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V Rising

General Cassius the Betrayer Boss Guide

Matt Chard

"General Cassius the Betrayer" iconGeneral Cassius the Betrayer is a level 57 V Blood Boss in V Rising. Similar to General Elena, you’ll find Cassius roaming the paths in the Ruins of Mortium. A powerful Paladin who was tasked to bring an end to the Immortal King himself, Dracula, failing in his task, ended up in servitude for the vampire he was sent to take down. Cassius utilizes the Unholy magic school and uses a sentient blade called the Nightfall Edge, which he’ll use against you in battle. Upon defeating Cassius, you’ll be rewarded with one Tier 2 Unholy Spell Point and the Stygian Summoning Circle and Vampiric Brew recipes. Read on to find out where you can find and how you can defeat General Cassius the Betrayer.

General Cassius is a level 57 V Blood Boss that roams the Ruins of Mortium in V Rising.

General Cassius the Betrayer Location

General Cassius roams (Map Marker) around the paths across the Ruins of Mortium with a band of lesser Draculin following him. Your best bet on finding him is to teleport to one of the Vampiric Waygates on the west side of the ruins, track his blood, and stay on the paths, and you’ll soon find him.

Cassius walks the paths in the Ruins of Mortium.

General Cassius the Betrayer Strategy

Cassius only has a few attacks to deal with, most of which are easy to avoid with a simple dodge, however, he’ll regularly bring out the sentient blade, Nightfall Edge that he’ll move around the arena. While the sword is out, he’ll take reduced damage and continuously throw out ranged attacks that summon minions if they hit you. During this phase, you’ll want to destroy the Nightfall Edge immediately and pick up the downed sword. Throw the sword back at him to knock him to the floor where he’ll be stunned for a short duration, and then use that time to deal most of your damage as he won’t be able to fight back. This mechanic happens throughout the fight, so make sure you take advantage of it. Outside this mechanic, most of his attacks are simple enough to avoid; let’s take a look at them:

  • Cleave: This is Cassius’ general attack, where he’ll slowly walk towards you and perform a horizontal slash that can be followed up with another. The attack covers a wide arc in front of him and can be difficult to avoid due to its coverage. Your best bet is to dodge toward it, but if your dodge is on cooldown, you’ll want to back away, preferably with a movement-enhancing spell such as "Blood Rage" iconBlood Rage.

  • Unholy Circle: Cassius will usually use this spell immediately after another attack, including Cleave. He’ll place a red circular marker on the floor where a pillar of Unholy energy will rise from. All you need to do to avoid the attack is stay out of the circle, and you should have more than enough time to get out of it.

  • Unholy Slam: Cassius will leap into the air and slam down, dealing Unholy damage. This attack will display a large circular marker on the floor that you’ll need to get out of. As this attack comes at you more quickly than Unholy Circle, you’ll want to dodge, instead of running out of it, however, you can run out of it too provided you run the second he jumps into the air.

  • Nightfall Edge: Cassius will summon his sentient blade, Nightfall Edge, that will be tethered to him. This will reduce the damage you do to him, while also allowing him to cast ranged projectiles at your location that will summon undead should they hit you. He will also summon other Draculin during this phase. He will continuously do this while the sword is up, so make sure you destroy the sword as soon as possible and then interact with it to throw it back at him. This will stun him briefly, leaving him open to attack.

(1 of 4) Cleave: Cassius will slowly walk toward you before performing a wide cleaving attack.

This battle is a breeze for the most part, but you can get overwhelmed by the additional enemies that get summoned if you leave the Nightfall Edge up for too long. Whenever he does this attack, make sure your focus is 100% on destroying the sword; the quicker you destroy it, the fewer enemies you’ll have to deal with. We recommend using the Sword ability “"Whirlwind" iconWhirlwind” to deal with the extra enemies, as that can take them out with one attack. The only other attack that you may struggle with is his regular Cleave attack.

Fortunately, he’ll slowly walk toward you to do this, so if your dodge is on cooldown, back up to buy you some time, and then dodge through the attack toward him where you can get a few attacks of your own. His Unholy Slam attack is relatively easy to dodge as long as you run away from him the second you see him leap into the air, failing that, use your dodge just as he is about to land.

Finally, his Unholy Circle attack is just a regular small circle marker that will deal some damage if you are in it when it goes off. There’s not much to do about this outside of getting out of the marker, but as long as you’re not standing in one spot, you should be fine. Once you defeat Cassius, you’ll be rewarded with a Tier 2 Unholy Spell Point and the Stygian Summoning Circle and Vampiric Brew recipes. That’s all there is to General Cassius, and you shouldn’t have too many problems with him, provided you destroy the Nightfall Edge as soon as it appears.

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