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V Rising

Where to Get Silver Ore

Scott Peers

This page details where to find Silver Ore in V Rising. We’ll cover where the best places to find Silver Ore are, and what Silver Ore is used for. We’ll also cover why you should craft Silver Resistance Brews and Potions before going on a Silver Ore farm run.

Icon Name Description Use
Silver_Ore.png Silver Ore Reagent used for crafting Refine into Dark Silver Ingots, used to craft weapons, armor, and cosmetics

How to Find Silver Ore

The best silver ore locations in V Rising are:

  • Sacred Silver Mine
  • Silverlight Hills
  • Brighthaven’s Chests
  • Servant Scavenger Missions

You can find more information on these locations and tips for farming them below.

As you approach Gear Level 65 - 70, you’ll begin to realize that you need Silver Ore to upgrade your equipment, and some of your crafting apparatus. You may have only explored Farbane Woods, Dunley Farmlands, the Cursed Forest and Hallowed Mountains at this point. None of these regions contain Silver Ore, and it’s even relatively rare throughout the Silverlight Hills, which is currently the only region where you can find Silver Ore. Thankfully, there are some reliable sources to obtain this rare material, as detailed below. Keep in mind that you will need an Iron Mace or better to successfully mine Silver Ore. If you try with anything lower, your attack speed will be too low and you’ll obtain no resources per hit of a node.

The Sacred Silver Mine

The most reliable and abundant source of Silver Ore in V Rising is from the Sacred Silver Mine, which is located in the northwestern part of the Silverlight Hills. This is an enormous mine, similar in size and function to that of the Haunted Iron Mine in Dunley Farmlands. There are plenty of elite units in here which can cause you some trouble if you’re not careful, so be sure to move through this mine with caution, especially if you’re alone. If you want to get as much Silver Ore as possible from here in a relatively short period of time, without having to worry about being overwhelmed by the enemies which patrol through it if you’re a lower level, we recommend coming with at least one other ally.

Once you’re inside the Sacred Silver Mine, you’ll find that it’s filled with Silver Ore nodes. Try to clear each area of enemies before you begin mining, and don’t stray too far from one group of enemies, since you can easily pull groups of others here if you wander off. You should find plenty of Silver Ore from nodes in here, but you may also obtain some as loot from fallen enemies, as loot from regular or gold chests, or as loot from destructible objects, so be sure to loot and smash everything that you come across.

Random Ore Node Spawns

Aside from the Sacred Silver Mine, you may be lucky enough to find Silver Ore nodes outside of it, scattered throughout the Silverlight Hills. However, these nodes are much rarer than those of Iron or Copper in other regions, so it’s not the most reliable way to farm Silver Ore. Still, you should be on the lookout just in case!

Chests, Containers, and Destructible Objects

As mentioned in the above section on the Sacred Silver Mine, you can find Silver Ore as loot from fallen enemies, as loot from regular or gold chests, or as loot from destructible objects. This applies to any that you find throughout the Silverlight Hills, especially within the town of Brighthaven, which is located to the southwest of the Sacred Silver Mine. Again, this isn’t the most reliable source, but you should make a habit of looting everything (and destroying all destructible objects!) if you want to maximize your gains.

Send Servants on Hunts

Finally, another way to get Silver Ore without having to do much work yourself is by sending your servants on hunts to the Sacred Silver Mine. You can do this from the Castle Throne within your castle, but keep in mind that you’ll need to have servants with exceptionally good gear to have any success chance when hunting in the Sacred Silver Mine. If possible, you should send multiple high gear level servants to the mine at once. This will increase the amount of resources that they return with, while also making it less likely that they will fail or die during the hunt. See our page on How to send Servants out for Hunts for a more detailed explanation on this mechanic.

(1 of 5) You’ll find the Sacred Silver Mine in the northwest of Silverlight Hills.

What is Silver Ore Used For?

Construct the Anvil in Your Forge Room

The first thing that you’re likely to come across which requires Silver Ore for crafting is the Anvil, part of the Forge Room equipment which can be found from the Crafting tab in the Production build menu. You’ll need 32 Dark Silver Ingots to craft the anvil, and you’ll also need some Scourgestones as part of the recipe. You can see our page on Where to Get Scourgestones if you need more of those. It’s important that you construct the Anvil in a room with Forge Flooring to ensure that you produce Dark Silver Ingots in the most efficient way possible. It will cost 20 Silver Ore and 1 Scourgestone to produce 1 Dark Silver Ingot without Forge Flooring, and 15 Silver Ore with 1 Scourgestone if your furnace is placed on Forge Flooring within a Forge Room. See our page on How To Create a Forge Room for more information on this.

Use Dark Silver Ingots to Upgrade Your Equipment

Once you’ve built an Anvil with Dark Silver Ingots, you’ll notice that you have access to a number of new weapon recipes, including the Dark Silver Sword, Dark Silver Axes, Dark Silver Mace, Dark Silver Spear, Dark Silver Reaper, and the Dark Silver Slashers. Each of these cost 12 Dark Silver Ingots and 6 Reinforced Planks to craft. You can also find the recipes for their Sanguine variants, which are even more powerful. These don’t require any Dark Silver Ingots to craft, but you will need an original Dark Silver weapon of the same time to produce the Sanguine variant.

Upgrade Your Castle Heart and Cosmetics with Dark Silver Ingots

Aside from the shiny new equipment that you can produce with Dark Silver Ingots, you can also upgrade your Castle Heart with them. This will cost you 24 Dark Silver Ingots, but you will also need 12 Spectral Dust and 1 Gold Ingot. In addition, Dark Silver Ingots are used in some high tier cosmetic recipes for your castle, including various types of flying lights and outdoor lanterns. You might want to wait until after you’ve crafted the best gear and upgraded your castle before you put ingots into these cosmetics, but once you have enough Silver Ore lying around, there’s nothing to stop you from making your castle even more lavish with these items.

(1 of 5) In a forge room, you will need 15 Silver Ore and 1 Scourgestone to produce 1 Dark Silver Ingot.

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