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V Rising

Grethel the Glassblower Boss Guide

Shane Williams

There are lots of challenging V Blood Bosses lurking around in V Rising and this page details how to find and kill the V blood boss, "Grethel the Glassblower" iconGrethel the Glassblower which was added in the Secrets of Gloomrot update. If you manage to defeat her, then you’ll be rewarded with a variety of recipes and a Tier 1 Storm Spell Point.

Grethel can be found in the Quartz Quarry.

Grethel the Glassblower Location

Grethel the Glassblower is another level 50 boss so you’ll want to craft the Hollowfang set via the Tailoring Bench, as this will get your gear level to 50 which will give you a slight advantage against her. We also recommend that you take a quick trip over to Silverlight Hills and defeat some of the enemies until you get a decent Scholar blood type, because this will increase your spell power and reduce the cooldown time needed to keep using them. With the preparations out of the way, track Grethel via the V Blood menu and fast travel to the Vampiric Waygate to the northwest of Dunley Farmlands. Follow the trail into the nearby Quartz Quarry and you’ll find her sitting inside the building.

Grethel the Glassblower Strategy

Before you engage with Grethel you’ll want to clear out all of the militia in the quarry, as this will prevent them from sneaking up on you during the battle. For this fight you’ll want to keep your distance and chip away at her health with either a Bow or Pistols and then weave in the odd blood magic spell to leech some health off her. If you find yourself taking too much damage, then consider using the ice block as this will recover your health and make you temporarily invulnerable.

You can learn about the attacks that Grethel may use against you below:

Shock Discs

Grethel’s primary attack involves her shooting out three electrified discs in your location and then retracting back to her. Getting hit by this will result in your movement speed being temporally slowed which will make you open to some of her other attacks. If you’re standing far enough away then you could simply stand in between the discs or alternatively move to the side.


Throughout the battle, she’ll jump up into the air and dive in on your location which will deal moderate damage, so you’ll want to save your dash skill for this occasion to easily avoid it.

(1 of 4) Dash to the side to avoid the divebomb.

Lava Rainfall

Once you’ve chipped a fair bit of health off her, she’ll start calling lava down from the skies which will then land and sit in various locations around the battlefield. Avoid standing in these otherwise your HP will gradually deplete.

Icicle Shield

If you see Grethel bring out a shield, then you’ll want to avoid hitting this at all costs as it’ll summon multiple icicles which will then bounce around the battlefield and hit you multiple times.

Grethel the Glassblower Rewards

When you defeat Grethel, you’ll unlock recipes for Wall Hanging Mirrors, "Glass" iconGlass and Blood Rose Potion and a Tier 1 Storm Spell Point which you can use to add more storm-based spells to your collection.

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