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V Rising

Matka the Curse Weaver Boss Guide

Matt Chard

"Matka the Curse Weaver" iconMatka the Curse Weaver is a level 74 Act 4 boss in V Rising who can be found in the aptly named "Nest of the Curse Weaver" iconNest of the Curse Weaver situated in the northeast of the Cursed Forest. Thought to be one of the oldest witches in Vardoran, Matka has access to the Illusion and Unholy spell schools, which she’ll use to summon mosquitoes, slow you down, and transform you into a pig, yes, a pig. Defeating Matka will reward you with a Tier 2 spell point and recipes for the Advanced Loom, "Ghost Yarn" iconGhost Yarn, and "Mosquito" iconMosquito. Read on to find out how to reach and defeat her.

Matka the Curse Weaver can be found in the Cursed Forest in V Rising.

Matka the Curse Weaver Location

You will find Matka in the Nest of the Curse Weaver (Map Marker) which is situated in the Cursed Forest. The easiest way to reach her location is to teleport to the eastern "Cursed Forest Waygate" iconCursed Forest Waygate (Map Marker) and follow the path west. As you head along the path west, ignore the paths to the south and after the second path, you’ll find a path leading north. Follow this path to the end to find Matka. Note that your map will become obscured when you enter the Cursed Forest. This can be negated by interacting with the light wisps scattered around the forest.

(1 of 2) Teleport to the eastern Cursed Forest Waygate, head west, north, west, and north again to find Matka.

Teleport to the eastern Cursed Forest Waygate, head west, north, west, and north again to find Matka. (left), She’ll be waiting for you at the back of the nest. (right)

Matka the Curse Weaver Strategy

For this battle, we recommend the following spells: Veil of Chaos, "Blood Rage" iconBlood Rage, "Ball Lightning" iconBall Lightning, and "Wisp Dance" iconWisp Dance. This particular set of spells will give you access to increased movement and attack speed, health leech, two dodges, and area of effect damage. Pair these up with Axes, Greatswords, Slashers, or Pistols to gain another dodge via their weapon skills. However, we recommend Axes for the attack speed boost and the powerful "X-Strike" iconX-Strike weapon skill, although the rest of the weapons will work well. Finally, try to get either a Rogue or Scholar Blood Type, preferably above 50%. Before we get into the strategy of the battle, let’s take a look at Matka’s attacks.

  • Curse of Transformation: Matka will wave her staff around before, unleashing several shockwaves in every direction. When the shockwaves hit an object, they will bounce around randomly until the spell is finished. If this hits you, you’ll be transformed into a pig for a few seconds, restricting you from doing anything outside of moving. Although this is hard to avoid, a well-timed dodge can avoid it by using an i-frame. If you do get hit by it, move away from Matka, and be ready to avoid her following attacks while you’re in this form.

  • Summon Mosquito: Matka will slam her staff into the ground and a Mosquito or two will appear on the battleground. For the most part, you can ignore/kite these around the arena, but be aware that when they reach low health, they’ll turn green and explode. Note that killing the mosquitoes has a small chance of dropping a health orb. If you would rather take them out, a well-placed X-Strike (Axes) will do that for you.

  • Slowing Puddles: Matka will place her hand forward to channel this spell. This will place small green puddles underneath your character while tracking your location. If you get hit by these, they’ll slow you down and deal minor damage. As long as you keep moving, this spell won’t hit you. To make things easier, you could use Blood Rage to get a slight movement speed increase.

  • Explosive Puddles: Similar to the other puddle spell, Matka will summon more green puddles, but these will be smaller than the other spell, and they will appear in sets of three at a time. These will still slow you down if you walk over them, but they’ll explode shortly after. Make sure you keep moving while staying out of the green puddles, if you happen to have one under you, dodge out of it.

  • Skull Barrage: Matka will swing her staff horizontally, unleashing a barrage of green skulls in a wide arc. Either dodge through them or back up and stand between them, as they will spread apart the further they travel.

  • Explosive Mosquitos: In the second phase of the battle (50%), Matka will burrow into the ground and unleash numerous mosquitoes whose sole purpose is to fly over to you and explode. Either kill them before they explode or run away from them.

  • Staff Swipe: This isn’t really an attack and more of what happens when you’re near Matka as she’ll swing her staff when casting spells. If you’re near the staff as it swings, it will deal damage to you.

(1 of 6) Curse of Transformation: Indicated by waving her staff around, Matka will send out a wave that will transform you into a pig while shockwaves bounce around the arena.

This battle is all about movement because if you stand still, you’ll get slowed, transformed into a pig, hit by projectiles, and attacked by mosquitoes. Matka is vulnerable to attacks throughout the battle, so you should keep moving, avoid attacks, dodge toward her, and throw an X-Strike at her while you attack away. The quicker she’s defeated the better, otherwise she’ll chip away at your health without having to do much. Her biggest threat is the Slowing Puddles spells because if you get hit by that, you’ll get hit by the rest of her attacks. Fortunately, this shouldn’t get you if you keep moving. For the most part, you can ignore the mosquitoes when she summons them, and stay away from them when they’re about to explode, as indicated by a green glow.

When Matka casts Curse of Transformation, it will initially have a room-wide effect at the beginning of the cast, which will transform you. This is difficult to avoid, although it is possible with a well-timed dodge. However, if you do get hit by it, just back away, and keep moving to avoid the follow-up attacks until the transformation ends, which is approximately three seconds. Throughout the battle, Matka will cast Explosive Puddles. These will slow you if you touch them while also exploding, hence the name. They will be in sets of three, and she’ll place numerous of them around the arena. Make sure you stay away from these, as they’ll deal significant damage; if you have to, use a dodge to get some distance from them.

(1 of 2) As Matka nears her death, she’ll start throwing out more spells at you at once.

As Matka nears her death, she’ll start throwing out more spells at you at once. (left), Keep moving around the arena while dodging into her to attack her before moving around again. (right)

Around 50%, Matka will start phase 2 where she’ll begin to chain the spells together, meaning you’ll have to avoid more than one spell at a time. This can get overwhelming, but as long as you stay on the move, you’ll only get hit by the odd spell, which can easily be healed up by using "Wisp" iconWisp Dancer or dodge-attacking Matka. Another spell she’ll throw into the mix is Explosive Mosquito’s. She will burrow into the ground while numerous mosquitoes will travel toward you where they’ll explode. The safer method is to retreat and then dodge away from them when they get near. Keep chipping away at Matka’s health bar, and before you know it, she’ll be defeated. Upon defeat, you’ll be rewarded with a Tier 3 Illusion Spell Point, and recipes for the Advanced Loom, Ghost Yarn, and Mosquito.

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