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V Rising

Lord Styx the Night Champion Boss Guide

Matt Chard

"Lord Styx the Night Champion" iconLord Styx the Night Champion is a level 83 V Blood Boss in V Rising. Defeating Lord Styx is key to progressing the game because he rewards you with the Blood Key recipe, which is required to enter "Dracula’s Castle" iconDracula’s Castle. In addition to the Blood Key, he’ll also give you the time-saving Bat Form ability that allows you to soar through the skies. However, defeating Lord Styx is no easy task due to his ruthless nature and the variety of attacks that regularly cover the arena. You’ll find Lord Styx in the "Dracula's Demise" iconDracula’s Demise area in Gloomrot South. Read on to find out how to reach Lord Styx and how you can defeat him.

Lord Styx is a level 83 boss in V Rising who unlocks the Blood Key needed to access Dracula’s Castle.

Lord Styx Location

Lord Styx is in Dracula’s Demise (Map Marker) in Gloomrot South. The easiest way to reach him is to teleport to Gloomrot South Vampiric Waygate (Map Marker) and exit it from the north. From there, follow the path east/northeast and take the next path at the intersection south. This will take you into Dracula’s Demise where all you’ll need to do is fight your way through the Draculin to the center of the area where the large crystal is situated. Lord Styx will patrol the crystal.

(1 of 2) Teleport to Gloomrot South Waygate and head north, east, and then south to Dracula’s Demise.

Teleport to Gloomrot South Waygate and head north, east, and then south to Dracula’s Demise. (left), You will find Styx roaming around the large crystal. (right)

Lord Styx Strategy

Before you fight Lord Styx, clear the surrounding area of Draculin as you don’t want them to attack you during the boss fight. Once that’s done feel free to initiate the battle. Before we get into the strategy, let’s take a look at Lord Styx’s attacks.

  • Bat Swarm: Styx will charge up before unleashing a swarm of bats. The first part of this attack is relatively easy to avoid as the swarm of bats (looks like a red ball) will travel in a line directly at you. However, another swarm will come at the same time/just after it, and this is tricky as you’re never 100% sure where it’s going to come from. Later on in the battle, multiple swarms will come from outside the arena. Firstly, it will always come from outside the arena and travel inwards. Secondly, it will generally be near you or Lord Styx. The easiest way to avoid the attack is to dodge the first swarm by dodging to the side. Alternatively, if you have Veil of Chaos as your dodge, you can dodge through the first swarm, and then dodge the second toward Styx. This will give you a brief opening to attack him.

  • Spinning Discs: Styx will charge up for a brief moment before unleashing numerous red discs across the area. There will be two sets of these, Styx will unleash the first barrage, and just as it appears to end, he’ll shoot out another set. To avoid the attack, back away until a disc is about to hit you, and then dodge through it. If you have the Veil of Chaos spell, you can dodge through the next set too. If you do this toward Styx where you’ll get an opening to attack him.

  • Chaos Bolts: As with all Styx’s main attacks, there’ll be a short charge before he does this attack. After the charge, red markers will appear on the ground where bolts of Chaos magic will hit the ground. Once the Chaos magic hits the ground, it’ll leave behind chaos puddles on the ground that persist for a short while and will damage you. Make sure you move out of the red markers before repositioning to the other side of the arena to avoid the chaos puddles.

  • Leaping Slam: Styx will jump in the air while spinning before slamming down with his weapons. This attack is easy to avoid provided you’re not standing still. Always be moving and you’ll avoid this nine out of ten times. Alternatively, wait for Styx to slam down and dodge through the attack.

  • Lunging Thrust: Styx will lunge and thrust at your location. Simply sidestep or dodge through the attack to avoid it.

  • Lunging Thrust Combo: When you’re close enough to Styx, he’ll perform a three-hit combo ending with a lunging thrust. The first two attacks will be horizontal slashes followed by a lunging thrust. Simply move away from Styx when he does this and then dodge through the thrust where you can attack him.

  • Gargoyle Slam: At 50% health, Styx will disappear from the arena. Approximately 10 seconds later, he’ll slam down at your location while shapeshifting into a Gargoyle followed by another Gargoyle. After they’ve landed, the second Gargoyle will stay in the battle until it’s defeated. The larger Gargoyle is Styx and the second Gargoyle will mimic his attacks, so you’ll want to defeat it as soon as possible. Fortunately, it doesn’t have a lot of health. Once you’ve taken down the first Gargoyle, you’ll need to deplete Styx’s Gargoyle form next. Once that’s done, he’ll be protected by a barrier while he transforms back.

(1 of 7) Charging Spells: Before Styx uses a spell, he’ll charge for a short while. When he does this, either Spinning Discs, Bat Swarm, or Chaos Bolts will come next.

As you can see, there aren’t too many attacks to deal with, but some of them can be difficult to avoid, especially Bat Swarm. For this battle, we recommend the following spells: Veil of Chaos (dodge), "Blood Rage" iconBlood Rage (minor heal, movement speed, attack speed), "Power Surge" iconPower Surge (movement speed, attack speed, ignite), and either "Ice Block" iconIce Block (heal + damage negation) or "Wisp Dance" iconWisp Dance (health leech, lower spell cooldowns, enemy defense down); make sure you add +duration jewels to both Blood Rage and Power Surge. Any weapons will work well against Styx but we’re particularly fond of the Axes as "Frenzy" iconFrenzy will give you another pseudo dodge as well as attack speed while "X-Strike" iconX-Strike deals a lot of damage.

Lord Styx is a nimble boss who likes to teleport around the battlefield all the time, especially behind you where he’ll either lunge or leap at you, so you’ll always want to be on the move to avoid his attacks. When he does Bat Swarm, dodge through the first swarm with Veil of Chaos, and perform a second dodge toward him when the second comes your way. This will leave him open for a few attacks. Generally, Styx will rotate between Bat Swarm, Spinning Discs, and Chaos Bolts while using his Lunging Thrust (Combo) or Leaping Slam after he teleports behind you.

(1 of 3) Gargoyle Slam: At 50%, Styx will leave the battlefield before slamming to the ground.

At 50%, Styx will disappear before slamming down at your location following a slam from another Gargoyle. When this happens, keep moving until the red marker appears, and then dodge out of the circle. This attack happens quickly, so make sure you’re ready for it. After the slam, Styx will be accompanied by the Gargoyle while he also becomes one. You’ll need to defeat the Gargoyle and deplete Styx’s Gargoyle form before you can continue reducing his main health. When his Gargoyle form is defeated, he’ll place a barrier while he transforms back, where he’ll go back to his normal health before he leaves the arena.

From this point forward, his attacks will become quicker, and he’ll begin to chain them together. So, you might see Bat Swarm and Spinning Discs together, or Bat Swarm and Chaos Bolts, or even all three. This is when the battle begins to get difficult as you’ll have to deal with a lot of things going on at the same time. Save your dodges primarily for Bat Swarms as more swarms will come your way during this stage.

You can use a dodge for Spinning Discs but we recommend you use Blood Rage and Power Surge for the movement boost and run away from them instead. At around 15-20% health, Styx will continually cast Bat Swarms where you can see up to six or seven swarms at a time. During this, he’ll cast either Chaos Bolts or Spinning Discs. It’s very easy to fall during this period, so we recommend finishing him off as soon as possible but don’t get careless in avoiding his attacks. Defeating Lord Styx will reward you with Bat Form and recipes for "Onyx Tear" iconOnyx Tears and the Blood Key Necklace that is required to enter Dracula’s Castle.

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