the Howling Reaper weapon skill. The reaper also has bonus damage to the undead which makes this another good reason to take it.

Although we recommend the Merciless version of the weapons, the regular iron version will be fine if you don’t have access to them yet. Note, you’ll need to defeat Quincey the Bandit King to make these weapons. He is the same level as Nicholaus, so defeat him first.

Recommended Abilities

Travel Basic 1 Basic 2 Ultimate
Veil_of_Chaos_Ability_V_Rising.png Veil of Chaos Crimson_Aegis_Ability_V_Rising.png Crimson Aegis Chaos_Volley_Ability_V_Rising.png Chaos Volley Merciless_Barrage_Ability_V_Rising.png Merciless Charge

The Veil of Chaos travel ability is good for any boss as it’ll allow you to dodge twice every time you use the ability. This will also leave behind an illusion that’ll explode and deal 50% magic damage to nearby enemies. Finally, it’ll increase the damage to your next melee attack by 25%.

We take Crimson Aegis for its strong shielding ability which is 200% of your spell power whilst also knocking back enemies who attack it. This is great to use when you’re getting overwhelmed by all the undead attacking you.

You can exchange Chaos Volley for Aftershock if you like, Chaos Volley will deal more damage, but Aftershock will hit more enemies. We prefer the extra damage from Chaos Volley which will hit other enemies from its splash damage.

For the ultimate, you’ll most likely only have Merciless Charge by now. This can be useful against the hordes of undead as you’ll charge forward in a line in front of you dealing 125% magic damage on impact, and 100% magic damage in an area. If you’re coming back to fight Nicholaus’, you may have access to the Arctic Leap ultimate, if you do, choose that instead.


The main mechanic of this boss fight is around Nicholaus summoning undead whilst he keeps his distance from you. You want to fight Nicholaus aggressively by closing the distance, and staying on him, but don’t neglect the undead getting spawned as they will overwhelm you if you let their numbers get too high.

A lot of Nicholaus’ abilities are easy to avoid by simply dashing out of the way. His Pestilence attack requires a bit more thought to avoid it, but you can either interrupt it with the Crossbow’s Snapshot ability, use Crimson Aegis to avoid taking damage from it, or weave left and right to avoid each projectile.

When the number of undead starts to become too many, make use of the Sword’s Whirlwind attack, Reaper’s Tendon Swing and Howling Reaper, and the Chaos Volley/Aftershock, Merciless Charge abilities to whittle them down. You’ll want to stay on Nicholaus as much as possible and the Sword’s Shockwave attack to close the distance, followed up by switching to the Reaper, and using that to damage him due to the bonus undead damage. The key to this battle is to keep the summoned undead at a manageable level whilst focusing on Nicholaus.

Quincey the Bandit King

When you defeat Nicholaus, you’ll be rewarded with the following:

Icon Name Description
Pestilence_Ability_V_Rising.png Pestilence Launch a wave of 3 unholy projectiles that each deal 40% magic damage, knocks target back and inflict Amplify that increases damage taken by 25% for 5 seconds.
Ward_of_the_Damned_Ability_V_Rising.png Ward of the Damned Increase movement speed by 10% and block melee and projectile attack in front of you for 2 seconds. Each absorbed attack summons a skeleton. Enemy attackers are knocked back.
Study_V_Rising.jpg Study Use the Study to uncover new technology and items.
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