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V Rising

How to Travel Using Vampire Powers

Scott Peers

This page details everything related to travelling through Vardoran in V Rising using different Vampire Powers, including Wolf Form, Bear Form, Rat Form, Toad Form, and Bat Form. We’ll cover the best uses for each power in specific circumstances.

How to Use Wolf Form in V Rising

The Wolf Form is one of the first Vampire Powers that you’ll acquire as a reward for defeating the Alpha Wolf (Level 16). When using this power, you’ll gain +45% movement speed, which is an incredibly useful buff to have when you’re travelling through Vardoran, especially during the day when you need to evade the sun and quickly run between shaded areas. A horse mount is still generally faster than the Wolf Form, but it provides less maneuverability. As a wolf, you can easily dart between dense foliage while gathering resources. You can also use it as your default state while working within your castle, making your journey between crafting facilities and storage that much quicker. You will have no ability to attack as a wolf, but you can howl like a wolf, like a vampire wolf…

Wolf Form can be most useful when travelling along roads without a horse, or when resource gathering.

How to Use Bear Form in V Rising

After Wolf Form, Bear Form is likely to be the next transformation Vampire Power that you acquire. You’ll get this one as a reward for defeating the Ferocious Bear boss (Level 36). This form also provides a speed buff, increasing your movement by +15%. However, it also comes with a lot more to offer in terms of other buffs, such as increased health regeneration while out of combat, reduced damage taken by 25%, and increased resistances by 25%. In addition, you’ll be able to destroy massive resources while in the Bear Form by using the Crush skill. However, if you use this method you won’t gain any resources from the destroyed resource, so it should only be used as a method to quickly clear areas when needed. You can also use the Crush and Smash skills to inflict damage to enemies, though it won’t be anywhere near as much as you can deal with your spells or weapons. A better use for Crush is when you need to get through a fortified entrance to a town or encampment.

How to Use Rat Form in V Rising

The Rat Form Vampire Power is a bit more difficult to acquire than the others, since it requires some additional steps in terms of obtaining specific items and recipes. For a full guide on how to acquire the Rat Form power, see our How to Find and Kill the Putrid Rat page. Once you’ve killed the Putrid Rat (Level 30), you’ll be able to blend into the environment as a rat, to some extent. In reality, all this really does is make it easier for you to run past an enemy if you’re behind them, without them being able to detect you as easily. You’ll still be detected if you try to run straight in front of an enemy, so being in Rat Form isn’t the best method of sneaking through a town, for example. It will allow you to fit through or around some spaces that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to, but other than this there aren’t many benefits to Rat Form. There may be rare instances where using Rat Form is useful as you plan to attack a specific boss or group of enemies, since you can scout an area with less chance of being detected in this scenario.

You can approach most enemies more closely without being detected in Rat Form.

How to Use Human Form in V Rising

Once you kill Beatrice the Tailor (Level 38) in Dunley Farmlands, you’ll gain access to Human Form as one of the rewards. This Vampire Power has much more potential than the somewhat disappointing Rat Form, since it allows you to roam around human settlements without being detected by most inhabitants, even when you’re standing straight in front of someone. However, there are some enemies who will be able to perceive you as a vampire even while in human form, but these are few and far between in early and mid-game areas such as Farbane Woods and Dunley Farmlands. There are many uses for Human Form as you travel throughout Vardoran, but the most unique is being able to trade with NPCs who would otherwise be hostile, such as Gavyn the Shady Dealer, Berk the Travelling Trader, and Ottar the Merchant. These can be found roaming around the map in specific areas, and you can only trade with them (using Silver) when you’re in Human Form. Aside from this, you can also roam undetected in human settlements to check for specific resources, or to search for things like horses.

(1 of 2) Human Form allows you to roam through settlements without being detected, and trade with merchants.

Human Form allows you to roam through settlements without being detected, and trade with merchants. (left), Some NPCs will still be able to detect you in Human Form, such as Jade the Vampire Hunter. (right)

How to Use Toad Form in V Rising

The Toad Form is a Vampire Power that you’ll acquire a bit later in the game, after defeating The Duke of Balaton (Level 62) in the northern part of the Cursed Forest. The main benefit from this form is that it allows you to jump over obstacles or up onto mountain / hill ledges. For example, if there’s a pool of water in your way, or even a larger body of water, you can enter Toad Form to jump over it. You can also jump up to many rocky ledges, but others will be out of bounds. In particular, you may have thought about the possibility of jumping up to Cavepassage exits using Toad Form, but this is unfortunately not possible.

Toad Form becomes a bit more interesting when you consider its use in PvP scenarios, since you can sometimes find elevated castles which don’t have walls built around a section of hill or mountain, due to the other player assuming it’s safe. It goes without saying that you should heed this warning and be sure to construct walls even on top of hills!

How to Use Bat Form in V Rising

The Bat Form is likely to be one of the last Vampire Powers that you’ll acquire, since you need to kill Nightmarshal Styx the Sunderer (Level 76) in the Cursed Forest. This can be a fairly tough fight, so you’ll want to be prepared and have a few allies to help you if possible. The reward is well worth the effort, however, since Bat Form essentially allows you to fly anywhere over the map, uncovering the fog of war as you go, and revealing the locations of any and all points of interest. This includes things like all the Vampire Waygates, Cavepassages, and specific named areas. You can also discover all the other bases that other players have build if you’re on a PvP server, giving you an excellent view of the positions of your allies and enemies.

The main downsides to the Bat Form are its cast time, which is long enough to make it difficult to use in PvP scenarios, where you might want to quickly escape. You’re also unable to carry any resources while in Bat Form, so it can’t be used to quickly farm specific items. You won’t be able to fly indoors either, so raiding castles in this form is out of the question. Finally, you can only viably use this power during the night, since you’ll be scorched by the sun if you try to fly in the open during the day.

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