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V Rising

Where to Find All Cavepassages

Scott Peers

This page details everything you need to know about Cavepassages in V Rising. We’ll cover where to find all the Cavepassages in Vardoran, how to use them properly so that you don’t end up in the wrong place, and which Cavepassage entrances connect to specific exits.

How to Fast Travel Using Cavepassages in V Rising

The Cavepassages in V Rising are a unique set of 8 caves which allow you to travel across vast distances of the map. In this way they’re similar to Vampire Waypoints, but the main difference here is that you can have anything in your inventory and still be able to use a Cavepassage, whereas you can’t use Vampire Waypoints if you have most types of resources in your inventory. You can check whether your items can be teleported via a Vampire Waygate if you hover over them within your inventory. It will state “Cannot be Teleported” beneath the name of the item.

At this point you might be asking why you would bother using Vampire Waygates at all, since you can use Cavepassages without any inventory restrictions. However, there is a catch to Cavepassages: each cave has a fixed connection to another that you can’t alter, with one end classified as an Entrance, and the other as an Exit. This means that you can only enter specific cave entrances to emerge on the other side at a fixed exit location. In other words, there is no way to travel from the exit of a Cavepassage to its corresponding entrance Cavepassage.

There are currently 8 Cavepassages located throughout Vardoran: three in Farbane Woods, two in Dunley Farmlands, two in the Cursed Forest, and one in the Silverlight Hills. The first Cavepassage that you’re likely to encounter is probably one of those in Farbane Woods, but all of these are exit Cavepassages from entrances further north.

(1 of 2) The Cavepassage Entrances appear as a slit in the side of a cave wall, glowing red from the inside.

The Cavepassage Entrances appear as a slit in the side of a cave wall, glowing red from the inside. (left), You can travel back to the Entrance of a Cavepassage after reaching the Exit, but you can’t reach the Exit in any other way, since it will be blocked by height restrictions or other immovable objects. (right)

The first entrance Cavepassage that you’re likely to encounter is in the centre of Dunley Farmlands, which we’ve referred to as Cavepassage Entrance 1. The corresponding exit is referred to as Cavepassage Exit 1, making it easier for you to see which cave connects to another at a glance. You can see all the Cavepassage entrances and their corresponding exits on our V Rising map here, but we’ve also included a simple table detailing the locations and connections below, with links to the associated map icon.

This map shows where specific Cavepassage Entrances lead to their corresponding Exits.

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