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V Rising

Where to Get Highland Lotus

Scott Peers

This page details where you can find Highland Lotus in V Rising, which is required to craft "Silk" iconSilk, an essential material to craft the Bloodmoon armor set. We’ll cover how to find Highland Lotus in the "Harpy Nest" iconHarpy Nests of Silverlight Hills, how to purchase Highland Lotus Seeds from Ottar the Merchant, and how to maintain a garden of Highland Lotus at your castle.

How to Find Highland Lotus

There are currently only two known reliable sources of Highland Lotus in V Rising. The first is by harvesting the plant from Harpy Nests in Silverlight Hills, and the second is by purchasing the seeds for it from Ottar the Merchant. There are other, less reliable ways to obtain Highland Lotus, but this involves a bit of luck as you loot chests, containers, and destructible objects.

Icon Name Description Use
Highland_Lotus.png Highland Lotus Reagent used for crafting Essential material to craft "Silk" iconSilk, which is required for the Bloodmoon armor set

Harvest Highland Lotus from Harpy Nests

As a wild resource, the Highland Lotus can only be found in Harpy Nests within Silverlight Hills region, which is located in the northwest of Vardoran. There are currently only two Harpy Nests present in the region, one in the south and one in the north. You’ll find a decent amount of Highland Lotus scattered throughout these Harpy Nest areas, but you’ll need to kill a bunch of level 58 - 66 Harpy enemies along the way. There isn’t much shade to be found around these nests, so we don’t recommend visiting them during the day. However, if you really need to, you can hide under small patches of shade at specific points under cliff edges, or you can even hide within a nest to recover if necessary.

The northern Harpy Nest is the easiest to navigate, since the southern nest is home to the Morian the Stormwing Matriarch (Level 68) boss. If you feel comfortable in being able to kill her, you can do so to earn some extra resources, but otherwise you can just run through the area to harvest the Highland Lotus, then run out once you’ve got all that you need. As mentioned in the tip above, you should be using weapons which increase resource yield for vegetation and thickets, such as Iron Swords or Iron Slashers, to ensure that you harvest the most amount of Highland Lotus from each plant. If you can manage to find Tier V Worker Blood, this will increase resource yield by a further 30%, so it’s well worth the effort considering the rarity of Highland Lotus.

(1 of 4) You’ll only find Highland Lotus plants in the Harpy Nests of Silverlight Hills.

Purchase Highland Lotus Seeds from Ottar the Merchant

If you’ve farmed both Harpy Nests in the Silverlight Hills and you still need more Highland Lotus, there is an alternative reliable source that can be found in the form of Highland Lotus Seeds. These can be purchased from Ottar the Merchant, who can be found in his shop within the Brighthaven Slums, in the southeastern part of the town. The major catch here is that each Highland Lotus Seed costs 200 silver, so you’ll need to have saved a lot of "Silver Coin" iconSilver Coins before you can consider this as a viable option. In addition, the guards of the town will be hostile to you, so unless you’re willing to kill pretty much every guard in the slums (not necessarily a bad thing if you need other late-game loot!), you will have to approach Ottar in Human Form. Keep in mind that if you reveal yourself out of Human Form to any merchant, they will also become hostile.

Icon Name Description Use
Highland_Lotus_Seeds.png Highland Lotus Seed Can be planted within your territory Plant in the garden of your castle to yield a constant source of Highland Lotus

As with any alternative form, you can only maintain it if you’re not taking any damage, which includes the damage taken from Silver Sickness. If you want to carry at least 200 Silver Coins and still maintain Human Form as you wander through the Brighthaven Slums, you’ll need to have a decent amount of Silver Resistance. This is most easily acquired from cloaks in terms of gear, with both the Hunter’s Cloak and "Phantom's Veil" iconPhantom’s Veil providing +15 Silver Resistance. You can boost this further by crafting a "Silver Resistance Brew" iconSilver Resistance Brew (+15 for 1200 seconds) or a Silver Resistance Potion (+50 for 1200 seconds).

Once you have at least one Highland Lotus Seed, you can return to your castle and place it anywhere outside. This will provide a reliable source of at least some Highland Lotus, which is one of the rarest plants in the game. Aside from purchasing the seeds from Ottar the Merchant, you may also find them by chance as you loot chests, containers, destructible objects, or as drops from enemies, but this isn’t a reliable method and the drop rate is low.

Loot Chests, Containers, and Destructible Objects

The least reliable way that you can find Highland Lotus or Highland Lotus Seeds is as a drop from chests, containers, destructible objects, and as loot from fallen enemies. As mentioned above, we don’t recommend relying on this method, since you will need to be lucky to find even a small amount of the plant from these sources. With that said, it’s worth looting absolutely everything while you’re in the Silverlight Hills, as the loot always has a chance to yield something useful. The area around the Brighthaven Docks is a particularly good source of destructible objects, and the nearby houses / NPCs which can be looted is a bonus.

(1 of 3) You can plant your Highland Lotus seeds in a garden within your castle grounds.

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